Hello Kuala Lumpur, it is time for some food,

The best time on vacation is when it is time for some delish food. Well I guess it doesn’t matter where you are, there will always be time for delish food. But the troublesome part is, well for us, when and where do we get some food?

So yeah in Kuala Lumpur we had the same issue. But still this is one of the best part when we travel. You know trying the local cuisines/ delicacy. What are the local cuisines/ delicacy here in #KL? Where can we try these local cuisines/ delicacy here in #KualaLumpur?

Well, we were staying for 5 days but from the 5 days; we had 3 whole days in KL. And those 3 full days were pretty planned packed with #exploringKualaLumpur.  

But before we continue about us reviewing what we ate in KL, we want to share our thought with you  about the food at “Schiphol Amsterdam Airport” first.

After checking in at Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport we decided to have a quick bite at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport itself. So we landed at this pizza place called Pizza Per Tutti, it’s across “Albert Heijn” supermarket at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport. Here we ordered for drinks a coke and as a small bite a tuna pizza. Hahaha small bite.

But to our surprise wow, the pizza dough was so thin and crispy. It tasted really delicious. Only criticism we have is that the price was a bit higher, well what do you expect ? Everything at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport is in a higher price range. It doesn’t matter if it food or clothes or electronics. But hey, if the food is good, well why complain right. And we always like to share food with each other.

Pizza Per Tutti It is not really a restaurant, it’s more like a sort of self-service kind of restaurant. You have to order and pay at one counter, and pick up your food at the second counter. Also you can take your to-go.

After a really good night sleep at Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, it was time to have some good and delish breakfast. Lets see what we can eat. So this was our second time staying at Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, but the first time having breakfast included.

So if you thought that the service was impressive, well wait until try your breakfast. It is that #DamnTasty. It’s an intercontinental buffet breakfast and it looks all amazing! Everything looks and is fresh. Ooh and of course it is really delish. I think Anthony was really happy when he could choose smoked salmon on his bread … he loves his smoked salmon you know hehe.

We had a really great and big breakfast breakfast, thank you Sheraton Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Finally we arrived in KL. The first day we arrived in KL was around 7 or 8 pm. And after a long day of travelling and you are tired, you need to fuel your body. So after we dropped our bags at Mercure Kuala Lumpur Shaw Parade we headed out to find some food nearby. And literary just around the corner we saw that a lot of people eating and enjoying the food. Well let’s eat there.

“Restoran Ah Koong” is the name, and when standing in front of the counter outside, first thing they ask was: do you eat pork? That is really considering of them to ask that question. But we immediately said: yes we eat pork. So that’s when they started to explain how it works. Choose whatever you want, and they will serve it dry or wet (broth). Well, we wanted to try everything … yeah … we order a lot. And it was damn delicious, sorry we didn’t really know what precisely we ordered. But maybe you could help us identify some of these delish dishes. Or do you recommend another dish we must try at “Restoran Ah Koong”? Or even in Kuala Lumpur? Well leave a comment down below, we would really appreciate it.

The next day we strolled around  Kuala Lumpur, from Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower to #PetronasTwinTowers, only to go back to #MenaraKLtower. And afterwards head back to Petronas Twin Towers, again. But this time to see Esplanade Lake Symphony water show at #SuriaKLCC.

After #EsplanadeLakeSymphony water show at Suria KLCC., we decided to have our dinner nearby. And nearby would be at the food court of the mall Suria KLCC. At the #foodcourtSuriaKLCC, you will see that this is a kind of self service restaurant. All the vendors to the side, and the seating area in the middle.

For the people who aren’t familiar with the hawker centre experience. So first you order an you pay up. Then wait, or if with two let one person find a table to be seated at. Because the other one will have to wait for the food order. They will not deliver at your table. As long as it taste good, well it doesn’t matter.

We ordered at “Gerai 3A Hot plate & Clay pot”. Unfortunately it didn’t meet our expectation. Yeah it was a bit disappointing. It was missing something, you when you don’t have that party in mouth experience. Well we know that they did they best.

On our third day, we were again at the food court Suria KLCC. We were just coming back from “Batu Caves” and because we had to switch from the train to the LRT, we decided to give the food court Suri KLCC another change. Cause there is a lot more than that one vendor.

This time we ordered at “Chicken & Rice” vendor, Anthony loves Hainan chicken & rice. This time the dishes we ordered were much better in taste than before. But Anthony had an opinion about that the Hainan Chicken from Singapore was on another level. So basically you cannot compare this one from KL with Singapore, right? Still good and delicious enough. And if you don’t try it, you will never know which one is the better one.

The day before leaving KL, we wanted to eat in a restaurant for a change. And after a long day of exploring KL again, we were really hungry. So after our final touristic hotspot we visited, we would head back to “little India” to try some authentic Indian cuisine.

“House of Indian cuisine” in little India, the interior of the restaurant is like a if you walked into Indian family party room itself. So colorful and really Indian like. The service was great, again a warm Indian welcome. Anthony was almost at home, hehehe.

We ordered ginger tea, naan and naan garlic, grilled cauliflower, chicken meti and grilled chicken. Yes a lot. And “House of Indian Cuisine” didn’t disappoint us at all. Everything we ordered was really delish, the spices really come together Even the red bell pepper… SPOILER ALERT for Anthony. That wasn’t bell pepper, you just ate a whole red pepper. And from the looks of how Anthony was tripping and sweating, it was that damn hot. Thank god for the ginger tea with milk, that will cool you off a bit.

He is still alive, don’t worry … he made it.

Well, we didn’t ate that much on this trip during the day. Mostly we would drink a lot. This because of the warm weather. And of course we would have a bottle of “energy” water and normal still water. I think only with dinner that we ate a lot, and during the day we would find some snacks like; “Putu Bambu Tradisi” or “Uncle Bob’s fried chicken”.

Unfortunately we didn’t make that much photos from our snacks, or even what we had for breakfast. Even lunch and dinner we would always seem to forget to take a quick snapshot. I guess we were to hungry.

But still we didn’t try the real Malaysian cuisines. And that is something we still want to do. We had a great time enjoying all the good food we had. Even the ones that didn’t gave our tastebuds the party we were looking for. But still Thanks again for the great hospitality and good food.

Oh and please do write your recommendation below in the comment section of what Malasysian food we really need to try or which Malaysian hotspot we really schold be visting next, if you ever been to Kuala Lumpur, or another place in Malaysia, Also if you haven’t read all our stories about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia yet, well here is the link


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Thanks again, and have an awesome day.


Maya & Anthony

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