Welcome to Johor Bahru already time to say goodbye to JB.

Still in Johor Bahru for two more days and then it is already time to say goodbye to Johor Bahru. Hopefully the next time we visit, we will have an even better time her in JB.

So the third day we started with a great breakfast yet again at Makan Kitchen DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru. This time we tried almost everything what we didn’t tried the day before. Really weird but the breakfast is really one of the better highlights of staying in Johor Bahru.

Okay back to #exploringJB. So this third day, well actually we were still pretty tired of exploring Kuala Lumpur. It was almost every day of exploring until now. So we decided to take it easy for now, and well let’s check out the malls here in JB. Let’s see if it that much cheaper than Singapore.

We took some random snapshots of Johor Bahru that day, and yeah that was pretty much it.

The fourth day, final full day, in JB. Well it was time to do some exploring again. On the first night we explored JB, we saw a Chinese Temple. But it was closed during that time. That’s why we decided to head back to see if it open. And yes it was. Welcome to 柔佛古庙KUIL KUNO JOHOR – Johor Chinese Old Temple.

柔佛古庙KUIL KUNO JOHOR – Johor Chinese Old Temple is really impressive and beautiful at the same time. The people working there were really friendly, they even encourage us to take photos. So we did.

Built by Tan Hiok Nee, the Kapitan Cina or Chinese Headman (chieftain) together with other Chinese leaders in 1875, the temple is over 140 years old now. The old temple is now surrounded by towering skyscrapers on all sides.

But it looked so small from the outside, but when inside, wow. We really loved this Johor Chinese Old Temple.

As we continued our exploring, we saw in the distance Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim. Wow what a big and impressive looking building. Actually we heard that you cannot go inside, because it is an government building now. But still we could take pictures from he outside though. If you know what this Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim stands for, and how it is being used now, please let us know. We would like some information about. Leavy a message in the comment section below. Thanks.

Well after that we just strolled around JB to look at the scenery. We were still feeling the aftermath of exploring KL. So we decided to enjoy JB in this area. Ann really JB has some colorful, yet authentic looking buildings. Also the people, the locals are very kind. Again a mixture of cultures and religions. Beautiful as it all comes together.

The next day we would be heading out to Singapore, by train, for the second time. It sounds crazy but we are so excited to leave JB for Singapore Hahahaha. Curious what we did the first time we were in Singapore? Well read everything  here “First Time in Singapore”

In the end we were just too tired to explore Johor Bahru properly. It was really a nice experience but maybe we didn’t do our best to research more or maybe the receptionist from the hotel was right? Who knows. But again we will be back to explore JB properly. So if you have any recommendation let us know by leaving a comment down below.

But still we would recommend going to JB if you have children. Cause there are lots of great activities to do for families with children, for example like Legoland or Hello kitty town. But also singles or with friends or your partner, you can still go to seven different Waterparks and when open Tikibala Bar Danga Bay.

But also like the receptionist at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru, JB is a great spot for shopping or medical treatment. Talking about DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru.

We must say what a great hotel overall. The customer service experience was really topnotch. From beginning until the end of our stay, always a great service. A service with a smile. Every time we walked in or out of DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru they would always greet you and ask if they could assist you with anything. Really that personal touch is awesome. Something they should definitely keep at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru.

And the breakfast, what a big and delicious breakfast they serve at Makan Kitchen #DoubleTreebyHiltonJohorBahru. Really that #damntasty. Only for that reason alone we would come back to Johor Bahru, just for the breakfast at #MakanKitchen , hahaha.

And the room, wow. They gave us an upgrade because of fact we couldn’t use the swimming pool at that time. It was closed due to maintenance. So the room we got it was so spacious, from outside our window you could see Singapore across the river.

So yeah that’s was our next stop on this trip in 2019.

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