Art in London

Okay first let’s define art, this can be literally anything. Cause art, or in this case #streetart, comes in many different forms and shapes. Some you can physically see and even touch, while other art you can only taste, smell or hear.

Well, now that you know what we mean by art we can continue about the street art in London.

The street art in #London, well it is more of mixture from the old, the new and the diversity. Not only can you find art around every street corner in form of a historical building or statue, for example the lion statue at #TrafalgarSquare. With this kind of art we really want to point out that London is a historical city, with so many historical and authentic buildings.

Thats when you set it your imagination free and start to time travel, if you have a great imagination like us. And with every historical building we saw, there is a story. But don’t forget,

Every story has three sides to it;

The truth, what sadly is lost in time. Your version of a story what is based on your truth and experience. And then there is my story, based on my own truth and experience.

So back to the (his)story of these beautiful buildings, well it’s good that there are stories about it, it will give you a little more knowledge about the buildings and the place where it is build.

Okay and back to the street art in London … Well you also can find “modern” day art, like this mural at Portobello market. We just love this mixture of old and new. Also on the same market a street artist was performing. And that is something we really loved when we visited #Portobellomarket. It creates, well for us, a total picture of a beautiful day.

Here is the link to the blog if you didn’t read it yet. “Hello London (Day 3)”

We did find some other street art in London, sometimes you have to look for it. And other times it will just in plain sight. For example when we were strolling thru the #SevenDails.

Also some stores nowadays use art to capture the eye of the public. Here are some shots we have taken from some stores that uses “art”.

So what are your thoughts about art in and from #London? Our do you think we missed some must see murals in London? Well leave a comment for us, and we will check these spots out the next time we are in London

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog. Enjoy and have a great day.

#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu