First time in Singapore (Day 3)

Hello Singapore,

After a good night sleep, it was time to explore again. Welcome to Singapore day 3, and what a lovely day it was.

Okay first things first, the hunt for a good and decent breakfast And if you have read “First Time in Singapore day 1”  blog, you should know that there is a great hawker center near Hotel Yan Singapore.

So, we decided to have a bite around the corner again. And again it was already crowded, but not too crowded this time. Ooh and not too noisy either. I was glad that we still could find a table to sit down at, and enjoy our breakfast. Curious what we had for our brunch/ lunch? Check out our Singapore Food Blog, the 1ste time (Day 3, 4 & 5).

With our bellies full again, we decided it was a good time to explore Kallang area, Singapore. I mean the area we were staying. And we already found this amazing food court. So let see what else is hidden here.

First thing we noticed was, that there are a lot of hawker centers in Kallang Area, Singapore. But not only that, there are also a lot Chinese heritage buildings there and Chinese old stores. Really a beautiful area. Glad that we stayed there in Hotel Yan Singapore.

And now the walk to Little India. The weather was good, it was really sunny and warm. So we got to stay hydrated.

Little India is not that far away from Kallang area, Singapore. We could have taken the SMRT, or GRAB. But we would be missing out on a lot of things. And it is not like we don’t use public transportation.  But when a place we want to visit, is within walking distance. Well we walk. Could be an hour, or maybe longer. It also depends on the weather.  Ooh and the way we feel of course. But for this day we felt like walking. So let’s continue with #exploringSingapore.

Welcome to Little India Singapore peepz. All the bright colors. The lovely smell of Indian spices. And of course the beautiful people. Wow so crowded, so much positive energies and so many different vendors. What to do, where to go. Okay okay let’s just stroll around here for a bit and see what we can do in #LittleIndia.

If you stroll around in Little India Singapore, you will see that the vendors all selling the same product. Well almost all the vendors. But the basics product they are selling are, veggies and offerings in the form of flowers. Ooh and off course authentic sari’s and other Indian clothing.

There was an Indian museum in #LittleIndia, “Indian Heritage Centre”. We decided to go into the museum. If you are a local, the museum is free to roam around in. But for foreigner, well we do have to pay admission. But it is not that expensive, it is 8 Singapore Dollar.

Believe me, it is really worth the pay. And wow, what a history. Especially for Anthony, because originally he is from India (his great grandparents), but he was born in Suriname (South-America) and he grew up in the Netherlands.

It was really interesting to learn about the past and how the people from India nowadays live all over the world. Thanks to the permanent exhibition that #IndianHeritageCentre has, we learned a lot that day.

This permanent exhibition is about Indians in Singapore – Past & Present –

“Indian Heritage Centre’s permanent galleries feature five themes, chronologically arranged from 1st century CE to 21st century CE, that depict the historical links between the Indian sub-continent and Southeast Asia, and the experiences of South Asians in Southeast Asia”

After this lovely exhibition, we decided to go to a Hindu temple. And Singapore has a lot of Hindu temples, so we went to the nearest one we could find. “Sri Veerakaliamman temple” on Serangoon Road.

After walking for a couple of minutes, we saw in the distance this beautiful building with so much colorful details on the rooftop. Also we could hear some music and singing near this building. It turn out to be “Sri Veerakaliamman temple”.

When I walked inside this beautiful temple, I got a rush of positive overwhelming yet relaxing feeling onto me. I don’t know what is was. The only thing I know is that I just had to buy some incense and close my eyes for a second to be alone with this feeling. It was definitely a feeling, an energy, that I still cherish to this day.

“The #SriVeerakaliamanTemple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore dedicated to the goddess and destroyer of evil, Sri Veeramakaliamman or Kali.”

So, after this amazing Hindu temple we headed out towards…, well actually we didn’t have a plan. We decided to just stroll around “Little India” some more, and see what else it has to offer.

And on our way we walked passed this cute colorful house. And again only after we posted a picture of this colorful house to our social media, did we find out that this house has a lot of history.

