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Hi there beautiful people,

We have waited so long for this and now it’s finally online … TIAWOT apparel at Teespring.

Yes now you can be a part of creating your new memories with #TIAWOTapparel. And TIAWOT apparel can also be an even better gift for e.g. birthdays, or going-away gift or just random.

Our TIAWOT apparel at our Teespring store starts from EU €19,98 (US $19,99) for a TIAWOT Tee, up to EU € 39,99 (US $39,99) for a TIAWOT Eco Unisex Hoodie. You can order your comfy tee or hoodie NOW. It could be for traveling, to use for any kind of sport or just for having a comfy day at your home.

TIAWOT apparel at #Teespring is our little project so we can help others in need.

We want to use 20% of the total amount we get from Teespring to help the locals with the basic needs. And maybe even more, but that will depend on the sales.

So the 20% from the purchase price will be used to created β€œ emergency food packages β€œ. With only the necessary supplies needed for eating a good and decent meal at home.

Currently we are located on Bali, Indonesia. So we are going to help the families, and singles β€œ next door ” to us. That means we are creating an β€œ #emergencyfoodpackage β€œ based on Indonesian standards. ( more information will be provided on our TIAWOT foundation FUNDRAISING post (coming soon) ).

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So why only donate 20% you ask. Well we believe that it’s important to share each other knowledge and to help one and another in life. Unfortunately these days you need money to do those things so we can help where we can. And also to support them, we need some support to for example pay for the cheapest box of bag we can use to give the β€œ emergency food packages β€œ to the people in need.

By using Teespring we only get the profit made for a sold TIAWOT apparel. That profit is around 40% to 50%. So we will be donating 20% from the total purchase price. That means TIAWOT will be donating 20% of the 40% or 50% profit we as TIAWOT are making.

We will announce on our social media how much merchandise we have sold and will post our project. So, you can follow your part what we used for.

Well what are you waiting for. Get our TIAWOT apparel on Teespring NOW to support our world. And be part of your journey, we can do this together to make planet earth a better place.

To bring the balance back between human, nature and animals. And spread positivity where we can.

Watch our latest vlog here

And we know for a fact, if you give or receive a gift, it will always have a positive and effective boost on the morale. Keep that in mind. You will be helping those in need, not only physically but also mentally. So they can create new memories as well, as you and us.

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment, we will reply asap.

Thanks in advance and hopefully we will see you soon.


Maya & Anthony

#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu