London, feeling good. (Day 2)

London Baby!

Day two in London is herrrrr.

Feeling good, feeling excited. What are we going to do today in London, where are we going to explore in London?

Well? Yeah, that is how it goes in my mind. I want to see as much as possible here in London, want to do as much as possible here in London, cause we only have two more days and then we are heading back to Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Okay what can we do, I asked my partner….

And as usual he is more like laid back, he has maybe two things on his mind what he wants to see and do in London. And one of those things is eating good food here in London or finding #designertoys you know like Bearbrick and stuff here in London. But most of the time my partner has no plan whatsoever.

He never does. Maybe because he knows I will come up with a great plan and he will just go with the flow. And also he will change it midway. Well this time we didn’t have a plan… yet

The search for a good English breakfast.

Okay, so first things first. We were searching for a good #Englishbreakfast, but we were too hungry to look for it. Guess we are going for the next best thing that is on our route. So after a couple of minutes we came across a place called “WrapChic” differently Indian. We checked it out and decided to just go with this. Finally … BREAKFAST! We ordered some fruit juice, or was it a smoothie. Well anyways, for food we ordered some wraps. And to our surprise, it was really delicious.

Strolling around London

After a good breakfast here in London, we continued with #exploringLondon. So we started from Novotel London Tower Bridge. And now we are going to explore London.

St. Paul Cathedral

#Snapshot of St. Paul's Cathedral in London

We notice that after walking for around 20 minutes or more we were seeing the dome of #StPaulsCathedral.  Just wow. Have you ever seen the tv program “first dates” . You know the English tv-serie where you will always see that big dome from the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Well that St. Paul’s Cathedral.

We didn’t go inside the Cathedral, cause we thought you would have to pay admission to get inside. We were right thou. If you want to know what the prices are for admission, you can just visit there website But the St. Paul’s Cathedral is already amazing from the outside.

Ooh by the way, the funny thing was, we were taking all of these photos of the entire tour we walked that day. And we really didn’t know that we had taken some photos of buildings that are monuments, or that these buildings are a must see when in London. Only after we did some research, before posting the taken photos on our social media, did we know.

Royal Courts of Justice

We continued to walk on and we came across this historical building called “Royal Courts of Justice”, it reminded me of the movie “Harry Potter”.  Do you also have that when you see a historical building, it feels like you’re going back into time somehow … like a fairytale. Like .. Harry Potter (Voldemort creepy voice)

Okay back to exploring...

Just a little further, actually around the corner, there is the “Royal Opera House”. Really incredible structure. That building is so old & it is still a part of a this big city, London baby. I just love it, how historical building mix with the new. It gives a city like London that ‘amazing’ feel to it.

So, after a long walk, we started to feel a bit hungry again. But we weren’t going to have a big lunch, cause we were still exploring London. And we didn’t know where we heading to anyways. So we wanted to have a quick bite. Maybe on another time we could have a big meal on this beautiful day. So we decided to go to a “Pret a manger” shop that we saw on our route, not to fancy. In our opinion we thought it was a bit pricey. But still good food. We had decided to drink a smoothie and try one of their small salads.

After this small bite we went again to our next stop … #TrafalgarSquare

Trafalgar Square

We made it, we are at “Trafalgar square”, it was so crowded, yet the energy there was really good. Also that day the weather Gods were kind to us, giving us a typical English weather. Cloudy, breezy but without the rain. We didn’t stay too long, because it looked like all of a sudden everbody wanted to visit this place at the same time.

So we decided to take a small break. Sitting on one of the stairs at Trafalgar Square to rest. Well I rested a bit and Anthony was taking some awesome pictures. (You can find more pictures on our social media). Also now we know where we are in London, thanks to Goolgle Maps. But what we didn’t expected was that most of the touristic hotspots were in walking distance from Trafalgar Square. So that’s how we found out that we were really close to the “Big Ben”.

Big Ben

Off we went, heading towards the #BigBen. Well unfortunately it was under construction.( Quick reminder this was in September 2018)

So, we made a photo of the lovely “under maintenance” Big Ben. Okay, okay you can not see the “Big Ben”… yeah a bit disappointing for us. We know! But it has to be done of course, renovation are very important for historical buildings like these. So future generations still can enjoy these beautiful historical monuments here in London.

Westminster Bridge

So after strolling a bit further, we noticed that we were standing on a bridge, to be more specific: the “Westminster Bridge”. This bridge is also crowded, but hey it’s a touristic hotspot. Picture time.

London Eye

Ooh from this point on the “Westminster Bridge” we were looking at the direction of the “London Eye”. Just curious what the admission fee is for a ride? You know you can take awesome wide angle photos of London from above. Okay, for us it was a bit expensive. If I am not mistaken; it was around 25 pound per person. No, we didn’t take the ride. On the website of you can book your tickets. And for the people who are just as curious, you can also look on the website and see what the prices are for a ride in the “London Eye”.

Westminster Abbey

So what is next. We were heading towards “Westminster Abbey”. “Westminster Abbey” is known for hosting the royal weddings here in the UK. And just across of this beautiful church you can find “Palace of Westminster”. Ooh wow, sometimes we didn’t know where to look. There were just too many of these beautiful historical buildings. Not only historical buildings but beautiful parcs as well.

On our way to…

We walked next to “St. James Park” on our way to #BuckinghamPalace you know we had to have tea time with the Queen. And there it is, “Buckingham Palace”, just incredible.

