Say hello to our beloved neighborhood (watch)dog Doggie

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Hello Doggie, neighborhood (watch)dog. And how are we feeling today. Always there to welcome us all, and always protecting us against “strangers”. Hello Doggie, neighborhood (watch)dog. Here is some food and water for you, so you have some new energy to explore your world.

Welcome to Bali, and hello street dogs.

When we first arrive to our neighborhood where we live in Bali, we noticed that there is a lot of stray dogs in this area. These stray dogs were once part of a hooman family. But, we think, because of the lack of how to raise a dog. They will put them outside. Some will let them go in a random location.

But why get rid of someone who’s part of your own family?

Maybe these hooman families, don’t have enough money to support their entire family. So the easiest thing to do is get rid of the dog (or cat). Or maybe these hooman families only want dogs when they are small puppies. And if they get to big they just put them aside. Well that is what we think. We don’t know, we only assume, as all humans always do. We actually don’t know their real situation. And we are not here to judge, but to observe and understand. And if possible help or support where we can give some help or support.

How would you like it, if someone you loved, would abandoned you ?

Well you can imagine, being abandoned by someone you love and trust can really hurt you in so many ways. Well animals do feel the same. We humans are not a supreme breed, we all suffer from what I, Anthony , would like to call GOD – like syndrome (GOD complex) (Anthony will be writing something about this very soon). We are still animals, and sometimes we as humans are more animal like than most other species on this world.

Ooh by the way did you know …

That these stray dogs are absolutely not aggressive or dangerous. well I, Maya, think it depends on your energy. If you’re energy is bad, then the dogs will bark and sometimes they will run after you.

Don’t approach a dog by yourself, let the dog approach you.


Hey hunny, look here is the welcoming committee saying hello to us.

So, when we arrived to our house we were welcomed by a lot of stray dogs and one of them is Doggie. Doggie is a male stray dog and he is around two years old, he is the alfa male stray dog in our street where we live in Bali. The beautiful part of all this is, the neighborhood take good care of these stray dogs in our area. We all give these stray dogs food, water and there is always a place for them to hide for the sun or the rain

Hello Doggie, what is that you have on your face ?

Hey doggie what is that on your face? #CureDoggieCancer

A few weeks ago I notice something on Doggie by his under lip and I thought it is a wart. But it began to grow a little bit more bigger so, I took a picture and send it to the vet. And the vet said that it is a tumor, I was so sad to hear that because he is still young and he is sooo friendly.

After I texted the vet one of the neighbor came to me (while I was feeding the dogs) and we start talking about Doggie.

The funny thing was that she contacted a vet too, but we didn’t know from each other. And she told me that Doggie is sometimes peeing some blood or sometimes blood drops will fall from his penis. He is in so much pain, he doesn’t want to eat and Doggie is beginning to lose some weight.

So doc since your are here, could you check Doggie also?

Two weeks passed by and we had an appointment with the vet to do the regular checkup for Loetjoe. So, while the vet was here it was a good opportunity to ask about Doggie. The vet told us that Doggie has a contagious tumor, before the vet can treat Doggie; Doggie needs to be castrated first. After castration Doggie has to do chemo, the chemo and maybe some medicine the costs can be really expensive. And of course the vet needs to do the checkup time to time.

Doggie needs our help to be cured, so he can explore his world again in good health.

Doggie needs our help to help him and indirectly also other dogs. Because if Doggie is in love with another female stray dog, the female stray dog can be sick too and so on. The disease is transferable to other stray dogs.

The cost of getting Doggie better #CureDoggiesCancer

The cost of getting Doggie better. (please be advice IDR 3 million is the minimum!)

The vet made an estimation total costs and its between 3 million IDR – 5 million IDR (Euro 174,- – Euro 290,-/USD 213 – USD 355,- *), it can be more and it can be less.

Doggie needs our help to be cured from prostate cancer

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

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Give what you can miss and spread the word. #PayItForward

Doggie says Thank you for your gift #CureDoggiesCancer

So, if you want to help please do. Any amount what you can give it will help Doggie and also to prevent to spread the disease to other #straydogs. We hope we can do the treatment as soon as possible, time is ticking for Doggie and hopefully he will not jump on other stray dogs.

Give what you can miss or afford. TIAWOT will give the entire amount that you will donate to help cure Doggie’s cancer. TIAWOT will pay for additional donation fee. (GiveWP application fee and STRIPE handling fee) So that TIAWOT can ensure you, your entire amount given will be donated to helping #CureDoggiesCancer.

Behave of the neighborhood, the other street dogs, TIAWOT and Doggie, thank you for taking the time to read this blog. And if you have any questions please do contact us because we need your help!

Thank you.

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Maya & Anthony

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