London baby! (Day 1)

Welcome to London baby!

First things first, preps baby.

Okay we have a budget, and we want to #enjoyLondon without worrying about money. Yes yes, we still do worry about it, but for our trips we want to think less about that and more about what shall we do next.

So how do we get from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to London?

Well actually there are four ways to travel from Rotterdam to London:

  • You can go by airplane, you can choose to depart from Rotterdam the Hague Airport, or just #SchipholAmsterdam. Either way, you have to go to the airport by train or car.
  • You can also go by train, with the Eurostar.
  • Or you can go by bus or car. Should you choose one of these transportation methods, you should keep in mind that you can choose to take the ferries here in the Netherlands. Or you can do a road trip by car and drive thru the Eurotunnel.

But we wanted to go by airplane, so as always we used Skyscanner for finding the cheapest price for airplane tickets.

And we found it. Thanks #Skyscanner.

Okay we got the date, the flight ticket and now for accommodations. For finding accommodations we always end at (we are not being sponsored by either of these brands, but in the past we always ended on both these two sites for the cheapest rates)

So the first day of London is here…

Flying from Rotterdam The Hague Airport to London Luton Airport

Well we are not yet in London, first we have to get to Schiphol Amsterdam by train. From thereon the flight to London Luton. And after arriving on London Luton we are taking, first a train and then the UNDERGROUND.. sorry got a bit excited.

Okay next time we are going by train, cause that was a long trip…. Finally we reached the hotel, Novotel London Tower Bridge.

We arrived in the evening. Cause we had a long trip only sitting, we decided to head out and start the exploring. More a stroll down #TowerBridge and see where we will end tonight.

The day of arriving in London…

The day of arrival we already so excited & we went for a walk through the neighbourhood, just to explore a little bit. And that’s how we found out that our location, is just perfect!

After a couple of minutes of walking we saw a castle called “Tower of London”, (at that time we didnt know what kind of castle it was), and we thought: well let’s walk again.

#NightCapture Tower of London

So the same night we walked over the “Tower bridge” of London. And we were a bit confused, cause we thought it was the “London bridge”.

When we walk along the park called #PottersFieldPark and that’s how we found the #Londonbridge. A bit confusing at night time and when you are tired. The bridges will look alike, but that is definitely not the case.

Strolling around London at nighttime…

The fun thing is we were just walking without any maps and we didn’t know where to head out next. Well it was getting a bit late & we were really tired. So we decided to head back to our hotel and thought we should take the route that goes across the “Southwarkbridge”. We are getting a bit hungry also. Let’s find something to eat. And the search for food started that night.

#NightShot of London from the side of Thames

Thankfully the hotel had a #KeepersKitchenandBar included, or next to it part of it. Whatever, they have food and drinks. Keepers Kitchen & Bar. After a couple of drinks and some tasteful bites, we called it a night and went to bed. The next day was going to be an awesome day.

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