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Maya & Anthony

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Travel stories

We are both from different parts of the world, but grew up in the same country.

I, Maya (AyamLoetjoe), was born in Bandung, Indonesia and my partner, Anthony (AnthonyFilenotfound), was born in Paramaribo, Surinam. For the people that don’t know where this is, it is in South-America.

We both grew up in the Netherlands. And we both have a passion for …

There is a world out there

What do we mean with there is a world out there?

Well isn’t it obvious, yes we #seetheworld out there. But that isn’t the only thing we mean with that.

So what do we also mean to say with “there is a world out there”?

Well it is not only literally the world as in countries. But also for example …

Food stories

You need tasty and delicious food, if you want to inspire & help people, right?

In the end of the day you will need food. It doesn’t matter what kind of food. Well it has to be tasty and delicious.And sometimes beautiful.

As Andrew Zimmern once said:

“If it looks good, eat it!” …

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