Welcome to a place called paradise, welcome to Bali, Indonesia. Om Swastiastu

TIAWOT Welcomes you to #BaliIndonesia

Okay you have finally booked that flight to Bali, Indonesia. Or you have just arrived here on Bali. But what can you do here on Bali. Well, welcome to Bali, Indonesia. Welcome to a place called paradise, or island of the Gods. Whatever you prefer.

We are going to help you decide with what you want to do when you are here on Bali. We will let you in on some secrets, but also some rules and regulations. But mostly we are going to help you make the most out of your time here on #BeautifulBali.

#TIAWOT what to do when in Bali?

What can you do here on Bali?

Actually that will entirely depend on you. Like what do you want to do ? And how big your budget is per day, or for the entire #holidayonBali? Also are you going with your friends, with your family and kids or are you just all by yourself? And last but not least, do you want an active vacation, or just a well deserved relaxing holiday? Maybe both?

Let us start for those who want an active vacation here on Bali

#TIAWOT #ExploringBali #WaterfallsonBali

If you like to hike, you can visit one of the many waterfalls that #Bali has to offer. At some waterfall, that have a lake, where it is even possible for you to take a dive in. But you really have to check the lake water first, so you know it isn’t dirty.

There is a few option on how you can get to one or multiple #waterfallsinBali:

  • Tour guide (with a group or private)
  • Or by yourself (rent a car or motorcycle)

Well we prefer to go with each other, some say that we are people shy, we say stop bugging us, Hahahaha. But we also like going with friends or family. So yeah most of the time we just go by ourselves, with the motorcycle and #exploreBali.

Exploring waterfalls on Bali can be a full day of adventure and relaxing at the same time. Cause there are so many different waterfalls to find here on Bali. We really advice to make a plan on which waterfall you want to visit first. Best way to start is to look in the area you are staying here on Bali. But if you don’t mind the traveling well still make sure to plan it all out, cause sometimes the roads to the waterfalls can be a bit tricky. Like you can only access it by motorcycle or by foot. #HatiHati

Do like to swim in the ocean of do you rather prefer diving?

#TIAWOT want to have a swim in the ocean, or snorkel. Even go diving in the ocean?

Bali has as a lot of great spots where you can do some snorkeling and/ or, if you have a PADI certificate, diving. Also there are so many islands nearby Bali where you can sometimes even better snorkeling spots or diving spots.

If you are with a large group you can rent a boat to go #divingonBali of #snorkelingonBali. There are even boats where you can even sleep for a couple of nights. These are mostly available in packages. For instance for the price of a diving or snorkeling package you will;

  • get boat journey to a diving or snorkeling destination
  • two or three nights, depending on the package
  • breakfast, light lunch and dinner with beverage
  • some will include gear for diving, or you rent it but at an additional cost
  • and some even provide traveling to the boat and back. But most package will let you know that you will have additional cost like travel, food, entrance.

Ooh no worries if you are solo traveler, you can just go with other #solotravelersonBali and still do the same swimming, snorkeling or diving activity. Just look on social media, like Facebook groups for solo travelers or just ask the locals.

Visiting the other smaller islands near Bali #islandhopping

Yes you read that right. If you want, you can visit some of the nearby smaller islands, but it is only possible to get there by boat. And this is #mustdowheninBali. There are many different type of boats that will take you to some the smaller islands near Bali:

  • Fast ferry boat (the fastest boat)
  • Bigger boat; you can bring your motorcycle or car (note: some islands you can’t bring your car or your motor cycle)
  • Local boat
#TIAWOT let's go #islandhopping her on #BeautifulBali

A couple years ago I, Maya, went from Gili Trawangan to Lombok with a local boat, it was quite the experience. So the price was very cheap but there was a catch to this cheap boat price if you want to take a LOCAL boattrip. Well I discover first hand that the local people would bring for example their chickens (and a lot of other stuff) on the boat. Oh and when the boat was full, well the locals will find a way to get a couple of extra locals on the boat anyways.

You can imagine how it looks like right ? I would really do it again, was really a great #onceinaliftime experience her on Bali. So, that was fun to experience 😀

If you take the fast ferry boat we do advice to take the boat in the morning, while the ocean still needs to wake up. When you take the fast ferry boat in the afternoon, the ocean is quite awake. So, it can be really wild… unless you don’t mind and you can handle it.

