Welcome to a day at Puri Santrian Sanur Bali. Enjoy your Day Pass.

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We have been to Puri Santrian in Sanur, Bali a couple of times and we must say the first couple of times we had a really a great guests experience. You can sit and relax at the beach or rent a bike, they have four swimming pools (incl. swimming pool for children), a spa and a tennis court. And on the beach you can do water activities as well and the food is incredibly delicious.

What is a hotel or resort day pass anyways ?

If your accommodation doesn’t have a swimming pool, or you’re just as us curious to see what some hotels or resorts have to offer. Well did you know you could just try the facilities for a day? Like use of the swimming pool, or pools. The fitness area, the beach access and even dine and drink at one of their restaurants and bars.

A day pass is where you can use the whole day of the facilities of the hotel resort, it depends on the hotel resort what is included in the price.

So, these are the activities what you can do if you have a day pass at Puri Santrian in Sanur, Bali

What’s the cost for a day pass at Puri Santrian and what do you get in return ?

At Puri Santrian you pay IDR 150.000,- per person and you get IDR 125.000,- credit where you can spend on food and drinks, IDR 25.000,- is for using their towels, facilities and lounge chairs.

For a whole day you can use their swimming pools, use their lounge chairs on the beach, bicycle, water canoe and of course free Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind you can order much more than the day pass credit limit. But you will have to pay the remaining amount when you exceed the day pass credit limit. Yes you can pay by card or cash.

What kind of scenery and ambiance does Puri Santrian has to offer ?

The scenery and the ambiance is very peaceful at Puri Santrian. You will see that the ocean on this side of Bali, well actually in Sanur is not that wild. You can swim without any strong current pulling you more towards the open ocean. They have a dining area at the beach where you can dine or just have a cup of coffee.

But you can also make use of their lounge chairs or love lounge chairs. Here you can also get your quick bite and of course your drinks. Very important to stay hydrated when enjoying the sun here on Bali.

And if you don’t want to relax by the beach area, well you can also have an great and chilling day at one of the four pools at Puri Santrian. Every one of the four swimming pool have their own style. So you can definitely choose which swimming pool suits you best at that moment.

What we must mention is how #PuriSantrianSanur combines nature with the Balinese style and a dash of modern style, so there is something for every diverse person. We really love that, it will give you an ideal holiday experience. Even when using the day pass at Puri Santrian.

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One of the most important questions in hospitality, how is the hospitality at Puri Santrian ?

#TIAWOT Welcome to #Bali, Welcome to #PuriSantrian. Enjoy our blog #TourGuideBali #DayPass

We have to start with that we have already been making usage of the Day Pass at Puri Santrian Sanur Bali. And the first couple of times the entire guest experience, from when we arrived, to using the accommodation, and of course the service, that are all included in the #DayPass was really great. And because of that we like to come back here just to have a holiday in our sabbatical here ate Puri Santrian Sanur Bali.

Well we had a bad experience, to be specific the guest experience was bad. This was this year, January. So when we left, we spoke with the person who gave us an awesome welcome, because she asked us how our day and experience was that day in January. We explain him what we had noticed and he thank us for the feedback and will tell the management to take some actions on this. He thanks us for coming to Puri Santrian and he hoped to see us the next with a better experience.

Because of that we came back, now in April, and we hope that the guest experience will be the same as before our bad experience.

Unfortunately it was not.

To start, everything from parking to being welcome at the front desk was again great. Service with a smile. As usual. But when we walked and arrived at the restaurant near the beach, here is where you have to get the Day Pass, well the person who gave us a day pass was then and is still not a peoples person. This is what we experienced, twice.

This is still the same person when we had the first bad experience with. We went from smiling to okay let’s try to enjoy our day. There was a lack of giving us a welcoming feeling.

#TIAWOT Welcome to #Bali, Welcome to #PuriSantrian. Enjoy our blog #TourGuideBali #DayPass

We missed a service with a smile, we missed the hospitality what a hotel is supposed to have. To make their guest feel welcomed, at home and at ease. We missed all of that. And on top of that, what happened the first time. Well it happened again.

When we were relaxing in the pool or when we chilling in the comfortable lounge chairs, the staff did not come by just to make a small talk. The staff at Puri Santrian did not even ask if we would like a drink or a small bit. We waited for an hour or so nobody came to us,  so Anthony had to find a waiter or waitress to order something, that was a big disappointment.

Again this is not what we experienced in 2020, the couple of times we made used of their day pass.

And keep in mind, if the hotel is a four star or more, you can expect that the service has to be way above average. Almost perfect!!!

This was the service we had experience at Puri Santrian, for the entire duration we were using the day pass.

And what about the food and beverages when staying at Puri Santrian for a day ?

This was really the best part of the day pass at Puri Santrian. Unfortunately it was. Again in 2020 the food was so top notch. From Indonesian, Western, Japanese and Thai cuisine.

They did change the menu, like the bento box wasn’t available. But still the last time we grab a bit there when using the day pass. The food was still delicious.

But this time the food was a big disappointing as well. It felt that Puri Santrian maybe changed their chef, cause the food we ordered missed a lot of flavor and even with Thai Fish cakes the fishy bite. You really could taste that this wasn’t prepared with passion and love for the ingredients and the food.

Our overall guest experience this time at Puri Santrian

Again compared to the first couple of times, everything was great … really great. They already have a plus for the scenery and ambiance, most important was the service of the waiter/ waitress and they were really friendly, when we tried the food … we were like: wow, this is really great! So, that was our first real experience … the whole experience was just great!

And it is true, things have changed. Employees come and go. But to change your service, your guest experience and with that the greater hospitality. Well we just don’t now if we want to give Puri Santrian a third change.

I mean it is quiet here on Bali now, and we have been to Puri Santrian more than five times. So we have seen what is possible. So please don’t blame the staff, that for example they were too busy. Cause Anthony walked toward three staff members just talking and only noticed him when he was standing in front of them. While there where maybe three other guests there.

Also if guests come here frequently, well all I have to say is, make a some small talk to your guests so you will notice if they are here regularly or if they are here for the first time. Don’t just wait until the guest walks toward the staff, or even call to the staff. Be present, even give a nod that you have seen the guest calling.

#TIAWOT Welcome to #Bali, Welcome to #PuriSantrian. Enjoy our blog #TourGuideBali #DayPass

So yeah this is our experience and our thoughts about the day pass at Puri Santrian Sanur, Bali.

Hopefully they will improve themselves so you can have a great experience by the time all boarders will open again.

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