Hello Kuala Lumpur, good morning world.

Good morning Kuala Lumpur, KL, good morning world.

In the morning, well you can say that this is our first official day of us #exploringKualaLumpur. Time to wake up, get freshened up and find some breakfast down the road of exploring KL… Here we go.

Okay, I am definitely not a morning person. In fact I really need to start the day really slowly, no talking, just coffee and maybe after that well you are lucky if the coffee works.

You could compare to an old diesel engine, starts slowly, but when it’s warmth up… It is all good to go hahaha

Like what we wrote down in our London blog, “London, feeling good (day 2)”, we didn’t have a plan at all. We were just going to stroll around a bit.

Let’s see where the road will take us today here in KL city.

So we took what we needed to take with us for today and exited Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade so we could start our adventure.  

So let’s get some coffee and a small bite to eat.

Hey look there’s a Starbucks over there, let’s get a coffee to go. Well, we sat there and drank our coffee. Okay got a little bit of fuel, but let’s find some breakfast now.

To give you a bit of an impression what route we took that day, well we started at Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade only to walk to Jalan Pudu. There we had some coffee. From Jalan Pudu we headed out on Jalan Imbi, from thereon out we headed out to Jalan Bukit Bintang… Get the picture.

We were just going all over the place, but at that moment we didn’t really mind it. Cause we were really enjoying beautiful Kuala Lumpur.

We walked passed a Chinese Buddhist temple called Hui Yuan Ting (惠元亭). Unfortunately when we visited this place, it was closed, due to maintenance. Guess we will have visit this the next time we are in #KualaLumpur.

So forward with our journey.

I must say, KL has a lot of skyscrapers and it is so alive. I mean there is really a buzzing, positive energy there. Just go with the flow kind of energy and also KL has their fair share of shopping malls. Maybe the most famous mall is Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Let’s see what this mall is all about, okay I lost Anthony.

At the time we were visiting KL in 2019, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was hosting a “Sketchers x One Piece” event. So yeah he was going crazy, because the setup was amazing.

We looked around, I think only on the main floor and a lot of high end fashion stores. Not only fashion stores, but we had already seen that there were a lot of floor to explore. Well not for now, maybe another day. We headed to the exit of #PavilionKualaLumpur on Jalan Raya Chulan to continues our journey.

I think it was at this time that we both notice that we really needed to eat something. Even if it was something small, it would do.

There are so many places, but we really didn’t know where to eat. Anthony, all of the sudden saw the KL Tower, also known as Menara Kuala Lumpur, and came up with the idea that we could eat something there. There must be some good food at the KL Tower.

Well there was a lot of restaurants, but it was so crowded at KL Tower. We decided to check if we could get some tickets for KL tower instead.

Also for getting access at that time, it was again too crowded. But what do you expect, this is a #MustSeeWhenInKualaLumpur.

Okay guess we have to come back, when it is a bit less crowded. We would try to visit KL Tower later on that day. For now we were heading towards Petronas Twin Towers.

We walked on Jalan P. Ramlee street, again what an amazing city Kuala Lumpur is. I think that this part of Jalan P. Ramlee is a must visit at night time when in #KL. So many different restaurants and bars. There is also KL City Walk, but that’s for a next time.

When we arrived at Petronas Twin Towers, we didn’t know that there was a mall inside. Well duh.

Okay let’s see what Suria KLCC shopping mall is all about. Guess that this is also one of the famous malls in #KLCity.

We strolled around in the mall Suria KLCC, this mall is also bit luxurious, with the high end fashion brands. I think we just ate something there, cause we were too hungry and now it really didn’t matter what we ate. We needed some fuel, before we headed out on our exploring adventure again.

After uuuhhhhh, well I think disappointing lunch. Because it was disappointing, we didn’t take any photo’s. But that didn’t stop us from heading to our next must see destination in Kuala Lumpur… Petronas Twin Towers.

What the timeslots for today are sold out??? Wows.

Okay what about tomorrow then, guess we’ll have to come back the next day to enjoy #PetronasTwinTowers.

If you want get more information about press the link here  https://www.petronastwintowers.com.my/

Okay and now back to #KLTower to see if we can get that amazing view everybody is posting about on social media. And yes we were in luck, this time around there was no endless row of people… Nope just a few. I think it was between 5pm and 6pm when we arrived. So yeah let’s go up and away.

So when stepping in the elevator, you really can tell how fast it will go up. But when you walk out of the elevator and onto the Skydeck… Well just wow.

Skydeck at KL Tower, “Sky Deck is the main tourist attraction at KL Tower. It is located at 300 meters above ground level, offering spectacular views of Kuala Lumpur City skyline day and night.”

There are two hotspots on #SkydeckKLTower with a glass booth area where you can take photos from the view or just to take selfies. Or you can let someone who works there take a picture for you, and at the Observation Deck you can get it developed. So you will have your own Menara Kuala Lumpur memento.

Well not for people who are afraid of heights, well good luck. I overcame my fear for heights only for that moment, but because I was with Anthony. You will never see me standing alone in that glass booth hehehe.

But really what a great experience it was. Really a #MustTryWhenInKL. The only unfortunate thing about the view was, well it was a cloudy day. So photos we took from the Skydeck were not that good, but still it will give you an impression of what kind of view you get.

After walking around the Skydeck, we had stopped at the Sky Café KL Tower. A cup of coffee and a desert, with a side dish of an amazing view and now to head towards the Obeservation Deck, one level below the Sky Deck.

Observation Deck KL Tower, “Kuala Lumpur Skyline View @ 276m. Regardless of morning, afternoon or at night, the observation deck at 276 meters above ground level offers stunning and thrilling view of metropolitan city Kuala Lumpur.”

Here you can dine at 276M high if you want to. And also here is where you can buy your mementos. For yourself or for your friends and family at home.

Overall KL Tower is really a must go whenever visiting Kuala Lumpur. If you want to have some more information about admission fee or you just want to know what the opening hours are, just head to their official website here:


Let’s see what to do now…

We read somewhere that Kuala Lumpur has an amazing water show as well. Just like in Singapore, Spectra – A Light & Water Show | Marina Bay Sands | Singapore (Full Show).

Well in Kuala Lumpur, at the Esplanade outside of Suria KLCC and it starts around 8 pm. We arrived just in time to watch Esplanade Lake Symphony Water Show , perfect timing.

People were already gathering around the big pond in front of Suria KLCC Petronas twin tower. The atmosphere was really great. Lots of good vibes, we just relaxed and enjoyed the show. #SymphonyWatershowKualaLumpur

After Esplanade Lake Symphony Water Show we got hungry again.

Well of course our timing with food was off that day… Way off. We really didn’t want to make an effort of searching for something damn tasty. So, we just headed back into #SuriaKLCCshoppingmall because the nearest restaurants we could find was at Suria KLCC food court.

And again, it was bit disappointing… But this time we had already taken some pictures.

Well want know what we had, you will have to wait until our Kuala Lumpur food blog is online.

And after dinner, well we walked back to Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade.

At night the atmosphere really changes, from the busy working vibe to the relaxing and enjoying vibe.

What a great, yet long day of exploring Kuala Lumpur for the first time. Sometimes it felt like we were walking in circles in the same area. But hey who cares, walking got us in shape right ?

It was fun, and awesome…. Well now we could definitely fall asleep like Cinderella.

Good night Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks again for taking the time to read our latest blog about Kuala Lumpur.

We really hope that you enjoyed it and hopefully there were some handy tips for you to use whenever in KL.

See you soon here on our website, have an awesome day


Maya & Anthony

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