Welkom to Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The place where it all started.

Rotterdam is one of the biggest city in the Netherlands. Welkom. That’s Dutch for welcome hehehe Rotterdam is also the place where it all started for us, our love and our dreams.

We would be exploring Rotterdam together in our spare time

We didn’t live in Rotterdam, yet right next to it in a city called Dordrecht. But we would be exploring Rotterdam together in our spare time. This would only be when we were free of work and had no appointments what so ever. We just love to live on this side of the Netherlands, because of the balance between nature and the big cities. And for me, Maya, I live this side of the Netherlands because it’s where I grew up, spend more than half of my life.

What we love about Rotterdam is

What I, or better yet, what we love about Rotterdam is the diversity of people and their cultures and blend all together in this big city. But also Rotterdam is a city that celebrates many festivities, from Chinese new year to Diwali to Reggae festival to “open daken dagen” (open roof days) to “zomer carnaval” (summer carnival) and many many more festivities.

So, yeah #Rotterdam is always buzzing. It almost looks like Rotterdam, #theNetherlands never sleeps. Almost.

Rotterdam is known for having one of the best and divers …

Also Rotterdam is known for having one of the best and divers dining experiences. From take-away “Hollandse poffertjes” to delicious affordable Suriname Deli to Japanese fusion and more. And of course last but definitely not least Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and old and new touristic hot spots. Just for strolling around the city called Rotterdam.

There are many different ways to #ExploreRotterdam

And luckily there are many different ways to #exploreRotterdam by yourself, or with family and friend(s). For instance we prefer to walk around Rotterdam. But if you tired of walking, there are some points in Rotterdam where you can rent a bike. If you rent a bike, you don’t have to go back to the point where you rented. Just look on your smartphone where the nearest point to stall the bike is and stall it there. Check here for more information:


And nowadays you can even rent a small motorbike to explore the city like Rotterdam, for driving a small motorbike in the Netherlands you need to have certain license to drive. If you don’t have the proper license, you cannot registered to rent.


Because the city where we lived is not that far away from Rotterdam, we sometimes used public transportation. It’s sometimes much cheaper than going by car, think about the gas/ benzine for your car and your parking ticket. If you consider to take a train, check the website:


And if you want to explore other European cities, you can even considering starting your travel point from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  And use the international train to go and explore Paris, London, Berlin, Köln and even Copenhagen next.


Okay, back to Rotterdam … if we took the car to go to Rotterdam, we were always searching for free parking spots and the thing with free parking spots is; most of the time you have to walk about approx. 30 minutes a little bit less or longer (depends on where you park your car).

If we lucky enough, the weather is good so we don’t mind walking. But if the weather is not that great, don’t worry they have a public transportation nearby.

The funny part is, from where we lived, we could even take a fast ferry to go to Rotterdam. We never tried it, but maybe the next when we are back in the Netherlands.


So, if you too tired to walk or to ride a bike, well luckily Rotterdam has several public transportations options:

  • Train
  • Fast ferry
  • Subway
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Water taxi


And now we are finally in the city of Rotterdam.  What is #mustgowheninRotterdam ? Where is a #musttrywheninRotterdam ?

Well we help you out a bit in exploring Rotterdam, the Netherlands. When we are in Rotterdam, somehow we always want to eat first. And again the trouble with us is we never know what we want to eat, or where. But that’s because of the fact that there are so many small dining places where you can eat delicious food for a really good price from all over the world. No, literally from all over the world. From Turkish food, dim sum/ Chinese, sushi, tapas, Vietnamese, Afghan, Indonesian, Suriname, Thai, Korean, Arabic to all of African food and of course Dutch and European food and many many more. This are just a few … yeah can you imagine ?

All the diversity in people, culture and religion, you’ll see it everywhere when in Rotterdam. So of course you can see it back in the food of Rotterdam offers you. And it doesn’t have to be expensive, I will write a blog about the food in Rotterdam otherwise this blog will be a long long looooong blog to read Hahahaha

If you like to shop, Rotterdam will be a great place for you. From affordable fashionable items to luxury fashionable items. From main stream fast fashion, to some exclusive boutiques you have to look for.

Want to go to the movie to have a date night (or day) and dine somewhere? Well Rotterdam offers a variety of films, from mainstream to different culture films. That’s one of the reason Rotterdam has an International Film Festival Rotterdam, IFFR.

But wait there is more, wow just like those tell sell commercials, yes there is more when you visit Rotterdam. Cause Rotterdam is more than that, you can go to the some of the bigger touristic hotspots like Euromast or Markthal but I will write another blog about all the touristic hot spots and some hidden places you must see when in Rotterdam.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, Rotterdam is a very lively city. Like I wrote down here somewhere above. Rotterdam almost never sleeps.

During the day is a different vibe than at night, during the day you can see a group of people follow the city guide or you can follow the fire lights called “brandgrens Rotterdam”. These are lights installed on the street floor, to remind the people of Rotterdam, of the Netherlands of the world where the bombs were dropped by the Germans during the WWII.


And at night Rotterdam turn into a party hot spot, fine dining at night or just go disco bowling and after that drink some wine somewhere lost in Rotterdam.

So, yeah there is always something to do in Rotterdam. You have to experience it by yourself!

Well, if you plan to go to Rotterdam or wherever in the Netherlands. we are here to answer all your question(s), just leave a comment down below.

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