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Okay our first night in London Baby. It was time for some good food and drinks here in London. So let’s have a look around where we can find some good food and drink this first night in London.

What to eat on our first night in London ?

So after we finally arrived at our hotel, Novotel London Tower Bridge. We decided to just stroll around this area of London for a bit, you know to see if we had chosen a good location. Especially for good food and drinks.

Well we didn’t find anything outside… Well actually we were just too tired to really search for a decent place. We just wanted to find good food and drinks here in London quickly. So we decided to head back to the hotel and see what “Keepers Kitchen & Bar” is all about.

So what is “Keepers Kitchen & Bar” all about…

#KeepersKitchen&Bar is basically in the #NovotelLondonTowerBridge. You can enter this place or from the street side at Cooper’s Row. Or when you are staying in the hotel, you can access it from the main lobby. So when entering the lobby from the hotel, you can see that you can turn left to enter “Keepers Kitchen & Bar”.

Really loved the interior, it’s so cozy and the atmosphere of the place was great. Also the music was relaxing and good as well… well, if you like R&B songs. This is not your typical #EnglishPub. Well still don’t know how a typical English Pub, or should I say pub looks like. But this is not it. That night there was a diversity of people hanging out. Enjoying the music, the drinks and food.

We forgot to take some pictures from the inside, and also from the food and drinks we had. Because of the long day of traveling. Well luckily we do remember what we ordered, thanks to the “Keepers Kitchen & Bar” online menu.

The kitchen was going to close soon, because we were there between 9 PM & 10 PM. So we ask the waiter first if they still serve some food. The waiter told us, he had to ask the chef first if the kitchen was still open. And thank goodness, the kitchen was still open.

We could still order some food. The waiter advised us that if we wanted to a have small bite, to order it from the “Nibbels and Sharing” section of the menu. And so we did. We ordered “Marinated house olives” and the “Deli Board”. Ooh wow, the “Deli Board was really delicious. You have a variety of tastfull “Nibbels” on it. Especially the smoky hummus and baba ganoush was “damn tasty”. Also, as I can remember we ordered the “Cheesy Garlic Puccia Bread”. And for the drinks, well Anthony ordered a “Corona” beer and I had a Rosé wine myself.

The staff gave a really good service and also they were very polite. Thank you for that.

So when in London and if you are near Tower Hill, you should definitely go to “Keepers Kitchen & Bar”.

A quick reminder before you go to London…

Before you go to London or any other city in the world, make sure you do some research first. For instance what is the current exchange rate at that moment. So you can calculate how much you can afford to spend. For example, in England they use POUNDS and in the Netherlands they use EURO’S. At that moment (September 2018) the exchange rate was; 1 Euro you would get around £0,90 cents. And one of the basics is that you probably need money to fuel your life. You know with fooooddd.

Well the easiest way to do this all, is using Transferwise on your smartphone. (Check out our review about TransferWise here)

It’s time for some good food here in London…

#TastingDelishFood here in London at WrapChic Differently Indian

Breakfast at Wrapchic Differently Indian…

The next day we had our breakfast somewhere on the way. We came across #WrapchicDifferentlyIndian here in London and decided to give it a try. We ordered two breakfast “paratha”. One filled with “Chicken Tikka” and one filled with “Mutton Kheema”. For drinks we ordered a “Mango Lassi” and one “Mixed Berry Lassi”.

So basically what a “parathas” is, well it’s a kind of flat bread. These were good, nothing special. But still a good breakfast. The “lassi” was really tasteful and fulfilling. This place was a bit small, it was more like a take away food stall. Yet it has something cozy to it. Well if you want to know more about it … here is the website:

After a long walk we wanted to get a quick bite. It was already past lunchtime. So we were searching for something like a sandwich. More in a take away kind of way. So you can walk & eat at the same time …

A quick bite at Pret-a-Manger to go please…

#TastingDelishFood here at Pret-a-Manger in London.

We found a “shop” called #PretaManger here in London. I thought it was something like a small supermarket where you can get your grocery. But it was a store, well they call it “shop” where you can get small meals. One thing we notice is, that the food is already made and package for to-go. Except for the sandwiches and baguettes. You can order to-go and they will prepare them. Everything is freshly made and packages.

Okay we wanted to try something healthy this time, so we had some salads, I think it was one “Egg and spinach Pot” and one “Asian greens veggie Pot”. And to drink it al away we got one bottle of healthy “lemon & ginger pure Pret still”. It’s a self-service store, for us it was ok & because we didn’t want to have an extended lunch so this was perfect. Also their website you can find some (healthy) recipes:

This is Ichibuns London #MustGo

The moment we were waiting for … #ChinatownLondon, baby. Omg, so many things to eat … the smell … I just want to taste everything. And there it is “Ichibuns”. Anthony found this Japanese restaurant thanks to the Instagram account from Chinatown London. Ooh you know what’s funny about this, we were in China Town …. and went to Japanese Restaurant …. in London …. héhéhé

The outside “Ichibuns” London really looks like an Japanese touristic hotspot and interior…. Well just incredible… we just love it! It was cozy, but not too cozy … you can still move your butt, héhé. Because it was so busy the waiter/ waitress did they best to serve the people. The food, omg, the food was sooo good.

So as starter we ordered “prawn & garlic chive gyoza” at “Ichibuns” London. These are home-made. And as for the main course I ordered “wagyu niku hot udon”, also home-made udon with slices of wagyu beef. Nomnomnom.  And Anthony ordered “Ichibuns burger” and as a side dish “sweet potato fries”. His face when he took the first bit, priceless. He loved it. This burger is a blend of British Wagyu and Angus beef, really juicy.

And off course we had to order original Japanese beer to celebrate our visit to London.

For more information go to:

Let’s end day two here in London with a drink…

So before we want to call it a night here in London, we wanted to have a last drink and again a small bite to end this lovely day of exploring London. So we looking for a rooftop bar near our hotel.

#CreatingNewMemories here in Lonodn at Savage Garden

We decided to go to hotel #DoubletreebyHilton in London. They have on the 12th floor a rooftop bar called #SavageGarden.

At the rooftop bar you can see a bit of the skyline of London. Nothing to special thou, but the atmosphere there was really relaxing. We ordered for drinks a “Corona” beer and for me a cocktail… I think it was a “Poloma”. And as a small bite we ordered fries with black garlic mayo and I ordered “Tempura Oysters”. The food was good, the service was even better at Savage Garden London. They will give you an amazing service, thank you for the wonderful night.

If you are in London just have a look by yourself or just click here:

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