What do you Believe

Well ? Do you believe in ghosts? Or maybe you don’t believe in ghosts, but you do believe in God? Or you do believe that you are sometimes right, and not that often wrong?

Believe can be big, or believe can be small. It doesn’t matter what you believe, but it does matter if you stop believing in yourself.

So what does believe mean to you? Let’s see what the definition is of believe in general.

Meaning of believe in English ( according to Cambridge Dictionary )

“ to think that something is true, correct, or real “

Okay, so “ to think “. Well, could believing be just a fraction of our imagination ? So actually believe means that something is not really true, correct or even real. That’s what I am reading and that’s what the “ Cambridge Dictionary “ dictates. Or can we not really define what believe really means.

Sorry but I can not give you an answer in what the word believe means, I don’t have an explanation in how believe works. I only have some examples to show you that believe can be powerful. In a good way and bad way.

But what I normally do with a word I want to understand is, that I will disintegrate the word. And that is what I did with the word believe. So you have a part -be- and -lieve-. And my mind is scrambling the last part and adding the letter -a- to it and leaving the letter -e- out, so instead of -lieve- I now have -alive-

“ Be alive “

Believe is “be alive” to me. So that’s how my mind works, how my thoughts come together, or not.

So my thoughts about believe are just that. My thoughts. Believe means to me that you put all your effort, all your emotions, all your strength, all of your energies and all of you in to that one thing you want to achieve or gain. And that could be anything .

For example, when I was young, I think around eight or nine years old, I would always talk to the house when we would leave to visit family or just go out to the city. I would always tell the house we lived in, to take good care of itself, and all the belongings inside and outside. And I would comfort the house by telling we won’t be long.

I truly believed that the house was alive. Still do though. Hé hé hé. But not in a creepy way.

Also another example of my thoughts about believe is, that I was raised with Hinduism as a religion. Then I didn’t wanted to do anything with this religion, or faith. I didn’t believe in those Gods and Goddesses. This would change later on in my life. But I would create my own vision about Hinduism. I believe that Hinduism isn’t a religion, I truly believe Hinduism is a way of living. That Hinduism will give you the so called guideline on how to live your life. And just as the Bhagavad Gītā describes, “ It is “ Nothing more, nothing less. That’s what I believe.

So do I believe in the Gods and Goddesses that are written about in Hinduism ? Well not in the form that we have given them. But more in a form of energy. So yeah another example of my thoughts on believe. I believe in energies that surround us. And we can connect with those energies through frequencies. But I will write more on my thoughts about Hinduism, energies and frequencies sometime in the near future.

So as you can see I believe in a lot. I also believe in myself, that I can achieve anything, or become what I want to become. Well actually become what I must become, what my karma is.

And I also believe in you. I don’t know you, but still I believe in you. I believe that you are reading this, cause this is the right moment in your life to be reading this. What do you believe ? And as you can read, believe isn’t only for religion, or faith. Believe is used for almost everything. But I think more personalized per individual. I mean you are you and I am I. I am not you, and you are not me. Thus makes you unique just as I. We are not the same. And yet we are still connected. That is believe. And that is believing in you, me and the universe, that in the end everything will be just fine.

No worries.

But again, these are my thoughts, created in my mind. So what do you believe ?


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