First time in Singapore (Day 1)

Welcome to the biggest amusement park of the world, Singapore.

It was time for a new adventure, new location. Something fresh, somewhere exciting. Somewhere comfortable, yet unknown. Where to go, ooh where to go.

So as usual we started looking for tickets on Skyscanner. Comparing flight tickets prices from different airlines, and sites all in one place. And really we have tried others, but every time we have come back to #Skyscanner.

That is why we really recommend using Skyscanner. Don’t believe us. Well try the other comparison sites for finding airplane tickets and see for yourselves. (If you do find another site, please leave the site name in the comments below, and we will definitely check it out.)

And of course Skyscanner did not let us down, we found a reasonably ‘’cheap’’ airline tickets. So, we got one way tickets from AMS to SIN, and DPS to AMS. In between flights, from SIN to JKT and JKT to DPS, we would buy those airplane tickets at the domestic airlines in Asia.

Okay we got those airplane tickets in the pocket, and now it is time to search for a reasonably ‘’cheap’’ accommodation in Singapore. But at a great location. So we are again using app on our android phone.

Did you know if you create an account to use the app from, you will get to see cheaper rates, than without having an account. Well we will be posting our thought/ review about both Skyscanner and here on our blog. And also explain how easy it is to use on both phone and laptop/ desktop.

Okay back to the search for a great accommodation in Singapore. We found one to our likening’s on #Bookingcom. We would go with Hotel Yan Singapore. Hotel Yan Singapore was affordable, good location, but unfortunately no breakfast included. At the time of booking, we did not know that hotel Yan would be surrounded by lots of so called hawker centres.

And now for the first trip to Singapore. I think we arrived around the evening at the Changi Airport. So, the next step was getting to our Hotel.

Okay, we had a couple of options to get from here to there but we choose to use public transportation. A lot cheaper, and really Singapore has got this all figured out. Easy to understand, and easy to access. Also a lot cheaper and you get to see and feel more like the locals.

Oh and if you don’t know how it works, well the staff working there at Changi Airport are really friendly and kind. Thanks to the friendly people who helped us.

Also here is a link if you want to know in what ways you can leave Changi Airport, “Leaving the Airport”. Or get detailed timings on the SMRT Journey planner.

After all the help and getting the correct information we decided to buy a card for using public transportation. It is basically a debit card but only for use of public transportation in #Singapore. You can put an amount of money on it, and away you go. Luckily the SMRT stop wasn’t that far away from our hotel. Maybe it was around 10 min walks to Hotel Yan, just perfect!

The first time, first impression when we arrived in Singapore, well it was just mind blowing. We felt straight away at home. I think it was because of the diversity of people and west meets east or east meet west?

Wow … if you want to go to Asia, but somehow a little bit scared; Singapore will be a good start to explore. It’s a big modern city, or more a mega-city Okay checked in Hotel Yan, great service and hospitality, dropped off the bags in the cozy room.

And because we were so excited and also little bit hungry, it was time to explore a little bit and find some food. Yep the main reason was finding comfort food #ExploringSingapore.

We took the subway that first evening and we decided to stop somewhere randomly, you know just be surprised what is out there. So, started SMRT Lavender and decided to stop at SMRT Tanjong Pagar.

And here we were standing at “Telok Ayer” and what did we see there ?? Lots and lots of food stands, -OMG- we were getting hungry … so yeah of course we ordered some foooood.

After posting some pictures on our Facebook page and Instagram account, we found out this street is one of those streets in Singapore you must visit. #wheninSingapore. There is so much history #TelokAyar.

Back then this place used to be the center of Singapore. Until the late nineteenth century, Telok Ayer Street was the main commercial and residential thoroughfare in Singapore. As immigration from China increased, so did the adverse qualities usually associated with a highly concentrated population. Between the 1850s and the 1870s, the road was the center of the notorious Chinese slave trade. By the turn of the century, the area had become polluted and congested, and these factors, as well as the increasing affluence of some of the merchants, were possibly the main reasons which drove them out of town to look for a more salubrious environment.

Okay, done with the quick history lesson and back to exploring. So our tummies were full, now a stroll through Singapore at night. Let’s see where this road will lead us. Okay, maybe we got a little bit lost in Singapore, well hey there is a first time for everything. But luck was on our side and suddenly we saw “Marine Bay Sands” ….  from the distance … But wow what an incredible view.

We sat there just to admire the beautiful view, maybe it’s time to take a subway back to our hotel.

It was getting bit late and we were also tired. We had landed in Singapore that evening, headed to the hotel, and off we went strolling around. So yeah, pretty beaten up … Time for a good night sleep.

We took the nearby subway station from SMRT Downtown to SMRT Lavender Tomorrow will be our first whole day exploring Singapore.

If you want to know how we plan adventures and in how we prepared for our journeys; well go ahead and read our previous blog “London day 4”.

To be continued…


#TIAWOT #Itadakimasu