Our thoughts, our opinions, our view of life

What do we mean with there is a world out there? Well isn’t it obvious, yes we #seetheworld out there. But that isn’t the only thing we mean with that.

So what do we also mean to say with “there is a world out there”? Well it is not only literally the world as in countries. But also for example the art world. everything you can see with your own eyes. What you can touch with your hands and/ or feet. Everything that makes one or more of your #fivesensestingle.

And don’t forget the world in our heads, in our dreams, in #ourimagination. There is even a bigger world in ourselves than out there. So indirectly in our minds, there is a (another) world in there.

We want to share our view of how we see this world, the real world and our thoughts of this real world with you, We want to share on how to keep a healthy but crazy, in a positive way, balance with your mind, body and soul.

So before we can help one another or inspire other people like you. We need to take care of ourselves first. Whether it’s a skincare routine, using what nature has to offer. Or meditate, not only the body needs rest. But the mind needs it even more. When the mind is relaxed, the mind will help us to become aware of everything we do & on how to keep it in balance.

So enjoy the ride, cause it will get bumpy sometimes.

Have an awesome day

#TIAWOT #itadakimasu