First time in Singapore (Day 2)

Good morning Singapore

Time for some good breakfast. Well luckily for us there was a food court around the corner from Hotel Yan Singapore called Broadway Food Centre. And you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right ? Well that is what they say… (Still asking myself who are “they”?)

Look at the time… Guess we are having breakfast and lunch at the same time, hehehe. It was almost lunch time. Well that’s what you get if you fall asleep around 1 o’clock … no wonder hehe

So at #BroadwayFoodCentre it was already crowded, couldn’t believe it at that moment. But it figures, if it is almost lunchtime, and people in #Singapore want a decent lunch.

Okay, what to order. So many choices, I just want to taste everything right now,-oh my gosh-, my mind went crazy for a moment. All the different food items looked so good and the price was very low. I think that we could choose almost every kind of Asian dish we want. Really too much.

And ooh wow it really was delicious and satisfying at the same time. Our day couldn’t have started better. Let’s go. (Check our Singapore food blog for more about what we had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and whenever.)

It’s time to explore the neighborhood first, stroll around a bit without any plans or using Google maps. You know just walk lunch a bit off. Okay there is the SMRT station.

And fast forward, and we were standing at Marina square. So we decided to just continuing strolling, we had to cross a overpass in front of  JW Marriott building.

Funny thing is if you ever been to #NewYorkCity or #Chicago, the first thing there you will notice are the skyscrapers. Well here in Singapore it’s the same. You have all these big and tall buildings. It is really stunning to look at.

The road we walk brought us towards “Raffles Hotel Singapore”. Wow, Looking at #RafflesHotelSingapore feels like you’re going back in time. Just a beautiful authentic building with such a rich history, love the architecture from the outside. And the guards were dressed like back in the days, it reminds me of the movie “A little princess”.

No, we didn’t go inside … next time we will definitely go inside to have some coffee or something. From Raffles Hotel Singapore we walked toward the “War Memorial Park”.

During the Sook Ching massacre that occurred in Singapore during World War II, mass war graves were dug to contain the bodies of civilians who were killed by the Japanese. When the bodies were unearthed in 1962 in various places, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) decided to gather the remains and create a memorial for them. The then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew set aside a plot of land at Beach Road for the building of the memorial and the War Memorial Park was created.

Wow, what a history, a bit shocking but still good to know what happened, Please take a moment to be silent and respect the fallen.

Next stop, well we didn’t know we were walking towards the “Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay” . Also known as “the big Durians”, well if you look at the building from higher perspective than you will see, exactly two big Durians lying on the ground.

“The #EsplanadeTheatherontheBay believes that ART is for everyone. It is one of the busiest art centres in the world, with about 3000 performances presented by Esplanade, their collaborations partners and hirers yearly”

When you exit Esplanade #mydurian, depending on where you exit, but you can go or toward Esplanade Park or toward the Youth Olympic Park. Well we walked toward the last one, passing by some restaurant and small cafe’s. It is more like a sort of boulevard where people can eat and drink. Watch out for the people who are running or skating here.

Really the atmosphere was so relaxing and wow what an incredible view. We decided to head out to the ship on top of three tall buildings, called “Marina Bay Sands”. And before we noticed we were already standing in the mall of #MarinaBaySands.

Our impression when walking through the doors of the mall was like -wow- This isn’t just a big mall, no it’s an entire city, hehehe. So the first thing we did was look for a place to eat, cause we were really hungry after that long walk.

The search for a restaurant was on. What to eat, what to eat. Again too difficult, cannot think straight when I am that hungry. The smell from all the different restaurants, it is too much. We really just went for a place where it wasn’t that crowded, and ordered quickly.

And before we even could take a picture, most of it was already in our tummies. If you want see the photos of what we had eaten well go to our Singapore Food Blog.

Okay we are fueled and ready to #ExploreSingapore. We were already at the Shoppes at the Marina Bay Sands,  so we decided to explore here first.

Not only can you find everything from international luxury brands to emerging runway and street style clothing labels, but they have all kind of attractions and entertainment at day time and night time. From restaurants, to bars, to lounges, to a Skydeck , to musicals, and even an casino. Ooh and you can even ride along the Canal at the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in a crafted Sampan boat.

