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Christmas Care Package. From you for the ones who really need it.

Just one month to celebrate Christmas and New Year, wow … suddenly its already the end of the year. We had a crazy roller coaster year, this past year. I think everybody had a rollercoaster ride this year. 2020 thanks for the greatest life lesson yet.

Well a lot of people will be enjoying a wonderful thanksgiving day and Christmas this time of the year. Having dinner with your family and friends. And a few days later making new year’s wishes.

And good for you and us that we still can enjoy life this way. We are one of lucky people who can.

Unfortunate, also due to what has happened this year 2020, a lot of people aren’t that lucky. Some cannot afford a good and decent thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Some cannot even give a small Christmas gift to their children or loved ones.

Well to give those people a bit of hope and joy we want to give them a “Christmas care package”.

What is a “Christmas Care Package”. Well like we said on our “about us page” we are both from the Netherlands. And most of the company in the Netherlands will give their employees just before Christmas day a “Christmas Package” for free. The Christmas package is filled with food, drinks and useful goodies. Or sometimes it could be a voucher u can use.

I don’t know if they do this in other countries as well, but in our opinion they should do that.

Okay now you know how we came up with the idea, but what are we going to fill the Christmas Care package with and how much will it cost you and us.

Well currently we are located in Bali, Indonesia. So we will be giving these Christmas Care Package to the locals here on Bali who really need it the most. Our idea is to give the people a basket with the basic food necessities of life, like: flour, rice, noodle, oil etc. But also if possible with skin care products like soap or shampoo, and even a small present for the little ones like toys. If they have children’s of course.

The cost of one single person Christmas Care package will be EURO €17,50 / GBP £15,50*/US $21* / IDR 295.000*

The cost of one two person Christmas Care package will be EURO €22,50 / GBP £20,00/US $27 / IDR 375.000*

The cost of one family Christmas Care package** will be EURO €30,00 / GBP £27 /US $35 / IDR 500.000*

The cost of one family Christmas Care package*** will be EURO €50,00 / GBP £44,50/US $59 / IDR 837.000*

*= currency rate can differ per day. Use TransferWise to get the highest currency rate at the moment.
**= Family Christmas Care Package WITHOUT toys
***=Family Christmas Care Package WITH toys
(Keep in mind that children toys here on Bali are expensive)

It’s up to you how big of an amount you can give for in your situation. It starts from EURO €1 and well a maximum up to you. Every amount will help us creating these Christmas Care Packages.

Don’t worry we will not be keeping any of the money you donate for the “Christmas Care package”. But we will be informing you with the entire process of buying the goods and creating the Christmas Care packages. And from you giving these Christmas Care Packages to them. We have calculated that these Christmas Care Packages can be used from 1 month up to 3 month.

We will be sharing developments around the Chrismas Care packages with you on our social media channels and of course our website. ( Keep in mind, we will respect the privacy of the ones who will be receiving these Christmas Care packages. So only pictures will be taken when giving these Christmas Care Packages. Faces will be blurred out. We actually don’t like bragging.)

So if you want share the Christmas spirit with someone who really can use it, please do. Sharing a “Christmas Care Package” is caring.

Donate now, and thanks in advance.

It will be great if you want to be a part of our community and our journey, you can sign up  so we can keep in touch.

Thank you for your time reading our story about the “Christmas Care Package” for the people in Bali, Indonesia. And don’t forget, what goes around comes around. That’s how #karma works. Keep the flow going.

Thanks again,

#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu #arigatō

Christmas Care Package from you for them

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