Singapore art & fashion the 1ste time

Art and fashion in Singapore

We didn’t really shop in Singapore, but we saw some really cool and unique designs here in Singapore. Not only cool and unique, but also authentic, cause of the different cultures that come together in Singapore.

While I was looking for something unique, something special. You know for some new inspiration for myself. Something that they don’t have in Europe, or even better something that was designed for Singapore only. It could have been fashion. Or interior designs. I think it was mostly on day 5 in Singapore, that we found a mall, @313Somerset, that had these unique designer fashion shops.

And Anthony was looking for a some unique designer toys. Well, he did find a couple of designer toy stores here in Singapore. He really didn’t have to look for it, cause you could find them mostly in the shopping malls. I think if we would had enough money and enough space in our suitcases, he would definitely bought a lot. Glad we didn’t have a big budget for these #designertoys.

Singapore has so much to offer. Not only with their food, their beautiful architecture. But mostly what we loved about Singapore was and is all the different ethnicities of people living here as one.

Well that is how we saw it, maybe if we really lived there … story might be different …

But because of all the different cultures that living here together, you will definitely see a diversity reflecting in the fashion and also the streets and art of Singapore.

One way of showing that they truly except one another in Singapore can be found on the SMRT. Just something small, but yet so powerful in our eyes. They have the SMRT information, like in three languages. And this in a public area, incredible right ?

And don’t worry in Singapore the Singaporeans speak fluent English.

The art in Singapore is incredible.

When you stroll around an area,it doesn’t matter which area in Singapore, you will never get bored. You only have to look around yourself and you will notice all the beautiful architecture. But besides all the beautiful architecture, you will also see a lot of “ street art ”.

From murals that shows the different culture in Singapore, to murals from great artist around the globe. Especially in the kampong glam area, to be more specific “ Haji Lane “,  there is an awesome creative art vibe. In this area you can really see a bit of everything. The colors pop out from around every corner.

And the authentic houses and buildings, when you are looking closely to the details, well these authentic houses and buildings are just amazing. The different architecture, the new, the old , the authentic and somewhere in between. It is really a combination of east meets west, maybe that’s one of the reasons why we felt a little bit at home in Singapore. Because we are somewhere in between east and western world.

There is so much history in every building, statue and street art you see. But you can feel somehow acceptance and acknowledgment from each and every individual. That’s the real beauty of Singapore. And as you know, or did not know yet, Singapore it selves has a  great rich history, you can definitely see it back in the art and fashion.

Love the funky, artistic fashion. They have their own unique style.

Its comfy, arty farty and really creative. Everybody uses their fashion for representing their selves.

What makes you, you ? What defines you ?

Well, that was our first short impression of art and fashion in Singapore.

How can you describe your own unique style ?

Let us know by leaving a comment for us

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