When in Bali, you must try an authentic Balinese Massage. Welcome to Nova Spa, Canggu

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If you ever been to Bali, well you have to get an authentic Balinese massage. An authentic Balinese massage is must try when visiting Bali, Indonesia. And to make it an little bit easy for you, we have tried a lot of authentic Balinese massage parlors and spa’s. This time we want to welcome you to Nova Spa, located in Mengwi, Canggu area.

Some well-deserved quality me-time, who doesn’t need that right?

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We just love going to a Spa or Massage parlor here in Bali. You know just to spoil ourselves. And it’s stress relieving, so getting rid of the bade energies and create a positive Zen bubble. So you can really enjoy your well-earned holiday here on Bali. It also helps that the price can be really affordable for an #authenticBalinesemassage. And again a #musttryinBali.

Welcome to Nova Spa located in Mengwi, Bali, Indonesia.

#NovaSpaCanggu Welcome to Bali #BaliTourism

As the sub title gives away, Nova spa is located in Mengwi, Canggu area. From the outside it really looks like the normal massage parlors and spa’s you will find all around Bali. You know like the average massage parlor and spa.

#MusttryBali Welcome at Nova Spa #BalineseMassage

You will be welcomed by lovely and kind ladies, all from Bali. They do not wear official uniforms like some other #BalineseSpas or #BalineseMassageParlor. But wearing a uniform doesn’t always promise to be a good massage.

The inside is simplistic, yet comfy looking. Nova Spa has six massage beds for you, so you can or a whole body massages or body scrubs. They also have four massage fauteuils for foot reflex massages or manicure/ pedicure. And Nova Spa has a chair for getting a creambath or for washing your hair. Ooh and also important, Nova Spa is clean and hygienic.

Nova Spa is connected to Nova Guest House. So when you stay at the Nova Guest House, well you can just roll from your bed to Nova Spa onto their massage bed. Or the other way around, after long day of exploring.

Our thoughts about Nova Spa treatments

Well we were a bit sceptic, but hey like with food and many other things. If you don’t try it, you will always be questioning if it’s good or not.

Please don’t trust other peoples opinion to much, just like ours. This is our opinion, our story and our thoughts. So please try everything for yourself. And afterwards you can agree or disagree with us. Your opinion counts also.

Okay back to Nova Spa, well the Balinese ladies know really well how to give an authentic Balinese massage. The first tie we were trying Nova spa, we took an authentic Balinese massage for an hour, IDR 80.000 (that is around € 4,50 (US$ 5,50))

Nova spa didn’t disappoint us, wow. Really after this hour of an authentic Balinese massage we were hooked. Finally another really good authentic Balinese massage for an affordable price here on Bali. The lovely Balinese ladies know what they’re doing. They know how to massage you finding the correct pressure points to push on your body. And our advice, go for the one and half hour, IDR 120.000 (that is around € 6,85 (US$ 8,30))

I also recommend taking a foot reflexology massage, especially when you have been walking all day. You when you have an active day, or even an active holiday.

  • I also tried getting a creambath at Nova Spa.

Creambath is hair and head treatment; your hair will be washed and while you get a hair mask. They will massage your hair and scalp. The mask will be left on for about approximately 20 minutes and while your hair is wrapped up, your neck/ shoulder and arms gets a nice massage. After they washed your hair and dry your hair, your hair gets a kind of vitamin serum in it.

I really love having a great creambath, it’s good and healthy for your hair and your scalp. After the treatment your hair and scalp will feel so refreshing. But not every spa or massage parlor that offers a creambath is great. It is for me the combination of sitting in the right comfortable chair with wash sink, but most importantly the knowledge of the therapist whom is treating your hair and scalp.

So at Nova Spa, well the therapist is really good but in my opinion they don’t have the right chair to give the treatment. The chair can make you feel a little uncomfortable, especially when you have to sit in this chair for almost an hour. Yep not really relaxing. But still you have to try this for yourself, cause the lovely Balinese ladies know what they are doing.

A quick reminder and a free tip when going to a massage parlor or spa here on Bali…

You will hear a lot of rumors and strange stories about massage parlors and spa’s here on Bali. Well it’s the same as the rest of the world. Wherever you go, always be cautious. Again even when they are wearing an uniform doesn’t mean that the spot is good, clean or even friendly.

And then you will sometimes find spots that are just to friendly to men in general. Again this is everywhere in the world with massage parlors and spa. Yes even the Netherlands.

What I normally do, when I have that gut feeling that the spa or massage parlor just feels a bit off. Before deciding to get a massage at an massage parlor or spa here in Bali, I always start with making some small talks with the ladies and ask if you can see the massage room. Asking where they are originally from. Balinese or from Java?

But even before entering you will see it on the outside, the name of the place. When it says happy massage, well I just don’t know. And when we decide to go for it, mostly my husband is like, well let’s give it a try. Well I will look at the interior, is it clean and hygienic. Is it an open space divide by curtains or sperate rooms.

And when we get a massage, we always take a couples room, or ask if the curtains can stay open. Ooh, take always an hour of an authentic Balinese massage when you try the spot for the first time.

While getting the massage, I made it an habit of my own, to just make some small talks with the ladies. See and hear their reactions can be also a good indicator if the place you choose is a good one or a happy one.

Last but not least TRUST AND FOLLOW your instinct, if you somehow don’t trust it … don’t go!

Our conclusion about Nova Spa, Bali, Indonesia

Nova Spa offers one of the most affordable massage treatments here on Bali. Not only affordable, but that dang good. Really these lovely Balinese ladies know how to get you relaxed. Nova Spa is really worth it to give it a try.

Well, hope to see you soon here in Bali, so you can visit Nova Spa. And if you already have visited this lovely place #NovaSpa, let us know what your thoughts and experience was.

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