As our Journey continues… Om Swastyastu di Bali, Indonesia

As our journey continuous here on #BeautifulBali, we want to invite you to join our journey here on Bali, Indonesia. We want to be your visual tour guide for Bali, so it will be easier for you to decide on when you want to go to #Bali.

But how did we end up on Bali?

After working for so many years, we were asking ourselves the same question over and over again:

Is this what we want in life ?

Well nope… We found out that we needed to change something in our life. But what? So we decided to change the path we walking on in life and created a new path. And we found out that, we really needed a sabbatical.

We started to write down our dreams.

After we wrote down our dreams on paper(s), we pinpointed some places in Asia. (read our previous blog about us)

Because I was born in Bandung, Indonesia and I already been to Indonesia more than a couple of times when I was younger. I wanted to give Indonesia a chance, also because of my past. (I had the desire to go back “home”) I was and still am trying to find out more about my roots. Also Indonesia will be a good start also to improve my Bahasa.

Bali is the island of the gods

Welcome to Bali

Why Bali you asked, because of the “feeling like home” experience we got. Strange, well not for us. We have two different backgrounds, and have been fortunate enough to be raised in the Netherlands.

But it didn’t feel like our place. Why? That’s a different story. But these are also some of the factors that had us convinced to have our sabbatical on Bali;

The cost of living in Bali is, coming from Europe, is really affordable. (WISE LINK)

If you are an expat or you just want to have a sabbatical like us. You can rent a “kos-kosan” or a homestay (homestay is the luxurious variant of “kos-kosan”; its full furnished, has a swimming pool and some have a housekeeping).

Price for kos-kosan starts from approx. 600.000 IDR per month and for a homestay you can choose to stay and pay per day/ per month/ per year, if you choose to stay for a day (one night) the price starts from approx. 100.000 IDR (some of the homestay is the price incl Wi-Fi and/ or electricity). If you choose to pay the homestay per month, it will be more cheaper dan the total day price and per year you will get a nice discount.

You can also rent a house and the price depends on where you are in Bali and what kind of facilities. And do you want it to pay per month or per year ?

Do you want to rent for couple of years or do you want to lease it ? If you want to lease a house it’s for a minimum of 10 years to a max of 30 years, after your lease contract is finished you can negotiate to extend the lease again or you can choose not to.

Remember if you want to buy a house in Indonesia, your house will never be 100% YOUR OWN house!

If you want to buy a land and built a house you need an Indonesian person with an Indonesian passport to help you out. What we know is that it is better to let all the paper work go through the official routes in Indonesia. So via a notary and this will cost extra, but trust us it will safe a lot of headache afterwards.

It will also depend on what you want. Do want a build your own dream villa? Or do you want by an villa already made? Or even only invest in a project?

Please do some research before creating your own dream villa or investing. There are just like any other country in the world a lot of scammers.

Ok, now you have your house … what about food and beverage ?

For the costs of food and beverage well, sometimes eating in a “Warung” (a “small” street food truck) can be much cheaper than cooking your own meal at your place. The total costs for 2 person (beverage incl.) is under 50.000 IDR and if you want to go to a more “luxurious Warung Makan” it can start from approx. 50.000 IDR for 2 person. (beverage excl.)

The traditional breakfast in Indonesia is “bubur ayam” (rice porridge with chicken, green onions and a bit of broth sometimes), Anthony loves bubur ayam and it cost around 15.000 IDR per portion.

What Anthony also loves to eat for breakfast is “nasi bunkus” or “nasi jinggo” (it’s wrapped with banana leaves or paper; rice with a little bit of “mie goreng”, chicken, peanuts and a little bit vegetable) and it cost only 5.000 IDR per portion (that’s approx. €0,29 cents). You can order also by Go-Jek or by GRAB, so get it delivered to your doorstep.

What you can do is to do your groceries order by the Go-Jek app or GRAB app. Or you can do your own groceries and the costs, well that depends on what you need.

For example, groceries like vegetables and meat can often be bought at the local “Pasar” or of course at the local supermarket and the bigger ones. Or for cleaning products, hygiene products or personal hygiene stuff can be bought also at the supermarkets. But also in the smaller “Warung Toko”. (be aware that they sell a selected limited items)

So if you buy most of your groceries at a supermarket, well the prices can differs from approx. 200.000 IDR to 1.500.000 IDR. At the local “Pasar” it can be as affordable as max 200.000 IDR

Drinking water has to be bought in gallons, because you cannot drink tap water you have to buy water from a super market or local “Warung Toko”. You will have to buy per gallon, so we bought 3 gallon and the first time you will pay a bit more because you have to pay for the gallon as well and after your gallon is empty you order again. For 3 gallons with approx. 20 liter water per gallon a total costs is around 60.000 IDR.

(please be advise, this can be different per “Warung Toko”, you can negotiate if you think it’s too high. But please don’t be a cheap a-hole. If you can afford to come to Bali, well pay the “normal” price. These people are working hard to make a decent living)

How to move around Bali

Bali is currently working on its public transportation, for instance Bali has started a bus service, called Trans Metro Dewata. We want to try now, because it still quiet. So we will be writing a review hopefully soon about that.

Another way to go around Bali is with a taxi. You have for different kinds of taxi’s here on Bali. Bleubird, this is one of the official Indonesian taxi cooperation. You can call them, or use the app. Cars only, but from normal sedan to limousine.

Go-Jek and GRAB, with the app, you can choose between  motorcycle or car. Prices are a bit more affordable than the normal taxi. Especially when choosing the motorcycle. These two apps are also used for grocery shopping and food delivering. These two apps are a must when in Indonesia. GRAB is even useful in Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian countries …

Or you can just rent a car or a motorcycle, keep in mind that it’s important to have an international drivers license. Also this can be done at an official renting company or just by a local. And the cost, well that depends on the motorcycle or car you are renting.

And last, if you don’t want any of the above, well there are a lot of drivers around Bali that will take you around Bali. Mostly by car. It’s like having your own private driver. For a big family, this is recommended. It is easier to rent a small bus with driver, if you are with a large group.

Ooh and don’t mind the traffic, if you use a taxi, Go-Jek, Grab or a private driver, well let them just ride the way they usually drive. And when driving on yourself, be very careful. It can be a bit challenging.

It’s time to know a little bit more about Indonesia

Indonesia has around 17.500 islands and one of the island is Bali, province Bali is the only Hindu island in Indonesia. Island Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan belongs to the province of Bali.

Approx. 80% of the Indonesian population is Islam, like the Indonesian island such as Java. Here is where the majority is more Muslim.

Keep in mind you have to adapt to their culture, we are still visiting a country where we are not living in and even though I was born there. Like you have to dress properly, act certain way to have respect for their beliefs. And doesn’t matter what belief, Islam, Christian or Hindu.

Bali is a Hindu island and a little less stricter with the belief. This is a must go island when going to Indonesia. A lot of tourists have already been here, and are still coming this way. Bali is also in the top 10 as it comes to being the best working place for freelancers and digital nomads.

Get Now

As they say: Every day is a holiday in Bali.

(Banyak Ada Liburan)

Bali is also known as the island of the gods, well if you are sensitive for energy … you will feel definitely a strong vibe in Bali. We cannot exactly tell you what is, but it is there.

It is true though: every day is a holiday, it really is. Sometimes we even forgot what day or time it is and before you know it is already bedtime or really Sunday.

Bali has that holiday vibe where you feel at ease.

Some reminders that you are a visitor from another country.

  • Remember when you visit a country; please do respect their beliefs/ religions and their laws.
  • Because you are not in your country, you are still a visitor.
  • Respect the local people with their tradition(s).
  • And keep in mind, don’t bargain too much just you can show at home. These people are just like you and me, but their struggle is harder than yours.
  • If you are on vacation here on Bali, or you are doing business here on Bali or even enjoying your retirement here on Bali. That means you can afford a not so cheap flight ticket, an accommodation to stay, food and beverages and even go out and have fun. If you can afford that, that means you can afford to give back to the people of Indonesia, in this case give back to Bali. Don’t be that cocky douchebag, cause you don’t have that attitude when you at your own home. 

As our journey continues here on Bali

You already may have notice on our IG account or our YouTube channel that we have used that title a couple of times. Well we are not going to stop using it, only if we are traveling again. Than the destination name will change.

We will now be using this title also on our website. Just to give you all an inside and feel of what we are doing during our sabbatical here on Bali.

Experience like, what you must visit, what you can do, where the best hotels are or guesthouses are. And our thoughts about the co-working spaces or the day-passes from the hotels. From tasting food to experience the hospitality of Bali. We will be sharing almost everything with you so, it’s time to have some fun and explore Bali, are you coming with us ?

Thank you.

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Maya & Anthony

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