First time in Singapore (Day 5)

Final day of the first time ever in Singapore

Welcome to day 5, the day before departure.

Okay so today we do nothing, except eat. Yes we will eat today, and besides eating we will do nothing. Just a slow day. A recovery day. A day to reflect how our exploring has gone so far. #ExploringSingapore that is.

Today we just want to relax, and have some quality time with each other, without too much of filming or taking photos. You know thinking what we are going to do. We only want to think about food.

So we headed out to “Broadway Food Centre” to get some delicious breakfast. And after a good and tasty full breakfast, time to just stroll around. I think we headed to SMRT Lavender station, and stopped I think it was  SMRT Somerset station.

And from there on we just went mall hopping. Anthony had to get some designer toys. Yes I know, he had been in a couple stores already, but he still didn’t buy one… or two. So he was really eager to get some #designertoy on our last full day in #Singapore.

First mall we entered, well I don’t know if it was [email protected] or was it “Orchard Central”. What I do know is that we first had a cup of coffee, before we started the hunt for designer toys. We both had a cappuccino, and a glass of water to wash it away. Well the bitterness anyways.

Now, then let’s explore these malls. I must say that “[email protected]” is a really funny artistic mall. From the outside you wouldn’t tell. But once within, it is a different story. And the shops in the mall do match the décor from the interior of the mall. Lot’s of artistic brand, and really neat fashion. Expensive but beautiful designs. Well want or read more on thoughts about fashion and art in Singapore? Go ahead and wander off our, well you guessed it “Singapore Art & Fashion blog”.

Finally Anthony found some designer toys. Finally. And now we can really relax. I had a feeling that he was a bit stressed out, because he saw a lot of these designer toys here. And he really didn’t know what to choose.

So after the struggle of the designer toys, it was time to eat something. We had already decided that is was going to be sushi. But where. Well you don’t have to look that far, cause in a mall you will definitely find a restaurant that serves the food of your choosing. And yes we found in [email protected] a sushi restaurant. “Sushi Express”.

It was good, and the price wasn’t that bad. But one question, what is the thing with putting melted cheese on top of sushi ? I have seen that a lot lately in Asia. #whatsupwitdat

Well want to know what we had at #SushiExpres at #313Somerset. Go ahead an head out to our food blog Singapore.

After our sushi dinner, we headed out again onto the streets and wandered off to Hotel Yan Singapore. We hopped on the SMRT, and before we knew it, we were already on Tyrwhitt Road. We bought some snacks at the 7-eleven, and just had a comfy last night in Singapore.

The next day we would be leaving.

Thank you Singapore for a great first experience, and we will be back.

In our final blog about “first time in Singapore” we will be giving our overall thoughts about Singapore. With the do’s and don’ts in Singapore, and some tips on how we plan your trip to Singapore.

For now thanks again for reading. Until our next blog… or vlog.