Okay moving along, nothing to see here.

Let’s go see what we can do outside Marina Bay Sands.Well one thing is for sure, that outside the weather is great. Really hot, but at least it is not raining.

We took the exit that took us to the Marina Bay Overpass. This pedestrian overpass will take you straight to “Gardens by the Bay”. From the Marina Bay Overpass viewing point we could see the tops of the Supertree Grove.

First time seeing these “Super Trees” was like looking at trees from the future. So we had to seem them up close now. As we walk over the Dragonfly bridge towards the #SupertreeGrove.

And wow, up close these “Super trees” looked even more amazing. At this time I think we both realized that Singapore is actually a big amusement park, and the best thing is. Most of the rides are free.

These trees are approximately between 25 and 50 meters tall. The Gardens by the Bay’s Supertree Grove are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of lights and sounds at night. Also known as “Garden Rhapsody”.

You can go up in the tree to the 22 meter high OCBC Skyway or Supertree Observatory, the view will be mesmerizing. Unfortunately for us, we couldn’t go up that day to or OCBC Skyway and the Supertree Observatory. I think it has to do with maintenance. Hopefully next time we visit Singapore we will definitely go up during the day and at night.

So after walking through the garden, we decided to buy tickets to the Flower dome and Cloud forest. First we entered #FlowerDome. It is really impressive how they put this together.

Nature meets art or is it art meets nature ? You can see all kind of plants, trees and flowers from all over the world. And it is the largest glass greenhouse in the world as written in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records!

And off we went next door to the #Cloudforest. Just as we entered the Cloud forest, we heard all the screaming, it sounded like people in rollercoaster. There were so many people standing in front of a waterfall. Yes there was a waterfall, so the commotion was al about a waterfall, and tourist getting a little bit wet.

But I  must say it look really funny and incredible at the same time. I mean how on earth you came up with this idea ? It was like walking through a jungle from the future. Also felt a bit like that movie again “The Truman show” with Jim Carey hahaha.

Take in a breath-taking mountain view surrounded by diverse vegetation and hidden floral gems. And learn about rare plants and their fast-disappearing environment.

(If you want to see more photo’s we had taken from “Flower Dome” and “Cloud Forest”, head out to our IG account @tiawot.itadakimasu)

After this amazing tour through the Garden by the Bay, we went back towards the Marina Bay Sands. We had heard from one of my old colleague at my former employer, that you could go up to the Sands Skypark Observation Deck. So that is what we wanted to do, go up.

Unfortunately you have to buy tickets upfront. They have these so called time slots and you have to buy your tickets first in advance before you could go up.

So that is exactly what we did, but for the evening. Ooh also keep in mind that if buying a ticket, it doesn’t mean you can always go up. It depends on the weather whether you can go up or not and you may have to reschedule.

After we bought the ticket for the Marina Bay Sands, and we knew at what time we had to come back, we were looking for something to eat. Somewhere in Downtown Core district we found this foodcourt called Foodfare. What I can remember was, that the food was not bad.

And we are all fueled up again to head out back to Hotel Yan. So we could leave most of our gear and backpack behind, freshened up and rest a bit. What resting, yeah cause this time we didn’t take the subway but nope we walked all the way back to #HotelYan.

After this we were all pumped up and ready to go see the view from the Sands Skypark Observation Deck. Let’s see what the view is all about. But this time we took the SMRT at SMRT Lavender.  Give us a break we had been walking the entire day.

Finally, we arrived back at Marina Bay Sands. Must say we were pretty impressed by how this organized. Really well done. No line, no fuss. Everything went as smooth as possible. Once up at Sands Skypark Observation Deck, well have look for yourselves.

(We have some more great night shots of our FB page, @Tiawot.itadakimasu)

Well what do you think, a beautiful end to a magnificent day of exploring Singapore. And this was only day 2.

We decided to call it a night, head back to Hotel Yan. And plan a little bit on where to go on day 3 in Singapore

I think we were going to explore #LittleIndia

To be continued ….