Clarke Quay, Singapore | Walk With Us. #TIAWOT

Welcome to our world of TIAWOT.

We want to share with you how we see our world; with our truth, our opinion, our experience and our feelings. Keep that in mind when reading all of our stuff.

If you didn’t join our community yet, you are more than welcome to walk with us along the way.

We still don’t know where we are going to, or where this leading us. But that is life, full of mysteries. Follow one path and it may lead to several other paths.

Just like our social media accounts, they all have something different to tell about our journeys, but still stay in the same content.. well sometimes. Here are the links, if you are curious.

So, follow us on (one of) these social media and support our website (For any suggestions, questions or thoughts please leave a comment below. And we will respond asap)

So sorry, if our video is a bit shaken or not perfect … we are just two newbies who are sharing our adventures with you.  And as all other things in life, #practicemakesperfect. Well please do be patient with us, we try our best to make it better.

What does the word “perfect” means to you anyways ?

Did you know; nothing will ever be perfect to a perfectionist, why you ask. Well if it would, than why would there be any perfectionistic people around. I mean when you see our vids, do you think: what a perfect couple. No, right. And that’s okay. Cause we admit it we are not perfect. But that is what we like about each other. Accepting every flaw there is, and making these flaws into your own specialty.

Just like our short clips. We make those, and give you our plain thoughts on our #YouTubeChannel and #FacebookWatch. But on our site, we completely flip it 180 degrees. By giving them meaning, by bringing them alive, or to another level.

We all here to learn something from each other and ourselves. Be open minded and try to see things differently, more than meets the eye. Give it a try. Cause we don’t always look through the same glasses as the one you are only wearing. So walk with us, see what you can use, take it or just let it be.

But for now just enjoy the scenery and walk with us the journey of life. Respect and accept each other. Stay humble and try to keep life in balance. And if you’ve already join our world, thank you so much for it.

We really do appreciate it.

See you next time on our new journey


#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu