Raising awareness for people like you and me, for animals in need and cleaning up the mess we as humans make.

#TIAWOTFOUNDATION giving #hope #love and lots of #Positivity

Did you know people who are just like you and I struggle each and every day just to get a dinner? Did you know animals aren’t supposed to be living in cages? Did you know that we as a human are destroying the one thing we need the most?

Would you want to help and support our world. To make it better and in balance place again ?

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Okay you know who we are, you know what TIAWOT stands for. But now we would like to introduce to you – TIAWOT FOUNDATION.

We love helping others when they need help to make this world a better place. Whether its cleaning beaches together with other #environmental organizations. Or every time we visit an orphanage just to buy these beautiful children some fruit or clothes or take them to the beach. And also giving food to the stray dogs here on Bali.

But it doesn’t stop there. What about you? Maybe you are in need of a motivational talk, or need a second opinion about your job, your business or more important life itself.

Yeah, it can literally be anything. All for the sake of creating awareness, to make our world a better, positive world.

Ooh here is another FOUNDATION asking for money.

We don’t ask for money doing these kind of things, because we do it from our heart.

#buymeacoffee we need that caffeine shot

Unfortunately doing something from your heart isn’t enough to help and support the causes that need it the most. We live in a world where money rules everything around us. And we are using a lot of our savings to help the causes we really support. So yes that means also we sometimes need your support, your encouragement your power of positivity

Just press here (buy TIAWOT a coffee) if you are too busy to do what you have to do but you want to help a bit and are loving our idea(s).

You can support us by #buyTIAWOTacoffee for only € 3 EUROS, that’s 50K IDR. So two coffee from you for us to get that extra push, and caffeine shot.

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If you want to help both the causes and us, well you can support us by buying a hoodie or tee’s at TIAWOT Teespring store. How awesome is that?!

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So to give you an insight on how #Teespring works;

Teespring has their print-on-demand service at a cost price. These are cost for the clothing we prefer, the color and of course the print. We choose to keep the price low, but that means or profit is very low.

Still as a thank you for supporting us, by getting your own TIAWOT merch, we will donate 20% of the wholesale price to one of the causes here below. That means TIAWOT is giving almost half of it profit towards the causes we stand behind.

So please don’t forget to leave TIAWOT a message on our contact page with your TEESPRING ORDERNUMBER and the CAUSE of YOUR CHOICE. (only if you want to support a particular subject, otherwise the costs we will devided to all of the causes we mention)

We will be adding new designs soon, when we get that extra caffeine shot.

Who are those people just like you and me that need that extra support anyways

It sounds a bit crazy but we know what is like to live with minimum wage and less. We know how it’s like to make a choice at the groceries store between eggs & bread or a microwave meal because you haven’t had an entire meal for a couple of month.

And this is what we see here in #Bali, Indonesia a lot. Well to be more specific locals that are unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They don’t even have a job anymore to support themselves and their family. But they still need to pay for gas, electricity like you and me. Some even still have to pay school, even when the schools are closed.

So what do the locals do here, well some will steal just to feed their family or pay their bills. And because of that they are risking to go to jail. And why, only because they are trying to survive. Some families even take their children’s off school, because they need to make choices. They want their children to work also, like selling small stuff or food.

And as we all know the government is helping in their own way. But it is minimalistic, like here on Bali they have only provided once or twice a food package. And gave money 500K. And that’s it. The government always act like they care, but you and I know that they care about themselves. Just to fill up their own pockets. And that is in every country the same. From the Netherlands to Suriname to Indonesia.

Together we are much stronger and we can do so much more.

Don’t get me wrong it starts with you and I. As individuals with the same desire to help this world. To make it a better place. We’ll take it one step at a time, together.

TIAWOT FOUNDATIONS goal is to help people who are in desperate need of our support mentally and financially. Here on Bali that more in the smaller villages in the mountain area, Kampung.  

We have already started with our own concept during last year’s Christmas, Christmas Care Packages 2020 for the locals in our area. Also we gave something small to the children in our area for good luck during the Chinese New Year’s Ceremonial week 2021.

We want to use these special holiday days each year just to give people some much deserved #love, #happiness and #positivity.

But it doesn’t stop there. Another “People’s Cause” we want to #raiseawareness for so we can help and support a local orphanage that doesn’t have that much attention as other ones here on Bali. As of this writing, we have found an orphanage that we really want to help and support. And we have already seen that this orphanage is in need of financially support on a monthly base. So we are willing to start raising awareness for them every month. So that you, as a supporter can see what’s going on with your gift

Raising awareness for the animals and plant that cannot speak the human language

We are so grateful for our mother nature, she provides us enough food and it’s free. And if the humans wouldn’t throw away everything on the ground, well there would even be clean drinking water from the mountain for everyone.

So we have a small garden here on Bali where we randomly plant anything for our neighborhood and a little bit for ourselves. But when we wanted to plant something or just to clean our garden, we found literally trash beneath the soil. Here on Bali you will find it anywhere. But not only in Bali, we are from the Netherlands, and trust us when we say … it is the same in the Netherlands.

And most common found trash around the world is plastic.

#TIAWOTFOUNDATION cleaning up this planet for you and me #startinginBali

Fun fact: there are already plastic substance in your food without knowing!

But we are really glad that there are organizations like #TrashHero and #40ceans that are really active here on Bali. Trash Hero and 40ceans are operating worldwide. #SungaiWatch started in Indonesia, but is already had a program #recyclemississippi. But all three of these great #environmentanfoundations are helping clean up the waters around the world, from small rivers to oceans. These three foundations survive by donations, gifts and selling their own merch.

TIAWOT FOUNDATION is going to help raise more awareness for Trash Hero Bali , Sungai Watch & 40cean Bali .

Animals have souls, just like our humans!!!

What did you really think that we humans, part of the animal kingdom, are the only species with souls, a heart and know emotions? Because science did not prove this, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Fun fact: science facts are only the truth at the moment of discovery by one scientist, but can be wronged by another scientists discovery that the fact is not correct, but an opinion!

Animals belong on our beloved planet earth as well, unfortunately people still treat them as trash or even worse. Like, we mentioned before, they don’t have a soul or something but those people forget that we as human being are animals too. And some of us are even the worse than the animals that are living here on this planet.

There are a lot of exotic species who exported to the richest people around the world, just to have it but what if they don’t want the exotic animal anymore ? They literally throw it away, it’s so cruel and sad to hear and see it!

As you already know elephant are not natural animal of the island of Bali, they are a slavery of the human being. So, they can make money of it … I hope they treat them well and that also applies for the zoo and other animals who live in captivity! We even treat our own species like crap. (sorry for my language) I mean look what has happen to the world, and look what is still happening to this world?

Fun fact: did you know a long time ago Europe has a human zoo ?

We are happy to see that is awareness being raised like communities as  #Blacklivesmatter #STOPASIANHATE and that #INDIGENEOUSpeople around the world are standing up for themselves.

But unfortunately, animals are still being left aside. Like everywhere in the world, people need to be educated when taking an animal in the house. Like dogs and cats, they are not like toys that you can throw away when you are fed up with them. And some animals, well let them stay in the wild. Or even better let them be in their own environment.

#TIAWOTFOUNDATION we can learn alot from animals #love #trust #respect

But we are really glad that, like here in Bali, you have a BAWA, Bali Animal Welfare Association. And internationally you have FOUR PAWS international. They are here to help as much as possible with the dogs cats that where once “adopted” by humans because they were cute, but due different kind of excuses, dumped on the streets. So here on Bali you will find a lot of stray dogs and cats.

We are already helping out some stray dogs in our area, by giving them care, food and love. We even had our own small fundraising to cure prostate cancer for one young male dog called Doggie. Really glad that he is doing much better. We will keep on doing this, helping the dogs and cats in our area as much as possible. But sometimes we can use some of you power of positivity too. Your generosity, your kindness and your love for animals, for nature and for our world.

TIAWOT FOUNDATION will help raise awareness for the (wild) animals, stray dogs and cats that don’t speak the human language. We are going to help raise more awareness for #BAWA & #FOUR PAWS international. So we and these beautiful foundations can continue on helping, giving food and love to these beautiful animals.

Everything on earth is connected, without nature there would be no life as we know it.

Everything is created by something bigger than us humans can even imagine. From animals to water to the plants, everything is connected with each other. That means everything has an own energy to it. And everything is alive.

Plants, trees, soil, stones, everything mother earth created is alive.

Fun fact: Not everything that is alive has red blood or screams in pain when it gets hurt! But everything that is alive, is providing a natural economy environmental economy!

Do you talk to your house plants? And nurture them as if they know that you care? Well they know. They feel it. So please treat your vegetable, your flowers, your house plants, your garden, and the rest of nature with respect.  With love and compassion. Be grateful for all of nature, plants, animals, water air, that we can use and consume their energy so we can survive, stay alive.

We did some research and found these two foundations that rise awareness for plants and  animals. Rainforest Rescue does this on a global scale and PROFAUNA are protecting forest & wildlife here in entire Indonesia.

TIAWOT FOUNDATION is going to help rise more awareness for Rainforest Rescue  & PROFAUNA. So they can continue getting planet earth balanced again.

So, this is our first step of raising awareness about making mother earth healthy again

TIAWOT FOUNDATION has already begun with creating and raising awareness in the area we living in. Like I mentioned before we have a small garden at our guesthouse. We grow our own vegetables and fruit. We let our neighbors, also make use of the garden here. We share a lot when we harvest, what nature has given us, with our neighbors.

Like I also mentioned we had a couple of fundraising set up here on our website TIAWOT.com with the help from the GiveWP plugin for WordPress. Easy to use, and save & secure for you and us.

So yeah this just a beginning, but together we getting there … think positive and there is always hope!

You can support us on your own terms and raise awareness as well

If we can do it, you can do it too. It doesn’t have to be that hard. For instance you start with talking to your neighbors, with small talk you can listen if they need some more care, love or other means of support. You can bake a cake and share it with your community. Or you could raise awareness by telling everyone you know that you donated € 1 Euro to a cause that you really want help out, here on TIAWOT.com

And any kind of support is more than welcome

If you want to support, you can give what you can give and put the description as following. It’s not about the amount, but about you willing to make a change. You that is willing to create awareness for one of the following causes:

TIAWOT FOUNDATION is going to have per category one cause per three months. That means TIAWOT FOUNDATION will change the donation cause every three month with one of the foundation we have faith in.

As an example we start of with TIAWOT FOUNDATION animals – BAWA , and after three month this cause will change to TIAWOT FOUNDATION animals – FOUR PAWS international and after three months it will change again to TIAWOT FOUNDATION animals – TIAWOT FOUNDATION feeding stray dogs. Again this is an example

And if the cause isn’t yet on display, and you don’t want to wait a three months. Well you can also donate by PayPal, WISE and even Crypto.

Please do put one of the causes as stated above in the description when transferring money or crypto currency. TIAWOT FOUNDATION will know which one you will support (donation button).

We hope you will join our community to make a difference in the world and the more people join together the stronger we are and we can do more.

#TIAWOTFOUNDATION it start with you and I

Thank you

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