Hello Kuala Lumpur, good morning sunshine

And here we go again… Let’s keep on #exploringKualaLumpur. What to do today. Well today we had a solid plan about where to explore here in Kuala Lumpur. Here we go…

In our latest blog “Hello Kuala Lumpur, good morning world”; we talked about that we had bought two admission tickets for Petronas Twin Towers. We had to buy them in advance, because they sold out really fast.

Today we had to be there at 11 AM, oh my gosh… Glad Anthony put his phone alarm on, so we definitely woke up in time. Time to get a quick bite and a coffee to go, we didn’t have that much time in morning.

Okay, let’s get something small at the Starbuck we were yesterday, and go.

I think we only had a medium coffee to go as breakfast… ooh well there should be plenty of time left for getting a good and decent meal once we are done exploring #PetronasTwinTowers.

Thank god we made it, just in time…

Let’s see how the view is from the top of Petronas Twin Towers.

I must say, the guided tour at Petronas Twin Towers is really well organized. After entering thru the admission gates, you will be given an colored key cord. And I think when we got our colored key cord, there was already one group being escorted to the elevator, and one group waiting. We were next in line to go up. The group wasn’t that large, I think around 20 people in total.

When the group we were in was complete, we would be escorted to the elevator. We had to wait for the elevator, but we didn’t mind. Because with this guided tour they will tell you about the history of Petronas Twin Towers. Also they will provide some fun facts about Petronas Twin Towers, like for instance;

Did you know that the Petronas Twin Towers are the tallest twin towers in the world. But also the towers are only used for business purposes only.

Okey… we could now enter the elevator, first stop is the Skybridge. The guided tour, gave us some new facts about the #Skybridge: This is the highest two-story bridge in the world, we would be only allowed on the 41st floor. The 42nd floor, the upper part of the Skybridge, is in use for people that are working in one of the towers. We would be allowed I think around the 30 min or so to stroll around and make pictures.

We really felt like a couple of real tourist. Hahaha Yeah I now, we are tourist. But normally we wouldn’t do these kind of group activities with a guided tour. Normally we would be exploring ourselves, and trying to get the information from the locals, or internet. Sometimes we even feel like a tourist in the Netherlands.

Back to the guided tour. So … next floor 86th floor, the Observation Deck and wow … what a view.

You could see almost everything what Kuala Lumpur has to offer, I think you could almost make a 360 degrees circle. Almost… But not only can you see the Petronas Twin Tower, they also have a small exhibition on deck. I think this was also for 30 minutes, and off we go to the last floor.

The 83rd floor, Digital Displays. Here you could find facts about Petronas Twin Towers; like the history about Petronas Twin Towers, also you could watch a brief video about #Malaysia’s most iconic building. This was the last floor, and back down we go.

Before you leave Petronas Twin towers, you will be going thru the gift shop. Here is where you could get all kind of memento’s for yourself and/ or for all your family or friends.  

A great experience indeed, Petronas Twin Towers a #MustSeeWhenInKL

Now it is time to get something to eat… Well we were at Suria KLCC, we decided to have another go at the food court #SuriaKLCC.

Sometimes you need to try a couple of times, different dishes and maybe you will hit the jackpot. And yet again, we didn’t hit the jackpot. But hey still thankful that we can eat and damn thankful for the ingredients provided by mother earth, itadakimasu.

After our late lunch, we headed out to KL Sentral. I had already made some plans for us this time… So, our next destination would be #BatuCaves.

We took the LRT from KLCC to KL Sentral. This is the Kelana Jaya Line. At KL Sentral we hopped on KTM Komuter from #KLSentral to Batu Caves. The KTM Komuter, or train, takes about 40 to 45 minutes.

Finally we arrived at Batu Caves station. I think it is around a ten minute walk from Batu Caves station to the actual Batu Caves.

OMG … it looks so impressive… I mean if you see the big golden statue of Hindu god Murugan. And those stairs … OMG … a lot of stairs, total 272 steps. Yep we are going to climb those stairs… hehe…

Love how they painted the stairs, before 2019 it was just plain grey. But now it looks more colorful and adds to the atmosphere there at the Batu Caves.

When entering, or when starting the climb up those 272 steps. You will have to dress properly and mostly respectfully.  If the shorts you are wearing are too short, then you’ll get a sarong.

You will have to pay for it, but it is more like borrow the sarong. Cause when you return the sarong, you will get your money back. We didn’t want the money back, and we told them we will donate it to Batu caves. For maintenance use.

The entrance is free however there is a donation box, and please do respect their religion. You’re a guest, so act like a proper guest.

After climbing those 272 steps, yeah we made it all the way up, not only are the Batu Caves beautiful. But the view from the top of those stairs. Also very impressive.

Really impressed by these caves. This is what I love about nature and mother earth.

It’s amazing how they combine the Hindu religion with nature. These two combined creates a scenery that is really so beautiful and colorful.

We thought it would be appropriate if we could light some incent. So we could say thanks in a respectful and polite way.

“ Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has series of caves and cave temples, it takes its names from the malay word “batu” (means rock)  and it is also the name of a nearby town. The cave is dedicated to the Hindu god Murugan the god of war, brother of Ganesh.”

Want see how it was for us, well check out our #Youtube video.

Exploring Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Again a really amazing experience. And a #MustVisitWhenInKualaLumpur.

Wow, what a day so far.

Because we were really tired of exploring Petronas Twin Towers. But even more tired of exploring 272 steps at Batu Caves, we decided to head back to KL Sentral with the #KMTKomuter and from thereon we took the LRT back to Suria KLCC.

And yes again we had dinner there. Why? Why?

Well this time our excuse was, we were again that damn hungry and we really needed something to eat. Because of that, we didn’t even take the time to take some photos of our dinner. Sorry but not sorry.

Okay let’s get back to Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade and freshen up.

Just to relax in the hotel room and do nothing.

Hmmm that’s odd, Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade was so dark. Looks like the entire block doesn’t have any electricity. Weird. Especially for a hotel brand like Mercure. What is going on, cause everybody is inside with candle lights on.

There was no light in the neighborhood, we thought the central electricity has failed. Let’s see what is all about …

As we entered Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade, a friendly host explained that today, March 30th 2019, is Earth Hour. They took down the electricity for an hour. This was to call attention to global warming.

Well we had heard of it before, but didn’t take the time to look further into this. So, this was an awesome surprise and we also supported #EarthHour initiative.

We decided to light a candle, and signed the petition.

At the moment of Earth Hour we couldn’t go to our hotel room, because the elevator did not work as well. And if you are in your room, you wouldn’t have any electricity either.

We didn’t mind, cause we really loved the vibe. Hats off to Accord for participating in this global phenomenon. Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade staff really took good care of the guests. You get some drinks and nibbles. No complaining here …

Suddenly all the light went on. Earth Hour was over for 2019. But what a way to end a great day in Kuala Lumpur.

Off to our hotel room, freshen up and just relax in our bed… Night night.

To be continued..

Thanks again for taking the time to read our latest blog. Hope you enjoyed this as much as the other blogs on our website. Have an awesome day, and enjoy life.


Maya & Anthony

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