Welcome to Johor Bahru, what the art?

Where there is a wall, there is art. As so in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. We are going to have a look at how timeless architecture meets modern architecture. Also what kind of art is Johor Bahru hiding in plain sight.

Well to start off with an apology, cause we didn’t really explore #JohorBahru that well. That’s because we were still exhausted from our five days of #exploringKualaLumpur. You can say that we didn’t plan it right, I am going to say. We were just going with flow.

Okay back to art in #JohorBahruMalaysia. Well let’s start with the beautiful architecture Johor Bahru has to offer. First we noticed is that you have a mixture of modern, old and religion in #JB. Like for instance you will have 柔佛古庙KUIL KUNO JOHOR – Johor Chinese Old Temple, an impressive and beautiful old temple, between modern buildings. But this is a common sight here in Johor Bahru.

A lot of old authentic houses are still remaining, as they still are building new condominiums and malls in Johor Bahru. I am glad they are still keeping these authentic smaller buildings and houses in a big city like JB. It gives just that something extra to Johor Bahru. It is always good to keep the old architecture, let people see the rich history a city like JB has to offer.

Also like many beautiful cities in Asia, is that different cultures and religions live together. Creating their own community, like “little India” or “China Town”, but still welcomes every one, always with respect and a smile, who come to visit “their” part of the city. But also if you want the enter some of the rich and beautiful religion structure here in Johor Bahru, you are always welcomed with a smile and respect. So keep that in mind, and respect their rules when entering their religious buildings.

There is much more art to find in Johor Bahru, we found a couple of murals along the way. But we have already seen that there are more beautiful murals spread across JB. These murals we found in the area where we were staying, near DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru. Please if you have information about who created these murals, let us know down in the comment section. We really like to give them the credit they deserve.

And what we didn’t know at that time we were staying in Johor Bahru, but afterwards as usual. (again a good excuse to come back and #exploreJB but this time with some good planning) But Johor Bahru has an art gallery. A must go when in Johor Bahru is what we are reading online.

“A collection of historical costumes, weapons, currency, manuscripts, ceramics and calligraphy scrolls are displaced here.”

So yeah, we must say JB has a lot more beauty in art to offer than we have witness for ourselves. And again it is not a bad thing, that we took time for ourselves to rest instead of exploring. Mind over matter. And this is again a good excuse to come back to Johor Bahru

Thanks for reading our “Welcome to Johor Bahru, what the art?” story. Hopefully you have enjoyed our Johor Bahru #storytelling. Well if you did, or maybe you have some pointers for us. Go ahead leave a comment down below.

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Thanks again, and keep in mind; what goes around comes around #karma , keep the flow going.


Maya & Anthony

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