First time in Singapore (Day 4)

Hello Singapore, selamat pagi world.

Wow already day 4 in Singapore.

This time we decided not to have brunch/ lunch around the corner from “Hotel Yan Singapore” at “Broadway Food Centre”. We thought we will get some coffee first, and after that we would start the search for some breakfast. Or was it lunch. Well anyway the search for food.

Okay, we know what which part of Singapore we wanted to explore. We were going to explore Chinatown Singapore. So, first things first. How do we get to #ChinatownSingapore.

Well we took the MRT from SMRT Farrer Park station to SMRT Chinatown station.

Welcome to Chinatown Singapore. Still can’t believe the diversity that Singapore has. From the Chinese people to Indian people to Malay people and expats roaming all in one place together. Respecting each other’s culture. And respecting each other as a fellow human being.

Really beautiful.

Well Chinatown Singapore has a lot to offer, again Chinese heritage can be found everywhere in Singapore. But in Chinatown Singapore even more. Okay, before we get to exploring lets head to a mall, we saw one mall on the left when we exited SMRT Chinatown station. Cause we were really hungry, still haven’t eaten yet at that moment.

So, we need to find some foooood.  We entered China Town Point;

Chinatown Point is located in the heart of Chinatown within Singapore’s Central Business District. The building is a 25-storey commercial development with an office block and a 6—storey retail mall. Chinatown Point is prominently placed near heritage spots, hotels, offices and residential flats. It is also highly accessible, with direct connectivity via a basement link to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Chinatown Interchange Station, which serves both North-East and Downtown lines. Due to this, it is an attractive destination for locals, nearby office workers and tourists.

Where to eat, where to eat. Really the only biggest issue we had in Singapore, almost every day, was deciding what to eat and where. Or the other way around. We saw lots of option, and one had written “Bak Kut Teh”. I know I heard that from my sister. She said that we should try “Bak Kut Teh”, we saw this and the first thing that came to our minds was it has something to do with tea. Hahahaha. So let’s give it a try.

Well, spoiler alert; Wow, very delicious … read more about our experience on our Singapore Food Blog, the 1ste time (Day 3, 4 & 5).

Woehoe, filled up our bellies, energy level full. Let’s go #ExploreSingapore, let’s go #ExploreChinaTownSingapore. After strolling for a couple of minutes, we saw another Hindu Temple.

Yes a Hindu temple in Chinatown Singapore. That’s what we like about Singapore, how cultures can live in peace together. With one another. So, we decided to walk towards “Sri Mariamman Temple”, but we didn’t go inside. Still beautiful to see how the Hindu Temples are built here in this part of Asia.

Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Built in 1827, Mariamman Kovil or Kling Street Temple as it was popularly known then was constructed for worship by immigrants from the Nagapatnam and Cuddalore districts of South India. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, known for her power in curing epidemic illnesses and diseases.

To continue our journey, we headed out to what looks like a market place.

Really crowded, really colorful. And just a positive vibrant energy all over this area. Of course food everywhere. But not only food vendors, also fashion vendors, and all kind of different accessories. Really beautiful to just stroll there. The street name is “Pagoda Street” in  Chinatown Singapore.

A must go when in Singapore.

And the further we strolled through Chinatown, the more we would discover, like incredible street art and these old authentic building. The last street we were in, almost at the end, was “Temple Street”. We just stood there looking around, and saw another temple. But this time the one we were looking for, “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum”.

Just wow, what an impressive building, and beautiful architecture. Really incredible and overwhelming temple just to look at. Not only that but as you enter “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum” you could feel the calmness and peacefulness surrounding you. And the interior, oh wow. A lots of different buddhas in different sitting positions.  

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was built for the public veneration of a tooth that was discovered by the Venerable Cakkapala during the restoration of a collapsed stupa in Myanmar in 1980. After discovering the tooth in a solid gold stupa, the Venerable Cakkapala’s assistants took it to be enshrined in the Bandula Monastery.

Yes, they have a tooth relic on display, and this can be viewed by the public at the 4th floor of the temple. Ooh we didn’t go up, cause we were to mesmerized by the ground floor only.

