Goodbye London (Day 4)

Our last day exploring London.

Yep. As we know, for every beginning, there is an end. And sadly but true, this was the last day for us in London. Unfortunately it’s time to go home, back to the reality … you know, get up early to go to work.

But before we take off, we were going to have some breakfast first on our last day here in London

Roomservice please…

The night before we had already filled in a request for breakfast on bed here at Novotel London Tower Bridge. And wow, it was too much … but still delicious. We ate a lot, but everything we didn’t eat right away, we packed it as our lunch for on the road. Nowadays you have to think smart, also we did pay for it.

So now we are fueled up, refreshed and ready to go. Start packing and check out please. Thank you London.

Our thoughts about our London trip…

#Snapshot of an authentic and typical English PhoneBooth

For me the last time I was in #London, was like almost 15 years ago. Now that I am older, I must say my perspective towards London is quite different. Like for instance when you find out that London has a rich history. Good and bad history, but still very interesting to know.

As we wrap up this trip, I am looking back at what we could have done differently. Well we regret for not learning more about the entrance fee for certain places, like #StPaulsCathedral or the #LondonEye. These are just examples. But also the ones where you don’t have to pay an entrance fee.

The next time when we visit London…

The next time when we visit London we will definitely go inside some buildings, we will be more prepare this time. On the other hand, it was also fun just to explore London this way, you know not having a plan. And just go with the flow. Scary, yes but exciting also. Especially for me.

Some advice from us, when you visit any city in the world

Still if you are interested in some advice we have for you, well here are one particularly;

  • If you want to know if you have to pay an entrance fee or not, use your smartphone. Yes you can Google almost everything. Almost…
  • London is in general an expensive city and I think all the big city in Europe are, just be prepared.
  • What we recommend to use for booking good accommodation.
  • For airplane tickets we recommend using Skyscanner.

We cannot give you the exact costs of our flight tickets to and from London or the cost of our accommodation in London. Because the prices were from 2018 (the prices differ per year, season etc.) and depends entirely on your budget.

How we prepare before we go on a trip..

But what we can do is give you some tips on how we prepare before we go on a trip:

  • Select the places where you want to go (the places where you want to go, pin point them to 3 places, for example: Tokyo, London, LA). Or maybe you already know where you want go this time.
  • Select the date you want to go (keep in mind you have (holiday) high and low season also keep in mind depending on the country you are going to that they may have a different holiday season. For example: Bali has “Hari Nyepi” (silence day) on that day there are no flights, no lights & you cannot go out)
  • If you made your choice on where you want to go and when you want to go, then it’s time to find out what the average price will be for your destination so you can create your budget for this trip. This means how much do you want to spend for transportation and accommodation ? And also how much do you want to spent each day or week for eating, drinking & have some fun ? With fun we mean exploring, maybe some shopping and sightseeing of the place.
  • Now you know what your budget is going to be, so let’s see how much you can save so you can make this trip happen.

(Also save some extra money for unexpecting things you may encounter on your trip or when you come back home. For example you want to eat in a fancy restaurant instead of a food court or when you come back from your trip and you need some money to take a taxi or you don’t have enough grocery and think about ordering food & drinks)

  • Last but not least try to prepare yourself by looking up information about the country you are traveling to. For example: what time zone is this place, what currency are they using, how do I respect their culture and maybe some basic rules what you can do and cannot do. Respect the culture in the country you’re going to visit. Don’t forget you’re a guest. And you don’t like it also when guest come to your home and make up the rules, right?
#AirportPhoto Going back fro LTD to RTM

Thank you London, we will be back…

So hopefully these trip preparation will help you to have an awesome vacation without having to worry too much about your finance or the countries regulation.

London is a vibrant city with diversity of people, which we love! Wow, London we will come back!

So again, London thank you for your hospitality hope to see you soon.

Thank you.

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