Goodmorning London, let’s eat (Day 3 & 4)

What did we eat on day 3 and 4 of exploring London. Well first of all good morning London, hello delicious food in London. Let’s eat.

Whenever in London you must try …

Whenever in London, England you must try an authentic English breakfast. So that’s what were looking for on our third day in London.

We got up, freshened ourselves and got dressed. And on to find a good old fashioned English breakfast here in London. The search was actually really short, cause not far away from Novotel London Tower Bridge there are lot’s of other restaurants and hotels whom all serve an English breakfast.

Why not get breakfast at our hotel, well… actually we were too exited, that we totally forgot to look there first. We already had in our mind that the hotel would serve a continental buffet breakfast. But we totally forgot about #KeepersKitchen&Bar. Well guess now we have a good excuse to come back to the same hotel, Novotel London Tower Bridge and London.

Well back to the search for an authentic English breakfast here in London. We found this restaurant called “Natural Kitchen”. From the outside we had a quick look at the menu, and yes we spotted that they indeed serve a full English breakfast. We decided to give it a try.

Natural Kitchen London version of an English Breakfast…

#TastingDelishFood here at Natural Kitchen, part of the beautiful Doubletree by Hilton Hotel London - Tower of London

A nice little fact, #NaturalKitchen is part of “ Doubletree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London”. We noticed that guest from the hotel were also enjoying their breakfast there. And when you had to make use of the bathroom, you would have to walk to the back, of “Natural Kitchen” restaurant and you have to enter Double tree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London lobby hall.

Okay, back to the #Englishbreakfast here in London. Well what can we say, it was really delicious, but they didn’t serve a full English Breakfast. We missed a slice of a blood sausage. And maybe some more. What do you think what did we miss here in this English Breakfast served at Natural Kitchen London? Leave a comment down below.

#TastingDelishFood here at Natural Kitchen London version of an English Breakfast

To be honest well that was a delish English Breakfast..

But still to be honest, it was a very delicious English breakfast they served at Natural Kitchen London. We drank some freshly made orange juice and of course some good coffee. At that moment we were there and enjoying the ambience.

We really liked that it was quiet and peaceful. I was so glad that it was not too crowded. I am really not a morning person, and normally you should leave me alone. Talk to me after my coffee.

But overall the service was pretty good and the food is very delicious. When in London and near the Tower Bridge. We really recommend to stop by at Natural Kitchen and try their English breakfast. So if you want to know more, check out there website

Where in London did we find this pizza place …

Much much later on that same day, after visiting #NottingHill and #PortobelloMarket (you can read that here; “Hello London (day 3)”), we decided to eat pizza.(?) Well what I can remember was we walked out of Primark and I think we headed out to an area where there were all these theatres or something.

TastingDelishFood at NY Fold here in London

Not quite sure anymore. But somewhere in between, we had our lunch at this pizzeria place called NY Fold here in London.

We did make a picture of our pizza slices and drink. But we were definitely not to excited about it. It was more of a disappointment. The slices were really dry, and not that tasteful. I think that was one of the reasons we didn’t take any picture of the place.

#ITADAKIMASU being gratefull at all time…

I’m someone like a person that when the food isn’t that delicious, then it won’t be fulfilling. You know it is kind of like that we wasted money on this, but for what. I feel more sorry for the veggies and the animals whom they used as ingredients to make these pizza slices. Well on behave of them we still thank you for sacrificing for us to enjoy.

But just as in life not everything can be good, sometimes you need a learning curve to teach you the value of the good things in life. You know so you will keep your balance in life… ok that is a different story.

Back to our food blog. If you still want to know where we had that pizza slice well here is the site, and go and see it for yourself:

Last dinner here in London baby …

The last night of us visiting London, we wanted to end this with a good dinner. And my partner was in the mood for some original fish & chips here in London.

Strolling around London on our last night here …

After we drop off our shopping bags, yes we did shop here in London. You can read this in my fashion blog here – London Fashion Blog –. We decided to search again in the area we stayed. So crossing the #TowerBridge and walking towards the #LondonBridge, we actually didn’t know were we heading to. Not even that were that close to “Borough Market”.

I think after strolling around for around twenty minutes or something, we found this really great spot, but sadly it was full. It was really a little picturesque kind of place here in London. What do you think?

#TravelingTheWorld and #CreatingNewMemories here on our last day in London

We had to leave this beautiful spot here in London behind us. And I think after we walked for ten minutes, we saw under this bridge lots of people standing outside these restaurants and pubs. We were both like: well let’s see what that is all about here in London. So we decided to see if there was a restaurant where we could get #fishnchips. And yes we found a small restaurant. A fish restaurant called “Applebee’s fish”.

A fish restaurant called “Applebee’s fish”.

You could sit outside and inside, the energy felt really good and relax. We were appointed seats at the, well you can call it a bar area. You know a spot in a restaurant where you are by yourself, you can sit there without taking a whole table to yourself. It was a bit crowded, but in a good way, that is why they gave us these seats. But we didn’t mind. Cause already the service was good. It was with a real authentic smile here at Applebee’s Fish in London.

Well what we ordered, I can tell you we didn’t order, any appetizers. No we wanted the main course, we were soo hungry…. Again. My partner, well he ordered his fish and chips, and I ordered the Applebee’s fish platter. To compliment these delicious main courses, we ordered two glasses of white wine. And as a dessert, we decided to share a raspberry and saffron crème brûllée here at Applebee’s Fish in London.

The food here at Applebee’s Fish in London was sooooo delicious. Wow if we weren’t that full, we ordered more, hahahaha. Overall, the experience was really great, the service with a smile, the food that #DamnTasty. Yes #wheninLondon, we will be back. Click here for more information:

Our last morning in London, #Breakfastonbed at Novotel London Tower Bridge …

The night before we had already filled in a cart for breakfast as room service. I think we checked every box that was on there. Because the next that, our last day at Novotel London Tower Bridge, well the served two plates full of all kind of continental breakfast. We had sausages, we had slices of meat, we had cheese, croissants, normal sliced bread, juices, coffee, tea, yoghurt an some more.

Ooh wow, how are we going to eat all of this, well that’s it. We didn’t finished it all. But we do not waste food.

We took what we had left over, made it into a good lunch, for on the road back to the airport. Good thinking right? We would be saving money and we didn’t waste what nature again provided for us. But be honest, do you think we overreacted with ordered that much?

Keep in mind the breakfast was not included in our reservation, so we had to pay for extra for this. But then again this breakfast was soooo goood. For more information about our breakfast in our hotel, please go to:

And after we arrived at London Southend airport, we did eat our self-made lunch.

Back to “home”, back to reality …

When we arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam, we headed straight to home, and ordered food. What, well don’t know….

Well to give an overall opinion about the food in London and the food cost, well the food was overall good and sometimes very delicious. We had one disappointing lunch. But hey we didn’t get food poisoned. The cost, well that is something to argue about. It can be really expensive, but you only live once right?

Wrong … you only die once!

So it isn’t wrong if you just sometimes want to enjoy good food. And it isn’t that bad when you pay a little bit more. But only when it is satisfying. Cause when it is not, well than it feels like you have thrown away a lot of money. Actually not really, the ingredients were just used in the worng way. And of course it is really entirely up to you, and what you can spend.

#CreatingNewMemories here in London. #ThankYouLondon

So for us, it felt expensive. But again we are glad we can afford this #arigatō and we had a great holiday. Even better memories.

Thank you London for the lovely food, for the great hospitality and service. And mostly for the really beautiful memories. We cannot wait to visit you again!

Thank you.

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