Also we didn’t know that you could go five floors up. Even drink some tea while you are there. So that’s for our next time #WhenInSingapore.

After visiting #BuddhaToothRelicTempleandMuseum we took the SMRT to “Holland Village. Anthony wanted to look if there was a meaning behind “Holland Village” and why it was called “Holland Village”. Maybe the Dutch had left some history in Singapore. But we didn’t find anything special. Only a lot of restaurants and bars. Well we decided to look around for a bit and see what else is here.

As we strolled around, It felt really liked we belonged here, strange right? Really strange, but anyways, it was time to get another cup of coffee. And luckily for us we came across “Coffee Beans”. So we had our coffee and decided to take the SMRT to “Bugis Village”. But I must say, we really loved this cute area of Singapore.

From SMRT Holland Village station to SMRT Bugis station. So from the Circle line we hopped over to the East West line. It is really easy to go with the SMRT, once you know in which direction you want to go to. And the SMRT map is really clear.

At Bugis we started to stroll around again. See what this area is all about. I think that this is also one of those shopping area’s you must go when in Singapore. If you like to shop, well this will be a great area for you.

Cause not only is there an indoor market but you have in one street, I think I counted three malls. Correct me when I’m wrong, by leaving a comment down below. But it doesn’t matter where you are here at Bugis, it is crowded everywhere you look.

Well we decide to enter one of the malls there, “Bugis Junction”. And I lost Anthony again. He was looking to find some Designer toys. So guess I have to look also. And when we found a store that sells these designer toys, well you guessed it, he went a bit crazy. You know like a little child who gets a new toy.

Ok, it’s time to get him out of here. We headed outside towards “Bugis Street Market”. Here you can find all kinds of bargains. Really crowded, so we decided to move along “Victoria Street” and see where it would lead us.

As we were walking on “Victoria Street”, we came across this area where there was all kind of different street art to see. Like murals everywhere. We love this kind of things and after posting some pictures on our Facebook Page, and on our Instagram account, we found out this is one of the places you have to visit while you are in Singapore. Welcome to “Haji Lane Singapore”

#HajiLaneSingapore has this artistic vibe. With all these little picturesque boutiques. You’ll find street art almost on every corner of the street, really fell in love with this area. Not only do you have all this, there is also a big beautiful mosque at “Arab street”, “Sultan Mosque” also known as “Masjid Sultan”.

With its massive golden domes and huge prayer hall, Sultan Mosque is a must-see if you’re in the historic Kampong Gelam district. Masjid Sultan, as it is also known, is a prominent mosque in Singapore and one of the country’s most impressive religious buildings.

Also surrounding #MasjidSultan, you will see a lot of murals telling a small story of the Sultan Mosque. And then when you think you have seen it al.

Well in this same area you can eat some delicious Arabic food. There are lots of Arabian restaurants here. It is never boring to walk around such an beautiful area like “Kampong Gelam”. Definitely must see in Singapore.

We have some of the art posted from “Haji Lane” and surrounding #SultanMosque in our “Arty Farty blog Singapore”.

What a lot of first impression, too much to see. Too much to focus on. Wow we need to reenergize again. We need something to eat. The only thing was, that all of the restaurant at that time where full. They had waiting times. So we decided to head back “Bugis+” , and see if we could get a bit there.

But again the same issue, fully booked.  And yeah also the issue, what are we going to eat.

We were too hungry so we decided to have a bite at “Bon Chon”. Why here, well a group of people were leaving #BonChon, so we didn’t hesitate, and directly ask for a table for two.

The food was not bad, well if you are hungry you can eat almost everything right ? Do you want to know what we ordered ? check our food blog  And after this delightful and satisfying meal, we both agreed upon that we should head back to “Hotel Yan Singapore” .

I mean after walking for 4 days, all day long; you can feel your body is exhausted, especially your legs and feet. I really needed a massage. Maybe it would be for the best to go back to our hotel, and have some rest and sleep.

Can’t believe that the next day would be our last day in #Singapore.

Day 5 we would be our final day in Singapore and after SIngapore we would be heading out to our next destination.

But we are definitely coming back to Singapore.

For now, we need a good night sleep.

To be continued.