Strolling thru Rotterdam

It was a beautiful sunny day for us to just stroll around this city called #Rotterdam.

The harbor city of the Netherlands.

Love this city, not only because of the diverse people. But it’s a vibrant city, always alive and kicking. Always something to do and it feels like the lights never go out at night. But yeah sometimes it has to go out.

Rotterdam has hosted some of the best and biggest festivals in Europe. (Well in our opinion) Festivals like the Reggae festival. Not only festivals, but they also have hosted their own seasonal art days, like Open daken dagen. (open roof days).

Some of the best food, restaurants and supermarket, from all over the world, you will find it in Rotterdam. Just look at the #Foodhall. And after a good bite you can stroll around the city or you can rent a bike to go sightseeing.

The Dutch really love to go for a walk around the so called block, and the block can be a 30 to 1 hour walk. And of course #TheDutch love their bicycles. Cycling is in their blood. On the move, and explore also. See history of the Netherlands.

The impression I want to give you with this short clip about Rotterdam is more like, have a look around. Explore. Do that one thing extra that you normally wont do.

Rotterdam is an example in this. Rotterdam shows us that it truly is;

United we stand.

It doesn’t matter what you think, what you believe, what your race or gender is. We are all here walking, or strolling on our created path to our destiny. And sometimes it is good just to observe what is going on around us. Stand still an enjoy the moment.

Absorb the energy, smell the scent, taste the food, feel the energy and create a moment. But keep in mind, #staybalanced. Enjoy the ride of your journey of life and learn from it.

So, you can be the best version of yourself every day.

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