First time in Singapore, our final day.

The day of departure

Time to check out from Hotel Yan Singapore. Then on to SMRT Lavender station, to take the LRT to Changi Airport Singapore. Maybe get a small bite, so called breakfast at #ChangiAirport.

What an amazing five days we had. First time Singapore. Wow. Want to know our thoughts about Singapore? Well continue to read on.

So our thought on our first time visiting and exploring Singapore; Okay this was al in 2017, so keep that in mind.

Thinking back, we didn’t know what to expect from Singapore. We’ve heard stories, and seen vlogs about Singapore on YouTube. But we really had no expectations at all. And also it was the first time for the both of us.

Wow, our #experienceinSingapore was really incredible! From arrival day until departure day. Everything went great, and everything was really incredible.

I mean on arrival day when arriving at Changi Airport, I mean wow. Is this an Airport or some futuristic village.

What an enormous Airport Singapore has. And really the fun starts when you cross the customs control, you enter another world.

Explore beautiful spaces and arty creations that evoke a sense of wonder.

Pamper yourself with world-class experiences, exclusive deals, and a whole lot more.

Bring your taste buds on an adventure and indulge to your heart’s content

And as we wanted to go to Hotel Yan Singapore, we used both the train and SMRT. Everything went smooth and was really easy in use. And if you don’t know how to get tickets, well there are a lot of crew members whom work for Changi Airport that will help you get to your destination within Singapore. But you could also get a cab or go by bus. Really hats of for Singapore for having such a great public transportation.

It really feels like east meet west with the authentic heritages meets a modern city, almost futuristic city. And what we said in our first blog abut Singapore; Welcome to the biggest amusement park of the world, Singapore.

During our stay in Singapore, we didn’t use the SMRT that much, but when we did it was more because we were too tired to walk. And you really don’t have to walk far to find a SMRT station.

Also no delays. Well when we were using it anyways.

A complete different scenario than in the Netherlands, when it is almost common that public transportation has a delay every single day. So yeah the Netherlands can learn a thing or two from Singapore on how to manage public transportation.

Okay the hotels here, well an average hotel in Singapore can be expensive, what we needed was just a place to sleep and a good shower. Oh and the location has to be good too.

Hotel Yan Singapore was cozy but good, it’s sort of a boutique kind of hotel and the location was just perfect. We like this kind of boutique hotel. The staff were really friendly and helpful. A great warm welcome. And every time we arrived from a long day of walking, they would smile and ask how is everything going so far, or if we needed something.

Well we were really in luck with the location of Hotel Yan Singapore. I mean a hawker centre around the corner, Broadway Food Centre. An 8 minute walk to SMRT Lavender station (East West Line), or 10 min walk to SMRT Farrer Park station (North East Line), or also a 10 minute walk to SMRT Bendemeer station (DownTown Line). #LittleIndia around 20 minutes walk. #SultanMosque around 20 min walk. And the other must see attractions in Singapore, al between 1 hour till 1 and half hour walk. Or you could take the SMRT. So yeah, the location is really great.

Yeah we would definitely recommend staying at Hotel Yan Singapore.

Would we come back to the same hotel whenever we are there, yes we will. But also we would love to try another hotel in a different area, so we could compare it to each other.

As you know we booked our accommodations at and if you are a member, in the terms of, a Genius,  you will see really good discounts.

Be smart when you book your hotel.

As I mention above, there was a Hawker centre around the corner from #HotelYanSingapore. The food is so delicious and it can be really cheap there.

We really love all the food courts that they have in Singapore. I mean you have them in the malls, but the real Hawker Centre, they are just almost around every corner. Some of these food stalls in those Hawker centers even have a Michelin star, I mean come on eating a two SGD Michelin Star meal, that is in Euro’s around 1,26. WHAT?

But Singapore also have a lot of good quality restaurants, if you prefer a fine dining experience. And this can be as cheap as you want or as expensive as you want. From dining in a mall restaurant to dining in at a local hawker centre. You can really tell #SingaporeLovesFood.

And don’t forget the people of Singapore. The people whom work so hard, yet stay so kind. If it is a Hotel, at the #HawkerCentre, or just on the streets asking for directions. The locals are very kind and helpful.

And what we loved the most about the locals is the culture. I mean they are a lot of different cultures, it is so divers.

You have Indian people living together with Chinese people with Malaysian people with all the expats and lots more of different cultures. But they all respect each other and their cultures, believes and as a person. As a human being.

We would definitely come back to Singapore, cause we didn’t explore everything yet. #ExploreSingapore. Yes Singapore can be expensive, it’s up to you what you want to do and what you want to spend for something.

But as we explained in our previous blog – Goodbye London (Day 4), you have to create a three different budgets.

  •  A budget on what you can afford to spend on accommodation and flight tickets or train tickets. Keep this separate from tickets for like the subway or using a taxi when on location.

For cheap flight tickets we still recommend using SkyScanner. And for comparing accommodations, we recommend using

(No we are not being paid to recommend these companies. We use them, and in our experience, we always come back to both. Even if we try it on different websites, and even for accommodation when we use the hotel company website. We always come back. Again if you know another site that has cheaper rates, please do let us know by leaving a comment down below.)

  • A budget for food, transportation and fun. This one is very important. For fun, well it is a vacation. So you don’t want to worry about money. You just want to enjoy and have some fun. For transportation, well sometimes you will have to use a taxi or public transportation. And food, well you need to refuel yourselves when having fun.

And the golden tip, if you cannot eat everything that has been served, well ask the waiter, or the person selling at the food vendor, if you can take the leftovers back to your place in a bag or take-out container.

This can be useful if you haven’t booked an accommodation which includes breakfast. Well here is your breakfast. And don’t be afraid to ask at the hotel if you can use the microwave. Cause most hotels don’t mind. Most of them.

Also part of #thegoldentip is, buy water or other drinks at a local convenience store or supermarket. It is a lot cheaper.

  • Have a budget when you come home from your trip. This more a safety net. Like for instance, if you get back from a trip, and don’t feel like making an entire meal, well order something. And also for gas if you own a car, or for getting a taxi or using public transportation when you want to get home.

We really hope that these tips on budget are useful. And also we hope you like our story about “Our 1ste time in Singapore”.

Stay tuned for our next travel blog and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or if you have any questions, please do ask.


Maya & Anthony