Our thought about using TransferWise as our main account for traveling

Well what are our thought about TransferWise. What do we think about this borderless account? What does it even mean “borderless account”? Okay stop what is TransferWise ? Ha, well let’s start with that.

What is TransferWise, borderless account ?

A borderless account is a bit like having local accounts all over the world.

It’s a multi-currency account that lets you keep money in 40+ currencies, and convert between them at the real exchange rate whenever you need.

You also get a TransferWise debit Mastercard, personal account numbers, and bank details for USD, GBP, EUR and AUD (with more currencies on the way). Share these details with your friends, companies or customers in the US, the UK, Australia and the Eurozone to receive money from around the world for free.

Wait what’s free ?

What’s for free you ask, Well setting up TransferWise borderless account is free. And it comes with a debit card MasterCard. Free to pay with currencies from one of your multi currencies accounts – convert money into your required currency and it will be free to spend or pay in your chosen local currency

● Free ATM withdrawals up to £200* a month.

When you convert your money only pay a small conversion fee — typically between 0.35% and 1%.

● Pay in any currency, anywhere and it will automatically convert the currency in your account with the lowest conversion fee.

(* this can be higher or lower, depends on the currency you are using.)

So please do enlighten me why are you recommending TransferWise?

“Ooh nice. Well that’s a lot of TransferWise information, if I headed out to their site I could have looked all this up. So please do enlighten me why are you recommending TransferWise?”

Well glad you said that. Too tell you that this it really simple to use. Like if you want to send money to your family or friends abroad, TransferWise is the cheapest and easiest way to do this.

Opening an TransferWise borderless account will take you around 10 min or less. And you can start transferring money right away, when everything is approved. The exchange rate TransferWise uses is constantly up to date. And the only thing you have to pay is the transfer fee, and nothing more. Yes the account itself is free.

And not only can you use TransferWise for transferring money easy and cheap with their app. We use TransferWise when traveling to foreign countries, thanks to the debit card Mastercard, to pay for almost anything. Booking accommodation, paying for dinner or buying a gift for ourselves. Well the fun part is, that you can even choose the cuurency when paying with the debet card. The currency that you need at that moment.

Okay for example, we are now staying in Indonesia. Because we don’t want too much paper money in our wallets, we opened up a multicurrency account. Or to be more specific an Indonesian Rupiah account within TransferWise app. Takes about 5 seconds.

The next step is transferring from our Euro account to our IDR account. Like 5 seconds. TransferWise uses the exchange rate at that moment, collects its transfer fee. And there you go, we have Indonesian Rupiah we can use in Indonesia.

We don’t want to be bothered with, where can we find a currency exchange office, to exchange Euro to for example Indonesian Rupiah. Or better, we don’t want to scammed by those “non-official” exchange offices, you now the ones that are supposed to be much cheaper than the official ones. And at the end of the day some of these “non-official” will charge you more, or even steal from right under your noses.

And we don’t want to be thinking about, if we have enough cash with us to buy that gift for him, her or just me. Or even that we must have credit card before we can book this accommodation, or to pay for the accommodation when wanting to stay there.

Again TransferWise makes it really easy for you as a traveler. Not only for travelers, expats and freelancers. But for everyone. (Well you have to be old enough to open a bank account)

And no we are not getting paid for writing this.

We only recommend TransferWise to you, because we really find it easy to use. And cheap at the same time.

We don’t have anything to complain about TransferWise. Even their customer help and service support centre is great. They don’t have actual physical offices. So if you need help you have to get in touch TransferWise online. But I must say, I have to reach out I think twice to their customer help and service support centre. And well they got it all figured out. TransferWise customer service will really help you out. And not in a hour, or after a day. No at that time you asked for their help.

So yeah why not share this great positive experience with you all.

Here is the link for opening you own TransferWise borderless account.

Thanks for reading our thoughts about #TransferWise, and we are glad that we could offer you some information about TransferWise. And if you have any questions about our experience with TransferWise. Well don’t hesitate to leave a comment, and we will get in touch with you.

Have a great day.


Maya & Anthony


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