Singapore Food Blog, the 1ste time (Day 3, 4 & 5)

Day Three

On our third day in Singapore we decided to have breakfast just around the corner from Hotel Yan Singapore.  At the Hawker center called “Broadway Food Center”. And this is what we had for breakfast.

Well Anthony ordered the chicken and rice and I ordered Pho Bo. Both of these dishes looked very delicious. And really they taste better than it looks. No wonder it is so crowded every time of the day.  And another plus was that the price is really affordable. I think the total cost was around SGD 12, including two ice lemon drinks. So yeah, a must go when in Singapore #BoradwayFoodCentre

Later on our journey to explore Singapore for the third day, we stopped somewhere to have a coffee break. We had already bought something to snack, but we were in need of some caffeine. At this point we were at “City Square mall”. But to be honest we totally forgot where we drank our cup of coffee and what we bought as snacks. What we do know is, that we bought the snacks at “Old Chang Kee”.

But we still have a picture to remember that we had it.

And for dinner on our third day in Singapore, well we bought some snacks on the way to Clark Quay and some drinks. Cause we didn’t feel that hungry. What Anthony still remember is that we bought the snacks at the vendors at the outside of the “ Clarke Quay Center “.

With these snacks and drinks, just a water bottle and an isotonic sport beverage, we sat down on the stairs at the #SingaporeRiver. The setting was great, when we arrived it was still daylight. But while you are sitting there and have eaten some snacks, the atmosphere will slowly changes and you can see all the lights go on. A real is differents from daytime.

So basically, we didn’t ate that much. But we drank more on that day. We cannot say it enough but in this part of the world you have to stay hydrated.

Day Four

So on day 4 in Singapore we decided to skip “Broadway Food Centre ” and head out somewhere else to have our brunch (?). Cause well, there are so many option when you want to eat in Singapore.

Okay from SMRT Lavender station to SMRT Chinatown station.  You can exit at “ Chinatown point ”. And here is where we found our brunch, well at that time it was already lunch. And as you have read in “ First time in Singapore (Day 4) “ , I told that my sister had told us that #wheninSingapore we had to try “Bak Kut Teh”. Well we thought it was kind of tea, and we had already seen a couple of these restaurants around. So this time when we saw it, we decided to try it.

 “ Song Fa Bak Kut Teh “ is where we try our first time #bakkutteh. And wow it didn’t disappoint us. So we went for the dry version and the soup variety. As side dish we had some  veggies. Ooh and for drinks, well homemade lemon ice tea will do just fine.

The beautiful part about Bak Kut Teh is they served this delicious dish in a clay pot. Wow what a beautiful picture it was. We didn’t really pay any attention to the décor or the service. We were just to hungry and just amazed how delish this was.

So after this great brunch, lunch ehm well you know #goodfood we headed out and continue our journey of exploring Singapore. And wow, #exploringSingapore truly is amazing. Singapore just has a of culture, diversity, history and very nice people.

We had walk thru China town Singapore, where we visited the “ China Town Street Market” and “ Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum “. Also went with SMRT to “ Holland Village “, cause maybe we would find some Dutch heritage… but we were wrong. Had some coffee at “ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf “. And because there was not much to do at “ Holland Village “ we decided to head to SMRT Bugis station. Just to stroll down Victoria street to Haji lane.

After all of this strolling around, well you could say that we were really getting hungry. So we decided to look for a restaurant here at the Kampong Glam area. And to our disappointment almost every restaurant was full, and had a waiting time for an half hour or longer. For us that was too long, cause we wanted food right away. But it was also a little bit our own fault. Cause it was already “ dinner time “.

So yeah we headed back to Victoria Street, and just entered “ Bugis+ “ to see if we could eat something there. And at that point it didn’t really matter what or where we were going to eat, cause our bellies were starting to make noises.

And the first restaurant we saw was ” Bonchon “. It’s a kind of Korean food fused with western food, I think. Well we didn’t mind, we were in need of some fuel. Let’s eat.

We ordered: Bulgogi beef, thinly sliced succulent beef sautéed with sweet garlic soy sauce. Served with white rice. Japchae, stir-fried glass noodle with vegetables, chicken and soy sauce. And Anthony wanted to try the cheesy fries, a classic American cheesy fries. And for beverage we ordered ice lemon tea and lemon juice. #Itadakimasu ( I don’t know how to say grace in Korean, but still Japanese has a beautiful way of saying grace.)

The interior looked like a fast food restaurant and the staff was nice and polite. It felt that the staff was a bit in a hurry, but hey it was dinner time, so they had to rush from one table to another. But still they really did they best to give a good service and pay attention to each dinning guests.

And price was not cheap but not too expensive, somewhere in between. I think total was around 50 SGD. So yeah more expensive than your regular Hawker Center here in Singapore, but cheaper than a fine dining restaurant. But I think the most important thing was, that the food was really delicious. And after this we just strolled around #VictoriaStreetSIngapore, and headed back to Hotel Yan Singapore.

Day Five

So our last full day of exploring Singapore. Well more of “le enjoying”. Enough of the exploring now we really wanted to just relax and have some quality time together. So not really a search for breakfast, cause we had decided to just head out to “Broadway Food Centre”.

And because of our quality time together, we didn’t make much photos of our breakfast. And our lunch. But we did manage to take a snapshot of our coffee time.

And for dinner we had some sushi. We were already at @313Somerset shopping mall. And we came across a “Sushi Express”. Who doesn’t like some good sushi ?

Well the sushi was ok but we didn’t really make the effort to search for a better spot. The fun thing was that the sushi was being served by a sushi conveyor belt. So you just had to pick up the tray of sushi, of your choosing, and leave the tray on your table. So the staff could count the trays that you had taken. I think it was 1 to 2 SGD per tray, depends on what you choose. The fun part was you have your own hot water tap. So, drink as much tea as you can. The interior was ok and the staff were friendly.

And after dinner we decided to head back to Hotel Yan Singapore. Because the next day we have to get ready to fly away, somewhere … anywhere.

We really had fun those couple of five days in Singapore.

Singapore offers a lot foodwise. From hawker centres to fine dining. Well you could actually fine dine at a hawker centre. And to the 7-elevens to the normal groceries stores. Really too much for just five days of exploring Singapore. You don’t have to worry about food or water, there is always a 7-eleven nearby or a food court.

Yeah, reading back this food blog … we really were newbies when it comes to food exploring in Singapore. But then again we didn’t want to make any plans, just be spontaneous and if came across something just try it out. Well the next time maybe we will plan a little bit, but leaving some time for just getting lost.

If you have any recommendation for food in Singapore, please leave a comment. When we are back in Singapore we definitely want to try it out.

Thank you for taking your time to read our food experience in Singapore.

See you next time