The bigger boat will take much longer, if you don’t bring your car or your motorcycle you can buy a ticket as well for the bigger boat. If you don’t take your car or motorcycle with you, the price is much lower than the fast ferry.

The nearest island around Bali are:

  • Nusa Lembongan
  • Nusa penida
  • Gili Islands (Trawangan, Air and Meno)
  • Lombok
  • Java (Banyuwangi)

But you can also do like sort of a cruise sailing trip, to go to:

  • Komodo island
  • Derawan
  • Raja Ampat
  • Labuan bajo
  • Nusa Tenggara Timur

Depends on what you want to do, they also have packages and you can combine packages. The promo it’s mostly for 3 days and 2 nights, but you can book 1 or 2 night extra. And also there is an option to get a more luxurious boat, but you will have to pay a lot more than an average sailing boat. Still the facilities on this luxurious boat will be good as the normal ones.

Walking through the beautiful nature of Bali

There are a couple of well know hike tracks here on Bali, but also some hidden ones. #HikeTracksonBali where you can explore the beautiful nature of Bali, like the forest. On the mountains, through ricefields or even visit a temple that’s surrounded by nature.

It is best when you go on hike, to do this in the morning or in the evening. When you want to see a beautiful sunrise, you have to get up early in the morning or stay late at night to see the sunset and enjoy the stars. That means you will have to find some accommodation nearby if you want to experience the best of nature in Bali. Really one of the best and beautiful view to enjoy.

So, these are the more famous hiking tracks #hereonBali to view the sunrise, sunset and the stars:

  • Campuhan ridge walk
  • Mount Batur sunrise trekking
  • West Bali national park

So yeah seeing the sunset on one of these #HikingtrackshereonBali is also on our bucket list. Why haven’t we done this yet, well… It’s mostly because you have to get up early if you want to experience the whole scenery and I’m not a morning person. Hehe … but I will make an effort to wake up 3 o’clock in the morning, I’m preparing myself right now … mentally and physically 😀

Visiting one of the many beautiful ricefields Bali has to offer

Bali, like most of Indonesia, is also know for there many ricefields. You will find enough smaller ricefields when going on a roadtrip. But there are a few bigger rice fields here on Bali that are really worth the effort of standing up early and witnessing the breathtaking view. One of the rice fields here on Bali is even on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, so that’s definitely worth to such a beautiful part of nature.

These are one of the famous rice fields on Bali:

  • Tegallanglang rice fields
  • Jatiluwih rice fields
  • Ubud rice fields

You can walk on the path next to the ricefields or you can also rent a bike. And ofcourse if you want some history or culture lessons you could hire a tour guide learn more, so you can enjoy of #ricefieldsonBali.

Get Now

More active stuff #mustdoinBali, also when you just want to have fun

Nowadays you can hire a tour guide anywhere here on Bali. But some #TourGuidesBali are offering some really fun tours. For instance you can do a Vespa tour. That means you will be riding an Vespa Scooter Motorcycle and will be going to some places where you can only access by riding a motorcycle.

You can also hire a bigger terrain vehicle like a quad. Yes you can #discoverBali with a quad as well. It’s up to you what kind of package you want, with or without a tour guide.

Well, if you have a beach day and you want to do something fun and active … you can rent a jet ski or parasailing. And you are never too old to learn how to surf!

But please be careful! And please don’t do stupid things, you are still a visitor! A guest in another country.

#TIAWOT #BaliTourguide visiting the temples here on Bali

Lets visit one of the many historical religious temples here on Bali

Bali is the only island in Indonesia where Hinduism is the main religion. Because of this, and the long history Indonesia has with Hinduism, you will find a lot of historical Temples in Bali. These #HinduTemplesinBali are a source of cutturel history if you want to know more about the #Balineseculture. You can and you should definitely visit one of the sacred historical Hindu temples when on Bali. Just remember if you visit a temple here on Bali, please do respect their values and dress properly.

We have been visiting a couple of Balinese Hindu temple … wow, what an amazing architecture! The small details how every statue is made, or how an certain entrance is created. Well every stone has its own historical story. So again #mustvisitwheninBali.

But Bali also has a couple of  Chinese Buddhistic temples. Five to be exactly. And also definitely worth the visit. Here also please dress properly, and act like a guest. Not only here on Bali, but where ever you are. If you don’t like the rules, well don’t visit the place. It’s not about you, it’s about the magical part.

