Welcome to Johor Bahru time for some delish food.

Well we must say, Johor Bahru has some of the best breakfast we ever had. We truly felt welcome with such a great breakfast here in Johor Bahru. But before we get started with our food review Johor Bahru, we have to start with KLIA2 airport food.

So before we had to board the airplane here on KLIA2, we decided to get some breakfast. I decided to get the Malaysian/ Chinese style half boiled eggs with toast. This had been on our minds the entire time we were #ExploringKL

Yeah, finally I get to eat this delicious Chinese-Malay breakfast first half boiled egg with some soy sauce and a toast on a side to dip on. Surprisingly it was really good, I like the combination, simple and yet tasteful.

Fast forward when we arrived at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru and during our check-in, #DoubleTreebyHiltonJohorBahru will give you their signature house made chocolate chip cookie. These were really delicious and it was still warm.

After dropping our bag and getting comfortable with the upgraded room. We decided it was time to find dinner here in #JohorBahru. As we wrote in our story “Welcome to Johor Bahru, let’s get to exploring JB” we headed to the night market, Bazaar Karat. First thing we tried at #BazaarKaratJohorBarat was grilled squid. Taste was good enough (a little bit chewy), but we thought a bit overpriced.

So after walking through #nightmarketJohorBahru, we found “Hookah District”. Here is were you can find all kind of delish street food. But somehow we ended up with Malaysian Satay, hehehe. I’m glad I can speak Bahasa Indonesia, so some words are alike with Bahasa Malay (it’s not quite the same as Malay, but we can understand each other). So, we ordered chicken satay and beef satay for take away. We took our Malaysian Satay and headed back to DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru.

I must say pretty delicious and affordable too for that many Malaysian Satay. We ordered way too much, but hey we ate it all up.

The next morning, day two,  breakfast at Makan Kitchen from DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru. Ooh wow, this must be the biggest and diverse breakfast buffet we have ever seen. You can choose from Malay Kitchen, Indian Kitchen Chinese Kitchen and Continental Kitchen.

We didn’t know where to start, and even when we were full, we didn’t wanted to quit. It was so #DamnTasty. Ooh well tomorrow and the day after round two and three, still have time to enjoy delish breakfast.

On day three we had forgotten what we had for lunch, or the snack in between. I could only remember what we had for dinner the second day. We decided to eat at “Tony Roma’s”, it’s a steak house and what can go wrong with preparing steak? Well let’s give it a try. Anthony ordered a burger and I ordered a steak, both of the dishes were really tasteful. Finally some good and satisfying food!

It was that dang good and that dang delicious. Tony Roma’s didn’t disappointment us at all!

On day four, we were looking for some street food, but unfortunately it seems like they were already closing. It was around 3 – 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I think this spot is only open during breakfast and lunch. Just when you finally find a great spot on our final full day. Ah well again a good reason to come back to JB.

So for dinner we decided to get some small bites. We weren’t that hungry and you can find a lot of 7-elevens or Family marts here in Johor Bahru. So we found some snacks that we wanted to try. And again if you don’t try it, you will never know if it taste good or not. So we went back to DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru and on the way we back we saw KFC. Well lets get some chicken. Fun fact is that every fast food branch has in every country their own specialty, their own menu. Okay let’s just try it.

With everything we ordered we headed back to the hotel, and what we had and what we had bought. Also at KFC Johor Bahru we ordered boneless chicken and cheese fries on the side. I must say this was not bad at all. And at the Family mart we bought: chicken teriyaki onigiri, tuna mayo onigiri, banana milk drink, strawberry sandwich and egg sandwich. The taste of onigiri was ok, not bad but surprisingly the sandwich taste better than what it looks like as well as the banana milk drink.

So yeah that was our food tour in Johor Bahru. A bit disappointing right? Well nevertheless we had  great time there. And with all disappointments comes an even better life lesson. For us it definitely is that we have to come back to JB, and this time make the time to prepare our food tour. Thanks for the lesson, and again see you soon JB. So if one of you have any recommendation on where to find the best street food in Johor Bahru or fine dining. Please leave a comment down below. We would really appreciate.

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Maya & Anthony

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