Singapore Food Blog, the 1ste time (Day 1 & 2)

Helloooo Singapore,

As you probably read in one of our previous blogs, “Goodbye London”, we did our research and took the necessary preparation.

Like setting two budgets, one for the cost for the flight tickets and accommodations. And the other budget for doing really things we want to do, like see certain “touristic” spots in that country, but mostly food eating delicious food and drinking good beverages.

Night one (arrival)

Basically we head it all planned out in our head. We wanted to try every dish at every food court in Singapore. Is that possible you ask, well yes. But when staying for five days, nope.

Guess we will just have to come back to Singapore even if it is just for the food and a good vibe.

When we arrived in Singapore it was already late in he evening. So we decided to take the SMRT from Changi Airport to SMRT Lavender station. It was the nearest MRT station to Hotel Yan Singapore, where we would be staying the next couple of days.

When we exit the SMRT Lavender station, we walk thru, what seems to be a station hall, or lobby, where these small food stalls are. That is good to know if want a snack, or a small bite. For example “Old Chang Kee” or “Chef Ibu”. But also if you want some MC Donald’s, yep they got it. And near Hotel Yan Singapore, we found our first food court. Broadway Food Centre. Guess where we are going to have breakfast.

Okay, so after checking in and freshen up a bit, we decided to stroll around and hopefully we will find something to eat. We took the SMRT and decided to stop somewhere, anywhere … and stroll around in the area. The search for food was on.

When walking onto Telok Ayer street, we saw across the street people sitting and standing around some food vendors. Or actually a lot of food vendors. Yes, of course we wanted to have a look and fill our belly at the same time.

At that moment we didn’t know what kind of place “Telok Ayer” used to be, until we posted some photos about #ExploringSingapore on our social media. We found out it was one of the streets you have to go to when in Singapore.

We have written a bit about the history of “Telok Ayer Street” in another previous blog, “First Time in Singapore (Day 1)”, if you are interested.

So with that said, and knowing a little about the history, well no wonder you can find lot of authentic Chinese food out there on “Telok Ayer Market”. Not only Chinese flavors, but also many other different and unique flavors from all across Asia.

There was so much to choose from, we wanted to try everything. And that is always a problem for us, when we are hungry, we want everything at the same time. But we were glad that we didn’t do that.

Actually the reason we didn’t buy everything, is we saw the prices, and we both agreed it was a bit higher than we had expected. I mean we thought it would be a lot cheaper.

So we decided to step back and order satay. Yes satay, why, well I don’t know anymore. Maybe because we were too hungry, and we were standing in front of the BBQ stand ,where they grilled the satay, discussing what to snack.

We ordered prawns satay and mixed satay (a mix of chicken, beef and mutton meat) with on the side some lontong and some cucumbers. And don’t forget the spicey satay sauce. And for drinks, well sorry but we can’t remember what we ordered for drinks, probably some fresh lemon juice.

Our food review;

  • The food was not that bad but maybe we had to order something else with the satay. So If you ever been #TelokAyerMarket, well what would you recommend us to eat there? Please leave any suggestion in a comment.
  • The price was not what we had expected at all. We had already seen some vids on YouTube. But we forgot that you will find the cheaper prices at the “hawker centers” . So for us it was quite on the high side. But for the next time we will create a bigger budget for “Telok Ayer Market” so we can try some other flavors of Asia.

Still loved the scenery, it was almost something like picturesque kind of scenery. Cause of that “Telok Ayer Market” in the middle of the block and also the night lights made it a pretty picture to look at.

After this snack we headed out again to watch Singapore at night. But the next time when we’re in Singapore we will definitely take some extra time to explore “Telok Ayer Market” again.

Day two

Good morning Singapore.

Yes finally we can eat around the corner from Hotel Yan Singapore at Broadway Food Centre. We have been waiting since yesterday. This is going to be our first “hawker center” experience here in Singapore.

We had our brunch at #BroadwayFoodCentre.

Yes brunch! Cause on the day of arrival we hit the sack pretty late. And also we didn’t sleep that well during the flight. So we woke up around ten-ish. And around eleven-ish and we were standing at the #hawkercenter around the corner from “Hotel Yan Singapore”.