You know we always feel calm and relaxed when we enter a Buddhist temple or a Balinese temple. Well actually any religious place. It’s the energy that makes it magical.

Welcome to the famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary of Bali

As far as we know there are two #SacredMonkeyForestSanctuaries on Bali, but maybe there are more. The famous Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is in Ubud, located at Padangtegal Ubud, Bali. About 1049 monkeys live in this sanctuary. They are divided into 6 groups. the sanctuary and natural habitat of the Balinese long-tailed macaque.

The other Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is in Sangeh, this one is not that touristic as in Ubud. Unless our fellow travelers read our blog and want to explore Sangeh Monkey Forrest hehe. But we must say that the Sangeh Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary has more to offer. Like for instance, when you visit the Santuary, you can explore outside the Sanctuary. Outside the Sanctuary you will find an Holy waterfall and an historical Hindu temple. And after a quick rinse, you can #jalanjalan through the ricefields.

Learn more about the history of Bali by visiting a museum.

As you already read our previous blog, I am from Bandung Indonesia. And while I was living in the Netherlands, I was always curious about my roots. I know Bali isn’t the island I’m originally from, but the history about the colonial is almost the same.

There are a couple of museum in Bali where you can go back for a minute to the #historyofBali. Mostly about how the European, especially the Dutch took over the island of Bali. We have been to one of the museum here on Bali. It was the “Bajra Sandhi”, And wow what a history Bali has. Want to watch how we experience “Bajra Sandhi Monumen”? Check out tour #YoutubeVideo below

Visiting an old authentic village, or one of the majestic Water Palaces

There ia a small village in Bangli where you can see, feel and look at how the authentic Balinese people still live with their traditions and values. Every small authentic village has their “own” bamboo forest, this is for making offers to the gods or they use the leaves for food and just to create their own furniture.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. As far as I know Bangli is the only authentic Balinese village that allows tourists to take a look inside their authentic homes. So please do respect the people in the village. I really can understand how annoying it can be, when people are acting like that this is a “human zoo”. Ask for permission, and always be polite.

Way back … a long long time ago … Bali was divided in several royal kingdom. Each province of Bali had their own royal kingdom. Unfortunately many kingdoms were destroyed by colonialization. Kings were murdered and palaces were destroyed. But also along the way some palaces were destroyed by natural disaster.

Some palaces were rebuild and tourist are allowed to visit, some #WaterpalacesBali were made into a sacred pilgrim. The famous ones are Bali Water Palace TirtaGangga, Taman Seokasada Ujang Water Palace and Ubud Water Palace

Need a cold plash, or you just want to have some waterfun

Yes Bali is surrounded by water, the oceans. Yes there are many great beaches or the hotel has a beautiful swimming pool. But still there are several waterparks you can visit here on Bali:

  • Waterbom, Kuta
  • Splash waterpark, Canggu
  • Citraland waterpark, Denpasar
  • Surf & turf, Nusa dua
  • Waterboom, Gianyar
  • Nirmala
  • Surya waterpark, Buleleng

These are mostly for people who really enjoy to have a cool splash with friends and/ or family.

Need another view for the day, a change of scenery just for one day

#TIAWOT #Balitourguide #tourguidebali Welcome to Bali

If your accommodation doesn’t have a swimming pool or a bathtub, you can go to one of the many bars with swimming pool or ask at a hotel if they have a day pass. Some of the hotels, resorts here on Bali have a day pass. A day pass will give you access to the pool area of the hotel/ resort. Some will include access to their fitness area also. It can diver per Hotel/ resort.

If your accommodation don’t have a bathtub but you just want to spoil yourself. Well some Hotels/ Resort offer a day usage for a room, cottage or villa. You can spend for one day a room/ villa with bathtub and swimming pool. Or also for bathtub usage you can just go to a spa where they have a bathtub you can use.

Time for the famous Balinese massage, or just an entire day of pampering yourself

There are so many different kind of spa’s here on Bali. From the tradional Balinese massage to an entire welness package. Everything depends on how much you want to spend. Keep in mind that the cheaper the price, well … you’ll get what you paid for. But sometimes you will be in luck, and find an affordable spa, and the massage is one of the best yet.

Most of the luxurious spa’s have a bathtub and shower. So you can pamper yourself to the fulles. Most of these luxurious spa’s here on Bali offer you package, for instance a foot reflex massage, an authentic #BalineseMassage, a scrubtreatment with a facial and relaxing in a bathtub filled with rose pebbles and aroma.

We tried many massage treatments here on Bali, from the most luxurious to the cheapest one. So this is our top 10 massage treatment here on Bali (keep in mind this is our opinion, not yours. So please do try for yourselves);

  • Tonic
  • Bali spa
  • Putri Ubud spa
  • Illuvia spa
  • Lotus
  • Nova
  • Chillax
  • Ayu spa
  • Bu Wayan
  • Beachwalk Kokuo
#TIAWOT Welcome to Bali #ExploreBali #BaliTourguide

Are you looking for some “zen time” or are you just here to party?

Bali is like the book and the movie “Eat, pray and Love”. You will find enough yoga and retreat area’shere on Bali. Just like in some other tropical spots these yoga resorts and healing retreats are booming right now. You can just find one around every corner mostly in the Ubud area.

If you want to know what they offer, well that rather depends on what they have. Hot yoga, sound healing, reiki or meditation sessions. And because Bali has that special energy flowing around and in Bali the treatments are just a bit more magical.

For the party animal(s)

Well when the sun sets this beautiful island turns to a different island. Still hot though outside, but the neon lights go on, the aircon in the clubs are on full power. The night here on Bali is about to sweep you to the dancefloor.

There are so many bars, club, lounge or just have a chillax moment with your love ones at a fine dining restaurant where is required to dress to impress. These clubs / bar are one of the famous ones on Bali:

  • La favella
  • LaBrisa
  • Oldman
  • Café del Mar
  • Finss beach club
  • Double six (rooftop)
  • Sky garden
  • LXXY
  • Shi shi lounge
  • Moonlite rooftop lounge

Yep also on the list a couple of must go #rooftopbarsBali. These rooftop bars will have a dancefloor and a bar, and some even have a restaurant where, before partying, you can just fine dine with a stunning view.

Okay that’s all great but what about if we want to shop here on Bali?

In our opinion is Bali is not really a shop till your drop kind of place but more of a vacation island and what we mean by that is: have a delish fresh coconut on the beach, have a relax spa day or have a cocktail at night. But still there are some malls that are worth mentioning.

The only thing what we do when going to a shopping mall is going to the movie. Yes and of course if we really need something or just want to cool down. But really you must go to a movie when in Indonesia. Cause this is on another level, especially when you buy a VIP ticket … wow, those big lounge chair and they give you a blanket!

We advise you the following: when you are planning to go to a movie, keep in mind that by Indonesian Law a lot of movies are censored. But still the experience you will have is really a must go when in Bali.

But yeah you can just shop in Bali, mostly in the malls you will find the mainstream fashion stores, gadget stores, toy stores and of course you will find enough food. Some places like Kuta will also have small street with small boutiques , exclusive sneaker shops and other usefull shops and parlors.

Shopping mall you can visit here on Bali are:

  • Beachwalk
  • Discovery shopping mall
  • Lippomall
  • Trans studio mall
  • Seminyak village
  • Bali galleria
  • Level 21
  • Plaza Renon
#TIAWOT #ShoppinginBali Welcome to Bali

For us personally love the local market more, to buy souvenirs for your friends/ family or co-workers or just for yourself. You have try this also. It can be a local food market, or a local grocery market. Some open till late at night. That’s when you really experience the life on Bali.

Yes they still keep animals captive for your enjoyment

Because we don’t like to go to the zoo in general, our opinion is: leave the wild animals in the wild.

We personally hate to see all the animals in cages, cages who are most of the time too small for them. And because of that, the animals can be stressed out … eventually because of the stress they can die. It’s the same like riding an elephant, remember elephants are NOT a natural animal of the island and many were brought in just to exploit them into tourism.

Also it’s the same with luwak, they keep the animals in cages just to sell and make one of the most expensive coffee in the world. Well, I could write down more about this subject … we just want you to be aware of this subject.

Start planning your trip to Bali now, #WelcometoBali

There is always something to do on Bali, you don’t get bored easily or … no just kidding hahaha

This blog is a summary of the things you can do here on Bali. We could make a list of the #mustvisitinBali, but because there are just too many places/ spots in plain sight and hidden on Bali. Well this blog will be too long 😅

When we visit one of the must see places, we will give you a short review about it, that will contain our experience and location here on our TIAWOT.com

So, if you are curious about our opinion keep TIAWOT.com as one of your favorite sites, so you can access TIAWOT.com easily.

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