“ The house called: former house of Tan Teng Niah. Built in 1900, the former house of Tan Teng Niah is the last surviving Chinese villa in Little India. It embodies an often overlooked story of the days when small Chinese industries operated alongside the cattle and rattan businesses at Little India. Tan Teng Niah was a towkay (Chinese businessman of good standing) who owned several sweet-making factories along Serangoon Road that used sugarcane to produce sweets.”

Okay back to exploring the rest of “Little India Singapore”.

So somehow we ended up in “City square Mall”. Well why not have a look in this mall, so we can cool off, and maybe have a bathroom break. And before I knew it I lost Anthony, well not really lost, I saw where he was. At a toy store. He and his toys. Sorry Anthony is correcting me, I have to say “designer toys” or “collectable toys” or something.

To fast forward, we were going to #ClarkeQuay. Funny thing is we were just heading a direction, really didn’t know where we were going to. And somehow we ended up at the “ Anderson bridge”. From thereon we walked towards Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay, we had only heard from this place very recently. Just before we headed towards Singapore. We were watching “Bizarre Foods” from Andrew Zimmern about well bizarre food at Clarke Quay. But there is much more to Clarke Quay then just food.

“ Former Centre for entrepot trade and hub of Singapore’s. Until the 1970s the Singapore River hummed with activities. Many bumboats carried various cargoes from the ships on the outer roads to the warehouses on its banks. The River ends at Clarke Quay which is just behind the hotel (New Otani Hotel).

Clarke Quay was named after Sir Andrew Clarke, the Governor of the Straits Settlements who was responsible for the signing of the famous Pangkor Treaty in 1874 by which the British intervened in the Malay States, first with Perak and later with the rest of the Malay States. By this Treaty British indirect rule over the Malay States was established. “

First we decided to have a stroll thru the mall, “Clarke Quay the Central”. So we could cool off again, and maybe get a small bite to eat.

Okay we’re cool now. So we headed out again to the main area. The Singapore Riverside. It was crowded, not to crowded thou. People were sitting all near the riverbank on the stairs. And there was all kind of entertainment at Clarke Quay. We saw street artist performing live music, creating art and street food vendors off course.

On the other side of the Singapore River is the main area from Clarke Quay where you can eat or just have a drink. The vibe was incredible, we just enjoyed the moment. Bought a couple of snacks and drinks. Sat down by the riverbank and the just enjoyed the view. Really loved the entire scenery, from day until night.

As the night was slowly to fall in, we decided to stroll thru Clarke Quay and see what’s the buzzing is all about. And when it gets dark at Clarke Quay, the nightlife is really electrifying.

Wow, what a change. Still a pretty good and powerful positive vibe. New street performers are here, taking advantage of the night. Using lights and sounds to create beautiful art. Also the volume of the music that you hear from the restaurants and bars was getting a bit louder. (Do be careful if you are sensitive for loud noises, or just don’t have your day. Try to ignore this area at night.)

Really really beautiful. I just can not say that enough. What a place. Really a must go when in Singapore. After our stroll, we wandered of to “the back” of Clarke Quay. Where we were suddenly standing in front of “Fort Canning Park”.

Well we didn’t go into the park, and unfortunately there was no time to visit the park this first time we visited Singapore.  We would definitely be coming back to Singapore, not only to visit “Fort Canning Park”. But also other areas of Singapore, especially the hidden ones we accidentally walk into.

So yeah, it has been a long day and my feet do hurt. Not that we didn’t wear good sneakers. But you know after a entire day of exploring. It was time to call it a night, it was time to go back to Hotel Yan Singapore.

There was no way we are going to walk  back from here to our Hotel Yan Singapore. We took the SMRT from the station across Fort Canning park to Chinatown. At SMRT station Chinatown we changed from SMRT line to go to Farrer park. From SMRT station Farrer park it was an approx. 10 min walk to Hotel Yan Singapore.

Our journey in Singapore will continued tomorrow.

But for now … a good night sleep.