I must say that brunch was a success. It was more like one of the better brunch we had. Unfortunately we didn’t make a photo’s from the delicious brunch we had. We were too busy enjoying the different flavors.

After a couple hours of #strollingaroundSingapore, we ended up at “the Restaurants and Bars at Marina Bay Sands”. Well you could call it a late lunch, or an early dinner. Depends on how you look at it, and want to label it. But prefer to called it like it is. We were hungry.

The trouble with us is, when we’re hungry, almost craving for food. Our minds go haywire. You know, like every kind of dish you see or smell. You just want to eat that asap. Your mind is telling you, yes order that, and let’s have some of this. Make that a large one. Ooh don’t forget the side dishes. You think this enough, cause the table has some more corner space left. And I don’t think we ordered enough side dishes. So yeah, and to make it even worst. Where are we going to eat.

We had chosen to go to “Ippudo Singapore” at #MarinaBaySands. It was the first restaurant we saw, and also they had some seating’s available. So yeah let’ go eat some ramen. We didn’t really check how the service was at #IppudoSingapore. Nor did we food really check out how the food was being presented or if it was delicious. We only noticed that the prices were pretty high. But what do you expect when eating at a restaurant at “Marina Bay Sands”?

Again we didn’t calculate that in our budget, so it was really a mistake upon our side. But we know for a facte when we are back in Singapore, our foodbudget will be in two parts. One part to use for the “hawker centers” and one part to use for those moment you really want something luxurious.(Actually we did that on our last trip to Kuala Lumpur, but that is another story.)

The only thing we would like to mention about “Ippudo Singapore”, is that the interior was not that bad. And we almost forgot to make a photo, but we did. Only after eating all the dumplings, hehehe.

After our late lunch, we went on exploring Singapore like a tourist. (because we are) We went to “Gardens by the Bay” visiting “”Supertree Groves”, “Flower Dome”, “Cloud Forrest” And back to “Marina Bay Sands”. It was time to eat again. #DinnerTime

If you want to know how our day two of exploring went in Singapore. You can read our blog “First Time in Singapore (Day 2)”  here.

Cause we were already in the “Downtown District”, we decided to search for some food stalls or vendors here. We found a spot, well from the outside we saw people walking in towards “Food Fare” and people walking out of “Food Fare” with those take away bags.

Okay let us see what we can have for dinner there.

Well “Food Fare” has a lot to offer. The place at Marina Bay Financial Centre is more like a food court. It is not the only food court they have in Singapore, they have more.

Also #FoodFare has several Hawker centers in Singapore, you could say it is a pretty big food and beverage retail concept in Singapore. The service is pretty the same when you are in a Hawker centers, self-service.

You can just browse by the all of the different food and beverage vendors, and when you have decided what you want to eat. You just have to stand in line at the vendor of your choosing, and tell them what you want to order.

They will prepare it right away, and serve it to you in a couple of minutes. You will need to wait at these vendors to collect your food and beverages on a tray. An bring it to your spot, where you are going to enjoy it all.

Our review about Food Fare;

  • The concept is really simple and also good. I like that you can seat or just at a small table by yourself. Or sit with complete strangers at a bigger table.
  • The food was not bad. Actually was pretty decent.
  • And the price was, well you could say that we finally found some low budget meals again. So that was a victory for us.
  • The interior is like a typical food court in a mall, not too fancy.

After dinner we went back to the hotel, just to settle down. Before we headed out again.

Our day ended up on the “Sands Skypark Observation Deck”. As we called it a night, across Hotel Yan Singapore there is a 7-eleven shop. So we bought some snacks and drinks.

And that’s what we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner on our first two days in Singapore.

Looking back we didn’t eat that much, we mostly drink a lot of water. When we are on vacation or just go out, we always try to have a bottle of water with us. And if possible a bottle of Isotone sport drink. Cause in this part of the world, you need to stay hydrated. That is very important!

Want to know what we had for the rest of our stay in Singapore? Well guess you have to read our other Food Blog about Singapore.

To be continued