Buckingham Palace

Luckily for us it was not that crowded.  I was so happy that we have gotten to see “Buckingham Palace”. But unfortunately for us, we were on the wrong day and also a little too late for seeing the changing of the Queens Life Guards. We’ve looked this up when we had a small break, and this is some of the information we found online;

  • So if you want to see the changing of the Queens Life Guards don’t go on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. You really have to be on time because it will start at 10.45 am. And also if you want to have a good spot to film it or snap pictures of it. On the website of the Household Division of the Royal house or on the website are the current dates and times displayed.

As we continued exploring London..

At that point we were still walking towards “Wellington Arch”, formerly the original entrance to “Buckingham Palace”. Thanks Google. This Arch reminded us of the óóó so many other arches across Europe, to name one #ArcdeTriomphe. Still amazing thou.

#Photo taken of The Diana Princess Of Wales Memorial Walk marker, London

As we continued exploring we didn’t even realize that were walking next “Hyde Park”. Also we didn’t know there is a “Princess Diana” memorial fountain in the park. We read about it online, but this was after we left London and were posting photo’s on our social media. I guess that this is for our next visit to London.

Okay we stopped for a minute to see where we are, and all of a sudden I see on GoogleMaps that #Harrods is nearby. Okay let’s head off towards the department store “Harrods”.


When first seeing this building from a distance, it was just like a Christmas movie. (without snow). Well I can not say this too much, but yes again. These historical building here in London, really loving it. Okay lets head inside “Harrods” and see what the buzz is all about. First thing you will notice, or actually first thing you will smell is, all the different perfumes. “Cough” it was terrible! The fun thing was we were looking for a bathroom — Yeah we know perfect timing –. And to walk here in “Harrods” it was like a maze inside Harrods. Don’t get me wrong, the interiour is really beautiful, all the art design and other creative decorations. Really nicely done. But we didn’t have time to admire it all. We had to find a bathroom…

Finally we found a bathroom. And now we can relax. So let’s have a look around shall we. Cause we didn’t come only to see the bathroom and leave. Right?

There is not much to say about the department store itself only that they have a lot of luxurious brands. What we can’t afford and don’t want to buy anyways. I mean even a birthday cakes was really expensive. That is our cue to go find an exit!

Finally fresh air …

Our next stop is “Piccadilly Circus”, because it’s still daylight the contrast of the screen is just different. So, we decided to come back at night, and see if we can take better photos. But look honey… there are some shops here … let’s have a look around.

Chinatown London

Chinatow Gate around Piccadilly Circus. Chinatwon London

After strolling thru Piccadilly Circus onto Coventry Street, we saw in distance this bow. Ooh look it is the “Chinatown Gate”. Did you know that almost every Chinatown in a big city has a particular Gate?

Let’s go.

Yes, we are at #ChinatownLondon … let’s see what they have here, or better yet. Let’s see what we can eat here. Almost everywhere you look, you can see all these delicious dishes, we were really getting hungry. Okay, time to eat …

We stranded at “Ichibuns Soho”. Anthony had already seen good reviews online from this spot. So we were just like, okay let’s try it. We ordered gyoza, udon beef soup, burger, fries & beer. That was sóóó good. But if you want to know more about this, please feel free to go to our London food blog; London Food Blog (Day 1 & 2)

Okay refeuled, let’s go back #ExploringLondon

Finally we are alive again, after almost 10 hours of exploring. Okay refueled … lets go … back to exploring Chinatown London, and afterwards let’s go shopping…. And of course we arrived at “Primark” yes, of course. I want to take a look … but I didn’t get anything, so proud of myself.

We decided to see what else we can do, but also the tiredness from walking almost an entire day was kicking in. What do you say if we head back to Novotel London Tower Bridge. Drop the gear and come back tonight to take some photos from Piccadilly Circus?

Back at Novotel London Tower Bridge…

Okay, let’s see how far it is to go back to our hotel … WHAT????? No way we are going to walk back. At that point we were too tired to walk … Thank God for the #underground in London. Just perfect, right?

At the hotel we dropped our shopping bags. If you want to now what I got, well see my fashion blog on London. And also we rested a bit at the hotel, and before we knew it, it was already getting dark outside…

Strolling Piccadilly Circus in the evening…

And off we go again to “Piccadilly Circus”. No we are not going to walk this time. We are taking the underground. Cause we already had been walking all day.

Finally we were standing at “Piccadilly Circus” at night. Well in the night it really is a different picture than in daylight. Even the vibe, or energy, whatever you want to call it, is totally different at night. There is a lot going on. The contrast of the lights from the screen and a dark cloud… it has something magical.

After we had taken some photos of the lights at night, we decided to just walk around this area for a bit. Did you know that there is also a M&M store in London? No we didn’t buy anything at the M&M store London. Also we had to walk thru Chinatown London as well.  But this time we were starting to feel tired, again. Cause of the long day of walking and exploring. We decided that here is where our tour day ends for today. It’s time to go back to Novotel London Tower Bridge. To the underground we went.

Final stop for today here in London.

When we arrived at the Underground station “Tower Hill” we didn’t feel the urge to go directly to the hotel. Cause near our hotel there is quite few rooftops bar, so why not to have a drink before we go to bed. So we decided to go to hotel Doubletree by Hilton & sat on the rooftop bar here in London called Savage Garden. You now just chilling,  having some cocktails with a late night snack. And enjoying the moment.

After a drink or two and a small bite, we called it a night. We walked back to the hotel. It’s time to take a bath & go to sleep, that was a wrap for that today. The next day we will explore another part of London.

Thank you.

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