Lake Symphony Water Show at Suria KLCC, KL

Lake Symphony Water Show (night time) at Suria KLCC in Kuala Lumpur 

Welcome to the wonderful Lake Symphony Water Show at (Esplanade) Suria KLCC  in Kuala Lumpur. Welcome to the night performance. Where Lake Symphony will brighten up the night and your life.

As we gazed on how the Lake Symphony water show individual fountain changes shape, height and color, we noticed that this is how life sometimes goes.

We are all individuals, whom sometimes have to adapt to the circumstances that are given by life. We don’t know why, but we all need to go of some stages in life.

But when we pass those stages in life, only then will it make common sense why we had to go through this phase of life. Both light and dark phases. #YinYang Sometimes we don’t get it immediately, maybe it takes years to understand it and for other situations it can take months. It depends. And sometimes we’ll get the answers along the way of life.

How we deal with it, is entirely up to ourselves. As long as you try, well like the water show. The outcome will definitely brighten up our lives. Some stages in your life can be dark, but even in a darkest place there will always be a lights that sparkles. And even the smallest dim light, can become big and bright. #Mindset

So try to;

…Listen to the wind, and hear what it telling us.

…Listen to the birds sing to bring the song in our life

…See the lights in the darkness, and walk toward your dreams.

…Cleanse all the negativity with water and let  washed it away.

…Feel the earth beneath your feet, and let your body and mind get grounded..

…to breath the fresh air for new positive energy to come in, take a deep breath  and out

…Most important thing is listen to yourself and your body what they have to say.

Follow your heart but listen to your mind and keep it in balance. #always. But for now just enjoy the music and surrounding around yourself.

Cause in the end of the tunnel there will always be a little light that sparkles, and these are always biggest  and brightest light you will ever see in your life.


#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu