Welcome to Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals Canggu, Bali. An oasis where one can escape the heat and life’s everyday stresses

Welcome to #TonicDaySpa & Botanicals located in #Canggu #Bali

After a day of adventure it is time to relax. Escape the heat and life’s everyday stresses. Welcome to Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals, Canggu, Bali. Time for the body, mind and soul to become Zen, to become one again.

Zen-time, yes please. Take me away to palm spring nature and desert …

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Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals is located in Canggu, Bali and is one of the most affordable luxurious day spa & botanicals in Bali. Inspired by nature and the Palm Spring’s desert #TonicDaySpa & Botanicals really has that Zen feeling when entering. this calm energy coming flowing to your body so, your body feels already relax and at ease.

The second thing you will notice are the pink flamingos and greenery wall paper. Really a picture from Palm Springs California.

The staff are all beautiful Balinese women. They are very professional, friendly and know how to pamper you from the moment you’ll step foot in Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals.

Welcome to Tonic Day Spa & Botanical located in Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

And what a welcome you will get at Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals. You will get a welcome drink where you can choose from: cup of tea or water, ooh and even an original cocktail if you want that. Also you will get a cold wet towel, so can clean your hands and face.

After you drinking your welcome drink, you will meet your therapist and she will escort you to the room. Each room has their own shower, that is really convenient. Cause after your lovely massage you can take a warm or cold shower. So before you get a massage you first will get a foot bath.

All the therapist we had are really good, if you really want to pampering yourself Tonic day spa is the place to be. An one hour Balinese massage will cost you IDR 250.000,- that is around € 14,25 ($ 17,25), you really get the whole package. Definitely worth the price you pay for!

Not only for women, or men, but try the Balinese Royal especially for couples. A must try

If you have your girls day out you can even book an entire room on their second floor. They have that for larger groups, and you choose your package treatments what suits for you. For more information go to their website:  https://www.tonic.co.id/.

But if you want to celebrate your anniversary together, well book the Balinese Royal. Just for couples. They have a couple room, that includes a bath for two. So once a year we love to have a couple treatments. The Balinese Royal package includes “lulur”. Lulur is an old Indonesian recipe where they scrub your body what mother nature has to offer. An authentic Balinese Massage, of course. And they will have the bath filled up for you with hot water and on top rose peddles.

And if you want to be by yourself, well you can choice from a range of treatments just to pamper yourself. From an authentic #BalineseMassage to a full body scrub to a pedicure. Well I’ve tried “creambath” here as well but I do prefer the authentic Balinese massage and lulur.

Our opinion about Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals 

Tonic day spa is definitely an affordable luxurious day spa where you can spoil yourself. Your body, mind and soul. Having a relax day and a moment for yourself is always good and it’s important to keep everything in balance.

So, when you are in Canggu area and you want to have a Zen-mode relax (me-)time … book one of the treatments Tonic has to offer you. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Well, hope to see you soon here in Bali, so you can visit Tonic Day Spa & Botanicals. And if you already have visited this lovely place, let us know what your thoughts and experience were.

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Maya & Anthony

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