Hello London (Day 3)

Day three.

The third day, first things first … a good #Englishbreakfast. And this time we are going to search for a good and full English Breakfast. Cause when in London, you just have to get an English breakfast.

The search for an English Breakfast…

Natural Kitchen, trinity square, London

So after we were all fresh and clean, ooh and got dressed of course, we headed outside to have a look around. We already notice that in this area where our hotel is located, you can find a lot of small cafes and decent restaurant where you can order you’re English breakfast. So, we decided to just enter one restaurant. This place is called “Natural Kitchen” and we ordered us some authentic English breakfast to start our day.

After we fueled ourselves, we decided to head out to the nearby underground station to get to our next destination. This time I really wanted to visit “Notting Hill” and “Portobello” market. So, on to our next stop.

Next stop Notting Hill Gate London..

We took the underground from “Tower hill” , and we probably stopped at “Gloucester Road”. Why stop here and not just #NottingHill ? Well we wanted to explore again. And truthfully, you really don’t see that much when you going with the underground.

So we walked through “Kensington” towards #KensingtonGardens, a beautiful park from the sidelines. And off course  we found some shops here we really liked. We stopped at some shops, one called “Urban Outfitters”. Bought some small gifts for ourselves. And now to continue our journey.

Let’s go to “Notting hill” and also the famous #Portobellomarket. And on our way, there is again lots to see. From beautiful and colorful buildings, to a bar full of flowers on the outside. What do you think about these pictures?  So typical English, right?

Welcome to Notting Hill, London..

So, finally we arrived at “Notting Hill”. This spot is best known for the movie titled “Nothing Hill” with Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant. But this place when you see it in real-time it is very impressive , it had some flair to it. Can’t really describe it, but maybe you could call it that “Noting Hill” has a lot of “character”.

Portobello Market

So, from Pembridge Rd, we walked straight onto Portobello Rd. Next stop “Portobello Market”. Oh my gosh, look how crowded it was. We were again lucky with the weather, a beautiful summer day here in London. But wow, just so crowded. Okay maybe it is time for a small break. You now get our energy back So let’s drink a coffee … somewhere … anywhere … aaahhhh

A beatiful summer day at Portobello Market, London

It was hard to find a place where you can drink coffee here at “Portobello Market“. But it was incredible hard just to find a table as soon as we found a place. We found one. A bit noisy and really crowded, but hey we got ourselves a table. The place where we found a table is called “Duke of Wellington”.

And now for some coffee. Unfortunately, we can’t really enjoy our coffee … well at least we had our coffee. At “Portobello market” you can find a diversity antiques and much more “stuff”. Not only that but you can also find enough food stalls here at “Portobello Market”. But because it was so crowded, you really couldn’t have a good look at what they are selling. Or even try something. That was a bit disappointing, but well we did see this #mustseeLondon touristic hotspot. It was time for us to escape from this market and head on to our next stop.

We decided to take the metro at #LadbrokeGrove. Our next stop would be at “Bond street” station. We just wandered for a bit until we decided to have a quick bite. And what do you know, there is a pizza place over there where you can buy slices, and not the entire pizza. We ordered each 1 pizza slice and for drinks one coca cola to share. Curious how it was ? Well just click the link here to our London Food Blog – Goodmorning London, let’s eat (Day 3 & 4).

That was our, well so called lunch here in London, day 3. And now to the next stop. And we still didn’t know where we heading to this time.

Well look at that, here we are standing at “Seven Dials”...

There are so many cute little shops and boutique, with their own style. I just love “Seven Dials, London”!  

There are seven picturesque streets coming together at one point, #SevenDials roundabout. From there you can go into the one of the seven streets and start exploring.

Also some of these seven streets are also connected with each other thru narrow passage ways. Sometimes these passage ways will lead up to something beautiful. Like for example a courtyard. Wow just so in love with these seven little streets with cute floral cafes, so nice … especially when the sun is shining and all the people are sitting outside just to enjoy the day.

We found a “Choccywoccydoodah” shop here, yes of course I wanted to go inside. When you enter, the first thing you will notice is their unique style of decorative and interior. They looked really amazing. We could resist but we had to buy some chocolate. You know why right? You know why “ChoccyWoccyDoodah” is famous right? Ehm I will give you a hint, it has something to do with chocolate 😊

So I think we headed off to #ConventGarden

#Photo of Covent Garden, London, on a beautiful summer day

“Covent Garden” is more like a modern shopping and dining destination, just as told on their website. But also it is known for their opera and theatreland.  

As we were there during daylight, you can see that there is a lot going on. You can feel the buzzing sensation of “Covent Garden”, London. People are shopping, some people are dining, and some are just enjoying the buzz.

Just like us, we where enjoying “Covent Garden’s” buzz on this beautiful summer day here in London.

What are we having for dinner here in London…

At this point we were starting to get tired, so we decided to go back to our hotel. Just to rest for a bit. Ooh and dump our shopping bags, so we could find our dinner spot in the area of our hotel. We starting to get a bit hungry. What to eat for our so called dinner in London. Well we didn’t eat the authentic fish & chips yet. So we decided to see if we could find a small fish restaurant for some good old fish & chips.

After we walk across the “Tower Bridge” and walked towards the “London Bridge”. We decided to look for a fish restaurant here. After walking for about ten minutes, we saw this kind of alleyway. Where we saw a lot of people just standing outside these restaurant and bars. We didn’t know what to expect, but hey the energy was feeling great here in the evening #strollingthrougLondon. We decided to see what kind of restaurant they have here.

In the back of this alleyway or street was #BoroughsMarket, unfortunately is was closed around the time we were there. But we found a fish restaurant, it’s called “Applebee’s Fish”. And well they didn’t disappoint us. (Want to know what we had for our so called last dinner in London? Well go to our London food blogGoodmorning London, let’s eat (Day 3 & 4)for more information).

After a satisfying dinner, we strolled around for a bit. As this was our last night in London. We wanted to just enjoy this night, before we headed back to our Novotel London Tower Bridge and called it a night…

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