Hello Kuala Lumpur, last full day in KL.

Wow that was quick. It is already our last full day of exploring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tomorrow we will be heading out to Johor Bahru, and continues exploring Malaysia. But that is another traveling adventure you can read here on TIAWOT.com (coming soon)

So this last day of #ExploringKualaLumpur, is again fully booked, Hahahaha. So let start with a good cup-of-joe somewhere here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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Back to exploring Kuala Lumpur. So we were in search of some coffee. Cause we already had a plan, and it was running late. We decide to get some coffee and brunch at our first stop, Petaling Street.

It was a 30min to 40min walk from Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade to Petaling Street. And again by walking, you will see a lot more of the place you are #exploring.

And here is #PetalingStreet. Wow look at how busy this market place is. So crowded and so vibrant. What a great energy here. Really that damn impressive. Petaling street is really a large shopping area, well not like a big mall. No, but more like an oversized market place. Where you can get almost everything, for really cheap prizes. From bags, cloths to food and toy.

Also a big plus at Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur is that the sellers wont aggressively harass you, when you just want to look around. And Petaling Street is like an indoor market, cause the main street is entirely covered with a roof. Ideal during raining season.

We went at day time, but we heard that Petaling Street is also open at night time. That will be for the next time. Let’s find something to eat. Cause we only had coffee and nothing to eat.

I think we didn’t look that good for food vendors. We were too distracted by the fact that they really sell a lot of fake items here. But still a cheap price. I mean just for a present or something. Okay where does this road lead to. We somehow exited Petaling Street and wanderer off again. Well okay let’s continue exploring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

As we wandered off, saw another street market, Kasturi Walk. #KasturiWalk is almost like Petaling Street. So yeah, we found another street market. This wasn’t planned.

At Kasturi Walk you can also find some great bargains, and lot of food vendors. So let’s have a look around here. Cause we didn’t look hard enough at Petaling Street for some food vendor’s. We did our best to find some food vendors here at Kasturi Walk Kuala Lumpur. Again really a #mustseewheninKL. The vibe is also positive and lively here.

Not only does Kasturi Walk have an outdoor street market, but next to Kasturi Walk there is also an indoor “street” market, Central Market. And Central Market really looks amazing. It’s like a small village indoor. With all the authentic replica houses build inside. Painted with bright colors. Just another part of KL that you really must see. We just can say that enough.

After strolling Central Market Kuala Lumpur, we went back outside to Kasturi Walk Kuala Lumpur to get some snacks. We weren’t that hungry, yet. But we just wanted something to snack. So we bought some “Putu Bambu Tradisi” and some of “Uncle Bob’s Fried Chicken” to go. But where to eat this. Well we found out that Perdana Botanical Garden wasn’t that far away… Well that shows that we are not good in visualizing how far this was using a map. I mean don’t get me wrong, our imagination is off the scale. Maybe that’s why we thought, “ooh about an 10min walk”.

So after walking for an hour or so. You know we love to just stroll around without following any kind of directions. You will see lot more of a place, if you decide to take your own path. But still we kept in mind where we wanted to go. Just didn’t take the fast route.

We finally made it at Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The #PerdanaBotanicalGarden is huge. There is just way too much to see in this little time we still have. So we didn’t stroll around the entire Perdana Botanical Garden. We just follow one road, and see where this road would take us.

It is nice thou, such a huge park is just in a big city of KL. If you just want to get away from a big city, this place is perfect. You can relax a bit. And just enjoy life. Get that Zen mode on.

We hung around and sit back just to relax. Ooh and about the snacks, well we had already eaten all of the snacks when we first entered Perdana Botanical Garden. hehe …

As we continued to explore #MalaysiaTrulyAsia, well #KL. We decided to walk from Perdana Botanical garden to Thean Hou temple. Yep our next stop. I think we already decided our last stop for our final full day of exploring KL.

We took again the detour, cause we ended somehow at KL Sentral. And from KL Sentral through Little India Kuala Lumpur. Okay now to head on out to #TheanHouTemple.

OMG … this building is so impressive and beautiful. I don’t know what it is. But every time I see an old authentic Asian building, or temples, I always get that mysterious yet beautiful feeling. You know, just like me, myself and I, whuhahahaha. No, just kidding … but this is a really must see in KL. You don’t have to pay admission, but there is a donation box so feel free to give what your heart feels like giving. The donation will help with future renovations that need to be done.

Thean Hou Temple creates such an peaceful and loving scenario. The architecture of the Thean Hou Temple is just incredible. From the smallest details, like carvings in stone, to the octagonal hall. I believe that this is one of the oldest and largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. Thean Hou Temple Kuala Lumpur is dedicated to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and Shui Wei Sheng Niang, the Goddess of the Waterfront.

What a sight, even the sunset looks mysterious and beautiful at the same time. Wow.

What a day, what a beautiful and lovely day of exploring Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After all of this strolling around, and seeing all this beauty that KL has to offer. Well it works to create a big appetite. Let’s find some food. Well after walking the whole day, we get a little bit hungry.

Cause we had to walk again through Little India Kuala Lumpur, we decided to have some dinner there. And what can I say. Well two things, one it will definitely not be disappointing. And two, this for Anthony, they didn’t serve bell pepper, you just ate a whole another hot red pepper. whuahahhahaha Read more on our food blog.

And after a good dinner it was time to go back to our hotel Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade. We have to start packing for the next day, departure day.

We will be leaving KL and head to Johor Bahru, but we will definitely coming back. Kuala Lumpur has stollen our hearts. And we haven’t seen all of the great touristic hotspots, and other not yet know gems here in KL, Malaysia.

So yeah, we will definitely be back. For now have a great day or night. Hope to see you soon on our site for our final blog about Kuala Lumpur. 

Thanks again for visiting, and please leave a comment if you liked our blog. Or if you have some remarks about what we said. We are always open to new insights.


Maya & Anthony

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